Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Area 51
Episode 4, Level 6 (Secret Level)

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Area 51 starts out in a non descript outdoors rock area.  Out here are two troopers, as well as some pipebombs on the ledge at the far end of the shot above.  You will also see a crack on the small building.  Throw a pipebomb at it, back up, and set it off.   This will collapse the small building, and reveal a switch.

Flipping the switch will open up an elevator door in the larger building behind you.  Go in there, and take the elevator up into a small (mostly empty) room.  In this room is a teleporter.  Take it, and you will end up in the next major part of the level.

The other side of the teleport will leave you behind an RV camper, and in the middle of several pig cops.  This means immediate combat.  If you are low on health and ammo, going around to the other side of the camper is probably not a good idea now, as there are worse enemies over there (Pig Cop Tank for one).

Once you finish with the combat in this area, make your way back to the side of this area, you will see a fan (assuming it hasn't been destroyed by gunfire).  If the fan is still here, shoot it out, and jump in.  It will leave you in a small circular room.  Looking around the area you are in (without moving off the place you are standing), you will see some switches on the walls.  One of them will open the outer walls around you, allowing you to progress.   Doing so will open up a command room that looks like this:

Going into the room will immediately set off two pig cops to come get you.  Shoot them, and when they're dead, make your way to the other side of the chair, where you can see the blue key.  Grab it. 

Taking the key will open two doors on either side of the room you are in, releasing more Pig Cops and troopers to get you.  If you are low on health (like I was when I was making this screenshot), this can be a problem, as there's no health in this area to get.

Once through the Security Access door, you will find two small doors, and another Security Access door.  The left of the two smaller doors leads into an interrogation room where you can get a freezer weapon.  The other smaller door leads to the other side of the one way glass for the interrogation room.  There's a few pig cops in here, so if you go in here, be prepared for some combat.  There is a tripmine and some health in here to get.  Once you clear out the room, one of the doors will have a teleport in the back.  Take it.

This will leave you a small room that leads to a rocky alcove overlooking the fan you just jumped into a minute ago.  

Jump out and make your way back around to the other side of the RV from before.  If you did not take out the enemies from before, you will have to do so now.  Once you have cleared out the area, use the blue key and go inside the door.

On the right wall, there is a double door that opens up and down, and is a cream color.  Open it, and head in there.   In the back of the room behind some green boxes are two health packs.  Once you've grabbed them, head through the other door down here, and take out the trooper that is behind it.  Make your way through this area, and you will come back up into the main control room.

Make your way to the back of the room where you will see a switch puzzle.  You only have to push one button to unlock this one - its the one in the middle.

This unlocks the elevator shaft, which is the way to go.  There is no elevator, and if you happen to have a jetpack, this is the easiest way to get down.   If you don't though, you have to take a big jump down.  There is a way to ease the fall a bit.  If, when you jump in here, you hug the left hand wall, you will land on a platform about half way down.   This won't hurt as much.   However, this entire move really needs you to have a decent amount of health if you're going the jump route.  The platform about half way down will also have a medkit on a shelf.  Grab it and use it, as you probably need it now.

Once you have healthed up on the ledge, jump off again and make your way the rest of the way down the shaft.   This will leave you at the bottom, and on another platform with a Devastator.  Take it, and run into the room and take out the couple of enemies that are here.  This room can effectively be called "The Hub", as there are three doors leading to elsewhere in the level, which are blocked by forcefields.  You can use the forcefield trick from It's Impossible and Duke Burger here, too.  That will help later, as you can use the trick to lob pipebombs at enemies that are behind forcefields, and can't get you.  There is a control room in a central pillar here which will allow you to drop two of the three, but the switch for the third is broken.

Take down the forcefields for 1 & 2, and then head into the "1" room, which appears to be an alien examination room.  On one side of the wall is a red switch.  Hit it, and a door will open in one of the morgue compartments on the other side of the room.

Inside this newly opened area is the red key.   Crouch down and head in there to get the key.  You open the little lip here to get in by standing on the table in the room that has the surgical tools on it.   Going in here will let two more enforcer drones into the room you need to take care of.  Once you dispatch them, head out and make your way to the "2" room.

Going into the "2" room will show you a room of crates, as well as several Octabrain to take out.  After you take out the Octrabrains, there's some heath in here to get (plus a few secrets, see below).

Once you are done in the crate room, make your way out the small exit door, and around past the conveyors into the room with the UFO.  Several protector drones will attack you (four in all).  Once you have finished with them, you will find a switch, which doesn't do much more than open up what appears to be a launch path for the UFO here (which looks suspiciously like the alien ships from the movie Independence Day).

The place you want to go however, is around the other side of the room where the red key door is.   Open it.  Inside here is a teleport.

Taking this teleport will put you inside a room that you could previously not get to.  You could see this room both from behind the room earlier where the blue key was, and also this is behind the "3" forcefield from the hub.   However, the most important part of this room is that it contains the yellow key.   It also has a Fat Commander you need to take out.  The switch in this room merely unlocks the windows here so you can look out over the UFO.  If you like, you can drop the various forcefields and make your way back into these other parts of the levels, but the way out of the level is not those ways.  Once you get the yellow key, make your way back through the teleport you just used to get here.

