Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Episode 4, Level 5

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Pigsty starts out in a street next to a police station.  The police station is where the majority of the level takes place.   Make your way over to the front door after picking up some shotgun shells behind your start position, and a ripper in front of you.  You will notice that a car has crashed through the front door of the station, opening up the front lobby door.

Make your way into the police station.  There are two stairwells leading from the lobby here. One is to the left, and the other is to your right.  You will want to to take the lefthand one.  There is a Pig Cop Tank right inside the door, so you will need to take that out, or run by it.  If you run by it, you'll have to deal with it later on, so if you have the health available now, take it out.  Before you go up the left stairwell, though there's a joke in the lobby worth pointing out.  Immediately inside the door on the right hand wall is a board of wanted posters.  These are the developers who were working here on Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition in 1996.  The folks in the picture are

  • Top row, L-R: Chuck Jones & George Broussard

  • Middle row, L-R: Dirk Jones & Todd Replogle

  • Bottom row, L-R: Allen Blum, Stephen Hornback, Randy Pitchford, Brian Martel, and Doug Wood (on the bottom)

Once you head up the left hand stairwell, you will find out that night vision goggles help out a lot here.  There are two pig cops at the top of the stairwell, they may have come down depending on how you moved around the room dealing with the tank.  Once you are up here, you will want to open the door to your right and go in.  You will be left in a hallway with several doors to choose from.  The first open door to your left is a closet, it has an RPG in it.  The next door, however is open and that is where you want to go (after a trip to the water fountain in the hallway if you need it).

Going into this small office area will show you a policeman's desk (specifically H. Callahan, a Dirty Harry reference), and around the other side of the room, you will see a drop down into a computer control area.   Head down there and take out any opposition you might find.

After you take out the enemies here, make your way to the back room here, and you will find the blue key.  After grabbing it, head up the ramp right here, and use it immediately to unlock the blue key door here.  This will also unlock all the other blue key doors in the level.

After you open the blue key doors, make your way out of the small hallway here, and not back to the lobby but down the large ramp which leads to a big metal door labeled "Security Access".  There will now be a Pig Cop Tank guarding it, so definitely take it out before going in there.

Once through the Security Access door, you will find two small doors, and another Security Access door.  The left of the two smaller doors leads into an interrogation room where you can get a freezer weapon.  The other smaller door leads to the other side of the one way glass for the interrogation room.  There's a few pig cops in here, so if you go in here, be prepared for some combat.  There is a tripmine and some health in here to get.

Once you are done with the interrogation rooms, head through the second security door.  You will find two sets of holding cells. 

Go into the open set of holding cells, and open them up.  Both sets contain slimer eggs as well as some health & ammo.  Take out all the eggs in each, and go in and collect the items.  When you are coming out, you will be able to see into the second set of holding cells through this window.

Depending on what the lighting looks like (it is random here), you will probably see that there is a Fart Commander in there.  You can shoot him with rockets (assuming you have some) through this window - it is easier to do this than to go around and go into his cell and shoot him.  Either way, when you are done exploring these two cells, the door to the second block will open, allowing you access.  Head into the back of the second cell, and you will find the red key on the floor in the back of the cell.  Take it.

One you have the red key, make your way back to the small hallway at the top of the ramp leading out of the holding cell area.  At the end of the hallway is a locked red key door.  Use the red key here, and then open the door.

Behind this door is an office with the yellow key on a desk.  Unfortunately, there is a Fat Commander waiting right behind the desk, so make sure you don't get shot in the face (too hard).   After taking out the Fat Commander, grab the yellow key, and make your way back to the lobby.   If you go out the other door in this office, you will find yourself in another policeman's desk area.  This time it's a "J. McClain", which prompts a famous Dukeism borrowed from the original "Die Hard" movie.  Also here is a picture parody of the Unibomber.

Once down in the lobby, you will need to make your way up the right hand stairwell.  If there are any pig cops up here, take 'em out (your original movement through the lobby may have set them off, maybe not, so there could be some here).  At the top of the stairwell is the locked yellow key door, which leads to the courtroom.

There are some troopers and whatnot to deal with right inside the door before going into the main part of the courtroom.  I suggest taking out everyone here, as you won't want the distraction in a minute.  Once you've cleared out the room, go inside, but be careful.  There's a lot going on in this room.  There are two protector drones, a pig cop or two, and a Battlelord (acting as judge).  This will be a hard combat room.  The shrinker is useful against the Battlelord, but not the drones, so choose your weapons wisely.

Once you have cleared out the room, go up behind the judge's desk, and there's one large switch here.  Flip it, and a room will open up to the right.  The Jury Room.

Make your way into the Jury Room, and you will find out they are all hanging from the ceiling.  Hung Jury - get it? har har har. 

Go grab the health in this room if you need it before...

Hitting the exit and be taken to Level 7, "Going Postal".   There is a secret exit in this level too, instructions on how to get there are below.



Pigsty Secrets

Pigsty has five secrets, one of which leads to the secret level for Episode 4.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Hidden Office

The first secret is another one of those secrets that gives you no indication it is there.  At the start of the level, if you jetpack up the wall where there are windows on the building, there is a secret window.  It is shown in the shot below by the crosshair.  That is the window you need to fly into.

Flying in there will leave you in an office with several items and weapons to grab.  Just flying in there will credit you with the first secret of the level.

Secret #2: Behind the Phones

At the base of the right stairwell in the lobby is a switch.

If you flip this switch, the three pay phones on the other side of the lobby will open, revealing a secret room that contains an Atomic health.  Go in there to get it and the second secret

Secret #3: The Interrogation Room

In the interrogation room with Pig Cops in it, you will see a device with two old style audio tape reels on it.  "Use" it to reveal a secret room to your right with an Atomic health.  Go grab it and get the third secret.

Secret #4: The Big Map

The fourth secret is in the office room where the yellow key is.  The big map behind the desk can be opened to reveal a medkit.  Take it for the fourth secret of this level.

Secret #5: Execution Room

The final secret is in the room where the Die Hard & Unibomber jokes are.  Right behind John McClain's desk is a bookshelf.  If you "use" the bookshelf, it will open up, revealing a secret passageway.

Follow this passageway, and you will end up in a secret room that appears to be an execution chamber (with a video camera).   Head down into the actual bottom part of the room to collect an Atomic health, as well as the fourth secret. 

A short note about this room - it can be seen from the start of the level.  At the beginning of the level, you can see into a room if you crouch on the floor and look through some grates.  This is that room you can see at the start of the level.



Secret Exit to Area 51

This level has a secret exit, which will take you to the "Area 51" level.   Near the end of the level when you are standing on the judge's bench, instead of hitting the button there, turn around backwards.  The picture of George Washington is a secret door.

Inside this room is the secret exit, as well as one final gag, "Judge Dredd"

Hit the secret exit symbol, and it is on to "Area 51".

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