Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Babe Land
Episode 4, Level 4

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Babe Land is a level with several unique looking areas.  The entire level is based off of Disneyland (in theory if not actual rides for the most part).   The first thing you'll want to do is get rid of the "Mickey Mouse" looking thing that is dancing.  It won't hurt you, but you get to a hear a Duke quip when you do.

You will need to take out the pig cop in the control booth, go in there, hit the switch, and it will drop the forcefield in front of the doors.   Make your way into a large room with a fountain in the middle.   You can go into the water, where you will fight several Octabrains and some slimer eggs.  Some ammo is available down here which you can get if you need it.

The first place you need to go is to the D-Cup ride.  You can see the way to that in the screenshot above.  Once in there, a trooper and another of those dancing mouse things are in here.  Once you've taken care of the enemies (and the turrets) in here, you will need to deal with an interesting switch puzzle.  

You can deal with this switch puzzle a few ways.  You can shoot the switches with your pistol from the platform, or you can hop in the cars and use them to jump up to each individual platform, pushing the buttons (or shooting from the cups), or you can jetpack from one button to another.  Either way, you need to flip all three of them.  Doing so will drop the central column in the room revealing the blue key - go grab it and head out of the room.  A note about the water, if you go down there, there is a lot of facehuggers down here as well as an Octabrain, but there is a medkit available on a sunken cup in the water if you need it.

When you get back to the fountain area, you will see that the path to the blue key is blocked.  What you will need to do is in the fountain area.  You will find a few crates at the far end of the room that look similar to a stairwell.  Go jump up on them, and then onto the ledge behind them.

Once you are up here, you will then need to make your way into a control panel room, which involves some jumping (or jetpacking).   You need to first jump onto the small wooden platform, then the even smaller stone platform with an Atomic health on the top, and finally into the control panel area.

Once across, you will run into a switch puzzle which you will need to solve to drop the panel allowing you access to where the blue key can be used.   The correct combination is to leave only the button in the upper left hand corner untouched.  Flip the other three, and now you can access the blue key door.

Get past the blue key door, and you will be at "One Eyed Pete's Shooting Gallery".   In this room is the red key, so you have to solve the shooting puzzle to get it.  First off, behind the target is an RPG, so run over there and get it.   The correct combination you need to hit are the second and fourth targets.

Shoot them with a pistol (rocket weapons are no good here), and the wall underneath the prize area will drop, allowing you access to where the red key is.  Take out the teddy bears and send a rocket in there to take out the couple of pig cops back here.  Then grab the red key.

After you get the red key, make your way back to the "Babes of the Caribbean" ride entrance.  You will need to use the red key to drop the forcefield.  You can do this in the small control room right next to the door.

Once the red key is down, you will follow a fairly straightforward path through the entrance way to this ride.  You will go through several kinds of enemies, and you will eventually end up at a platform that looks like this:

As you make your way along this platform, you will be spotted by more pig cops in the control room to your right.  Take them out, a nice pipebomb will do the trick.  Additionally, a platform on the other side of the ride will open up as well with three more pig cops to deal with, so don't get shot in the back.

As you get partially down the first part of the ride, a wall will explode to your left, revealing another platform with three pig cops on it.  You'll want to take them out, otherwise they'll likely take you out.

Continue on in the ride, and you will come across a few platforms where you can take a rest from the ride, but not from combat, as a few pig cops and troopers are also back here.  Once you take them out, you can explore the doors here, which will reveal a few items you might need, as well as a pair of protective boots you likely DO need.

Near the boots, you will see a sign that says "Hard Hat Area" with an arrow.  That is the way you want to go.  If you follow the path where the ride cups go, that will lead you back to the platform.   You need to follow the arrow to progress to the final area of the level.

When you make your way into the main room here, you will encounter a part of Babe Land that has a boat and a castle attacking each other.  You can see it in the screenshot below.  This area is rather tricky, as there are two Battlelords to contend with, not to mention a ton of various other enemies, plus two cannonballs shooting from side to side, so health will be at a premium here.  If you are low on health, the best thing you can do here is submerge as soon as you get into this room, otherwise the Battlelord on the boat will take you out. 

