Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Episode 4, Level 3

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Shop-N-Bag is another very well constructed level like Duke Burger in that what it portrays is rather well constructed.  Shop-N-Bag is a rather large level, and also contains several gotchas (thanks George!).   You start off in a corner of a room with three troopers immediately in front of you.  However, they are likely to not be a problem, as the building behind them immediately explodes and collapses.  The troopers will likely get blown up, so stay where you are until the building has totally collapsed otherwise you are going to die, too.   Once the building is down, make your way out into the street.

At the far end of the alley is a fence.  If you jump the fence, there are two areas here where you can collect some health and ammo if you need it, but otherwise is not needed to finish the level.   There is some RPG ammo behind the shopping carts out here, too.   Once you've collected everything outside, make your way to the large window under the Shop-n-Bag sign, kicking it out.  There are turrets on the ceiling on either side of this room.   Take them out, or you will not be able to use this area as a "rest area" for some combat in a few minutes.

Once the two turrets are gone, make your way out into the grocery store, and you will be met with one of the several Pig Cop Tanks in this level.  Depending on what your health situation is, these are a lot harder to deal with inside the store, as there isn't much room to maneuver.  There are also several turrets in the main shopping area too - some will fire at you from the other side of the room, so try and take them out as you run across them.

Make your way around to the back side of the shopping area, avoiding several enemies on the way (there's several).  When you eventually get to the other side, you need to make your way to a cardboard looking box next to a shelf that says "2" on it.   When you get there, jump up on the box, and then on top of the shelf.

Once you are up on the shelf, you need to hop over to to the other "2" shelf, and then drop into an area you can't get to except from the top of the shelf.

Once you drop into the enclosed area, you will have to deal with a trooper or two as well as another enforcer.  Once you clear that out, you will have access to the blue key.

Grab the key, and head over to the blue key door.  Unlock it, and you will be in a small passageway, but blocking the next door is a pig cop tank (in one of the level's "Gotchas"). 

Once you get past the tank, open the door into a fairly large room.  Again, several turrets are in the ceilings in here, so be careful of them, on top of all the regular enemies that are in here.   Depending on how far you move around in this room, another Pig Cop Tank will join the fray in here.  If you are in need of health, there is an Atomic health behind some grates in this room.  You can see this grate in the screenshot below to the left, already blown out.

As you get the Atomic health hidden in the grate, you will see another grate.  That is the grate you want to make your way into.  This grate though has another gotcha, a turret in this tight area.

Once you take out the gotcha turret, you will see a room that will have yet another turret as well as an Enforcer.  Take them out and go into the "Meat Room".

Once in here you will see a switch puzzle on the wall, which is hiding the yellow key.   You will want to flip the left and middle buttons, leaving the third alone.  This will briefly open up the door.  While it is open, grab the yellow key.   Once you have done that, you can turn around, and flip a switch on the wall, opening a large window which leads out into another shopping area.

You need to make your way back into the large shopping room, that is where the yellow key door is.  Open the door, and be prepared to get shot in the face, as there is a Fat Commander back here (and yet ANOTHER turret), in another of this levels "Gotchas".

When you eventually clear out the Fat Commander and the turret, you will see a button on the ceiling past the door.   You need to shoot this, as it drops several doors (including the one in front of you).  You need to make your way back to the checkout area of the level at this point.  You need to get to the checkout lane closest to the office door.  You will see a small switch puzzle back here.   The correct combination is to hit just the third and fourth switches - leave the first two alone.

This will unlock the office door.  Go up in there, and you will encounter (what a shock) another turret, as well as a Fat Commander, and some random troopers.  Take everyone out as you will have a puzzle to deal with here that enemies will keep you from doing. 

Next up is a fairly complicated switch puzzle.  What you need to do is flip the red button on one wall, then turn around 180 degrees, and shoot the button that is shown VERY briefly up on the wall behind you.  This will then open up the door the right of the button where the red key is.   It's a lot more difficult than you would think, given you have to find the exact spot to shoot the button as it is only available for a scant couple of seconds.

