Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Going Postal
Episode 4, Level 7

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As it's name implies, Going Postal takes place around a post office.   An interesting little factoid about the post office in this level.  The exterior is modeled after the real life post office that houses the PO Boxes that we as a company have had for about 20 years now.  Here is a comparison shot of the game vs the real life post office:

The level starts in a back alley.  Go forward to the main area.  On your way past, pick up some pipebombs in the trash dumpster, and you can health up with the water that is here, too.

Kick or shoot out the glass to get into the Post Office.  You can look around in the lobby, there's some weapons and a turret in here, when you've finished, make your way into the front counter of the place.

Once in here, take out the pig cop behind the counter, and any other enemies that might be here.   Once you've done that, you will see a switch behind the counter.  Flip it, and it will open the two mail slots in the room a bit wider so you can fit through.  Take either of the paths, they both go to the same place.

You will come out in a small room with several slimer eggs that will hatch upon your entrance to the room.   There is also an RPG here.  Take out the slimers and grab the rocket, and make your way up the stairwell at the far end of the room (where you will be attacked by a couple of Enforcers and a Pig Cop).

Once you get to the top of the stairwell, take a left.  This leads to the bathroom area.  Head in here and take out the resistance.  There is a Simpsons reference on the wall here.  Written next to the bathroom is the message "Trab pu kcip!", which read backwards spells "Pick Up Bart!".  This is a reference to a February 1993 Simpsons episode entitled "Brother from the Same Planet".

Once you take out the Pig Cop (and anyone else who might be in here), you'll want to open the lockers on one side of the room.  The third from the left contains the blue key.  Pick it up.

Once you have the blue key, make your way down to the far end of the hallway where you will find the blue key door.  Open it up, and make your way into the next room.  You will need to make your way onto the conveyor belt, and follow it for awhile.  All kinds of enemies will try and take you out and/or knock you off the belt, so be vigilant.

The conveyor will eventually leave you in a room that looks like the shot below.  Get off the belt at this point and take out the various enemies here.  On top of that, there is a Devastator on the crates to your right, and several slimer eggs in the back.  It might be best for you to take them out now.  If you continue to follow the belt from this point, it will eventually go to a small hole in the floor you cannot fit through, so you no longer need to follow this belt.

After you've taken out all of the enemies here, you will find a small door one one side of the room that looks like this.  Push it and enter the room.

There is a Pig Cop in here as well as some more slimers.  Take them out, and you will notice several exploding canisters.  If you blow them up, it will open up a door with a very quick path back to the front of the Post Office.  It will also release a Pig Cop Tank into your area, so you want to avoid that.   Also in this room is the other side of the conveyor belt you were following.

Once you have cleared out the enemies in this room, get back on the conveyor and start following it again.  In several places here you will have to crouch to get through the path the conveyor will take you.   Follow it around, but right before the conveyor drops you back into the room you started in, you will see the red key (as well as a medkit) here.  Pick them up before dropping back out into the large room.

Go back onto the conveyor again, and follow it back to the large room where the crates and the Devastator were. 

The back of this room contains doors that lead to the back yard of the Post Office.  They are locked with the red key, so head over there and open up one of the doors.  Only one will open up, and even then not fully - but it will be enough for you to get out. 

The first area you get to has a mail truck as well as several Enforcers to deal with.  Take them out, and then make your way past the flaming truck that is on its side.

Going past the flaming truck will put you in an alley with a couple of turns.  You will eventually find yourself looking at what appears to be some sort of military bunker.

This is where you want to go, but unfortunately, going back there will unleash probably the most intense combat moment in the entire game.  Quite a ton of enemies are unleashed on your position, and you are pretty much trapped back here.   Waves of Enforcers, Pig Cops, troopers, Pig Cop tanks will just rain down on your position here.  There are some weapons in here, but it REALLY helps to have some before you get here.  You can somewhat help your situation if you lay some trip mines on your way down to the bunker.  Also, there are a few switches back here, they will set off the red "dots" on the side walls.  Several large explosions will go off, this is your lone defense, other than weapons, so make use of them well. 

When you have eventually cleared out this epic level horde, make your way back down the alley, and you will see a garage door has opened.  In it is some ammo as well as health, and the yellow key.

Unfortunately, a Battlelord will be blocking your way back out past the flaming turned over vehicle.  You will want to take him out, because if you don't, he's likely to shoot you in the back while you are trying to hit the exit (which is close).

Once you take this guy out, and make your way over to the yellow key door, you will discover that there is yet one last Battlelord to deal with.  Again, you can try ignoring him, but that is usually fatal.

Once it is safe, open up the yellow key door, which will reveal the level exit.

Hitting the exit and be taken to Level 8, "XXX-Stacy".  



Going Postal Secrets

Going Postal has four secrets.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.  A note about secrets - several public FAQ's refer to a second secret inside Secret #3 below (specifically the one about the dog target sign).  This is wrong, that is not a secret, the one usually forgotten about is #4 below.

Secret #1: Show me Your Firetruck

At the start of the level, go over to the firetruck outside the post office.  On the side with the fire hydrant, there is a secret panel.  Using it will open a window on the building next to you. 

You will need to jump in the window (and through the flames) to be awarded the first secret of this level.

A note about this secret:  Every FAQ for the last 12 years defines this as a secret, but during Xbox 360 testing, it was discovered that neither the 360 nor the PC original actually award you a secret.  We had Allen Blum go back to the original Build materials in September of 2008, and we discovered that this room is not officially classified as a secret by the game.  The problem is that the actual seventh secret is unknown - this appears to be some sort of mapping bug, and the level actually only has six secrets and not seven.

Secret 2: The Unabomber

In the front area of the Post Office, you will see a poster (which resembles the Unabomber artist sketch).   This is a secret panel.

Open the door, and it will reveal a bag of mail which you can blow up, and reach the pipebombs in here.  Take the pipebombs to be awarded the second secret of this level.  While it is not part of the secret, you can follow the vents to gain another path back out into the room you were just in.

Secret #3: NRA

In the same room where you get the blue key, you can get to the third secret.  The second of the lockers contains a secret area.  Go in there and "use" the back wall.  It will open up to reveal the "Postal Rifle Association", which is an obvious play on the actual "National Rifle Assocation".   Entering this room will give you the third secret.

Secret #4: Shrinker in the Floor

The fourth secret is the area right past where the blue key door was.  In that room, there's a mail sorting machine in the middle of the room.  Jump over that, and you will see a pillar in the middle of the room with a slightly darker tone than the rest of the wall.  The specific secret spot is marked by the crosshair.

Crouch down and crawl into the secret area here, and you will come into some vents with a shrinker in them.  Going into the vents will give you the final secret of this level.

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