When you get back to the UFO room, you will find some more enemies have spawned.  Take them down, and then make your way to the yellow key door in this room.  There was a bridge here originally, it may have been knocked down during your combat, but it won't prevent you from getting to the door, just jump over.

Once you unlock the yellow key door, you will have access to the elevator next to the yellow key slot.  Take it downstairs, but look out - there's a Battlelord waiting for you at the bottom!   At this point in the level, you are likely to be low on health, so a trick like sending 15 pipebombs down the elevator after the Battlelord can sometimes help.  :)

Once you get down to the bottom of the elevator, you will be left in a room with by far the most complicated switch puzzle in the game.  The picture at the end of the hallway is another Independence Day reference, this time in connection with Duke-Burger.

The codes to the switch puzzle were actually shown to you earlier in the level.  Immediately behind where the yellow key was was a panel that shows them to you - most people ignore that and just keep going.  But it's the answer!  Here's what you do.  The switch with four positions has these functions in order.

  1. Show Left Controls
  2. Show Right Controls
  3. Show Launch Controls
  4. Close All

Flip the switch the first time, and it will show you the left set of controls, which you need to make look like this:

Flip the switch a second time, and it will show you the right set of controls, which you need to make look like this:

Flip the switch a third time, and the buttons will lower into the table, revealing launch switches on both ends of the hallways.   They look like this:

If you do not do the switch combinations right, you will instead of seeing the switch see a message that says "Launch Codes Required", in which case you need to do the switch puzzle again.   Once the switches are revealed, go flip both of them, and both rockets will launch.

Once you launch both of them, a panel will open up in the wall, revealing the level exit.

Hitting the exit and be taken to Level 7, "Going Postal".  



Area 51 Secrets

Area 51 has seven secrets total.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Bugger all, it's up there?

When you drop down the air vent early on in the level, you are left in a control room with a chair that has some dots on it. 

There are two rooms that open up on the side of the room, one has a teleport, and one does not.  Go over to the one that does not have the teleport, and turn on your jetpack, and fly straight up.  You will eventually see a small alcove with an Atomic health.  Go in there to get the health to get the first secret.

Secret #2: Secret Computer Bank

When you are in the computer area under the main entrance room, you will see a strange symbol on the wall that looks like this:

If you jump up there, it will lower one of the computer banks in the next room, revealing a secret area that contains an Atomic Health.  There is no sound to indicate the door has opened, you have to go look.  Go in there to get both.  Once you go in here, the door will close behind you. 

Secret #3: Behind the Holoduke

In the same room where Secret #2 was, you will see a Holoduke on top of a computer bank.  The wall behind the Holoduke is a secret one.  Open it up to reveal some steroids.  Go in there to get them, and you will get the third secret of this level.

Secret #4: Computer Box

The fourth secret is in the room with all the boxes.  In one corner is a computer.  If you "use" the computer tower (not the monitor) one of the boxes in the room will open, revealing some scuba gear and armor.  Go in there to get the gear and the secret.

Secret #5: Behind the Computer Crack

The fifth secret is right next to the fourth.  To the left of the computer from the last secret is a crack in the wall.  Blow it up.  Go in the newly opened area to get the fifth secret of the level.

Secret #6: Inside Secret #5

The fifth secret contains the way to the sixth secret.  Once you are inside the room from the last secret, make your way to the back, you will see a red handprint on a very dark wall.  Using this hand will open up a teleport right to the left.

Going through the teleport will put you next to a bridge, which looks very familiar from the kinds of bridges you saw in Episode 1's "The Abyss" level.  Crossing the bridge you will see an RPG.  Go get it for the sixth secret.   From here it's advisable to retrace your steps and not just jump down, or you will have to re-follow a decent sized part of the level to get back to the room of boxes.


Secret #7: Inside the UFO

Shortly after the room of boxes, you will pass a short conveyor.  Let yourself get picked up by the crane, and when it drops you off, you will be in a small computer room with a switch.  Flip the switch.

At the end of the corridor behind the red electrical charge shown here will be a teleport that has just opened up.  Take it and you will be left in an EXTREMELY SMALL room, with nothing but a switch.  Flip the switch, and a door will be opened to the inside of the UFO.  Go in here to get the seventh secret, as well as the Atomic health that is in here.

Invalid Secret: Run for the Health

A note about this secret:  Every FAQ for the last 12 years defines this as a secret, but during Xbox 360 testing, it was discovered that neither the 360 nor the PC original actually award you a secret. This secrets page was originally constructed with this as Secret #1, then we found out about the problem.  In researching this, we had Allen Blum go back to the original Build materials in September of 2008, and we discovered that this room is not officially classified as a secret by the game!  Given that this one was so "accepted" as a secret for the last 12 years, and that (almost) every FAQ out there has it wrong, and nobody apparently has checked into it, I thought I'd give it a mention here. 

When you first get inside the blue key door, there is a computer on a desk in the small alcove right next to the door. 

If you use this computer (it doesn't matter if it has been blown up or not), it will open up a door on the far side of the room.  Run over there and a timed door will have opened up.  Go in there to get the medkit, and feel the warm glow of not having gotten a real secret that everyone was wrong about for 12 years.  This will not give you anything, except more medkit.  

Thanks to Relik66 for the assistance with Secret #1 above.

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