Once you get the red key, you need to make your way back out to the red key door.  This is past the produce room near the checkout area.   If you did not go down this corridor already earlier, there is a turret and another Fat Commander here to take out.

Opening up the red key door will reveal a big storage room full of boxes.  From the point you enter the room,  you can head straight to the back wall (not turning either left or right).  There is a Pig Cop back there who is guarding a switch under a sign that says "Trash Compactor Door".

Once you push the button, turn around and you will need to head right in the box room.

When you head right, you will see a red sign at the far end of the room that says "Danger", as it leads to the trash compactor area, and the last part of the level.  You will have to run through three fast moving trash compactors.  There is a way to make it easier, but just running past the compactors is possible.   The other way is this.  When you first run into the compactor area, a switch will be revealed.  Shoot it quickly, as the door is not open long.

This will reveal another switch next to the compactors.  This switch will turn off all but the first compactor.  For this to work right, you will have to flip the switch for each compactor at the apogee of its movement.  Do it at the wrong moment, and you can block yourself.

Whether moving or not, once you get past the compactors, you will find yourself at the exit for the level.

Hit it and be taken to Level 4, "Babe Land".



Shop-N-Bag Secrets

Shop-N-Bag has seven secrets, which is not a surprise, given the size of the level.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: The "1" Fire Extinguisher

When you first make it inside the grocery store, you will see a wall with a "1" label on it, and a fire extinguisher next to it.   Blow up the fire extinguisher.

Doing so will reveal a narrow pathway with a medkit, a Devastator, and a few enemies in here.   Head in here to get the secret and the items.  If you follow this hallway, it will lead out into one of the small rooms beyond the fence at the beginning of the level.

Secret #2: Hidden boxes

In the middle of the shopping area, you will see a section of boxes that is a darker color than the ones around it.  Open this area, and you will get some expander ammo as some armor.  Go in there to get he items and the second secret.

Secret #3: Boxed Ripper

Immediately to the right of the yellow key door, you will see some crates with a crack on them.   Blow that up, and head into the small compartment to collect a ripper chaingun, as well as the third secret.

Secret #4: The ATM Machines

The fourth secret is in the room right behind the locked yellow key door.  If you go into this room, you will see a couple of ATM machines, as well as two turrets above the ATM machines.  The ATM machine on the left can be opened, but there are three (!) turrets in here.  Take them out (that's five turrets in this room - George, you're turret happy!), and then go into the ATM machine to collect the fourth secret and a Devastator weapon.

Secret #5: Top of the Boxes

In the box room, from the point you enter the room, take a right, and follow the wall around, and take a left.  You will come across a small box on the floor. 

If you jump up on the box and then onto the shelf above it, the back wall box is a secret.  Open it, head in for the fifth secret, as well as several items to pick up.

Secret #6: Inside a Box

Right before you enter the trash compactor area, if you take a right, and follow the wall, there is a secret in the corner.  Turn around, and you will see a box with a small right arrow next to it.  The wall the arrow points to is a secret.  Open it up for some ammo and steroids, as well as the penultimate secret of this level.

Secret #7: Snake Plissken

The way to the final secret of the level requires that you make use of the button/switch way out of the level, otherwise you could never get to it.  As you make your way to the exit, the wall on the left under the second compactor is a secret wall.  Open it to reveal a secret area with several items, as well as another Dukeism, this time "I guess he didn't Escape from L.A.".  This is a reference to the 1996 movie "Escape from L.A.".  The character on the post in the middle of the room was Kurt Russell's character, "Snake Plissken".   Going in this room will give you the final secret in this level.   You can go back and through the compactor area, or blow up a crack in the room which will give you a shortcut back to the middle of the store if you wanted to go there for some reason.

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