Once submerged, you can spend some time looking around for items down here.   There are two groups of slimer eggs guarded by Octabrains.  The one on the far side of the underwater area is guarding some scuba gear, so if you don't have any, go there first.

If you go to the other side of the underwater area, the other group of eggs and Octabrains are guarding a secret room, but it is not a true "secret" in the level.  Take out the crack in the wall, and it will reveal another room where you can get a health pack and some ripper ammo.  

Once you are done exploring the underwater area, it is time to get on with progressing in the level.  You need to make your way under the boat, and then surface inside the boat.  The inside of the boat is mostly emtpy, but the far end of the room has several barrels and various enemies (mostly Octrabrains) all guarding a teleport.

After you clear out the end of the room, make your way through the teleport, and you will be on top of the boat, but be careful up here, as you will be point blank up against a Battlelord.  You can try taking him down with the shrinker that is provided next to the teleport, it is probably the easiest way to deal with him from point blank range.   The cannons on the castle and the boat are an annoyance up here. 

Once you deal with the Battlelord, you will find two switches up here.   One looks like a light switch, which turns on some of the lights in the castle across the way.  The other switch, though drops the door to the castle, which unleashes the second Battlelord in this part of the level.

There is a freezer weapon and some health up on the upper portion of the boat which can be useful against the second Battlelord.  There is also another teleport up here, but it leads back to the start of this particular ride, this is pretty much a Dukematch teleport.   Once the second Battlelord is taken down, make your way to the other side, either by jumping off the boat and across, or by going back the way you came.   Once inside the castle, you will see a small platform with three barrels on it.  If you jump up on the box, and then up onto the wall, you can make your way around the edge of the wall here to the door on the back side.

You will find yourself at a door with an "Authorized Personnel" sign next to it.  It is not locked, so open it and head in.  Beyond this door is a switch puzzle, and a door to the right.  First, take the door to the right, it will put you out on the platform in the middle of the castle.  Grab the items here, in particular the jetpack, and head back in.

To get to the end of the level, you have to deal with another switch puzzle.   The combination here is to hit the first and third buttons, leaving the other two alone.  Doing this will open the door to your left.

Going through this door will reveal a few more enemies for you to deal with (at quite close range).  Get past them and open the next door, and you will see a rather tricky path to take.   You will see a rather fast firing gun shooting down the next corridor.  It kind of looks like this (it is hard to represent this thing in a single screenshot):

The projectiles coming out of this gun will kill you in two shots, so what you need to do is crouch, and stay crouched the entire way down this section of hallway.  When you get to the end, you can go into the next section and uncrouch.  There is another door at the end of this hallway.  Open it to have the exit to the level revealed (and yet one final enemy).

Hit it and be taken to Level 5, "Pigsty".



Babe Land Secrets

Despite its size, Babe Land only has four secrets in all, and one of those you have no choice to get, it cannot be skipped.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Red Key

This is another one of those stupid secrets.  When you get the red key in the normal level progression, you are awarded a secret.  Seems somewhat silly, but there you are.

Secret #2: Hidden area in Shooting Gallery

Before you leave the shooting gallery room, you will notice a rather large crack in the wall.  Shoot it, and one or two enemies will come out after you.  When you take them down, a room will be revealed behind where the crack was.  Jump up in there to get the second secret of the level.

Secret #3: Secret

As you make your way along the path on the Babes of the Caribbean ride, you will come across a platform that looks like this.   The metal door has a crack on it. 

Shoot it, and it will reveal a secret room with some RPG ammo in it.

Secret #4: Really odd secret

This last secret is an odd one.  The reason for this is that most of the secrets in the game give you some sort of hint they are there, but this one does not.  It appears to be completely random.   It absolutely requires the jetpack to get it, so make sure and not waste the jetpack that is in this level.  Fly over on top of the boat, and you will see a security camera up near the ceiling to the right of the boat.  To the right of it is a secret wall area that is marked here with an "X".

Flying in there will reveal a path of vents.  Follow the path, and you will fiind an Atomic health and the final secret of Babe Land.

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