Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Episode 4, Level 8

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You start on the outside of the XXX-Stacy building, and you have a ton of barrels out here.  There's a few troopers floating around, take them out, and blow out the barrels if you want to, doesn't much matter if you do or not.  Make your way inside the door here, and head inside where you will encounter a rather long hallway with a few pig cops and troopers along the way.

At the end of the hallway, you will come across a door.  Go inside the door, and you will see where the blue key will eventually go, and an office to your right.  Head into the office.

This office has several weapons and health packs in here, as well as a pig cop.  Go in here and collect everything and take out the Pig Cop.

After you've collected all the items in the office, make your way back out into the hallway, and then through the red door at the end marked "Authorized Personnel".   You will be attacked by Pig Cops immediately, but once they are done, you have a choice as to which way to go.

Take the room to the right where you can see a blue wall.  Follow it around, and you will come to the uh.. "business part" of this level.   There's not much to actually DO in here, this is just to fit the "theme" of the level, but one amusing part of this area is that it was considered rather controversial when originally released in the Fall of 1996.  The characters don't do anything here as such, this is as racy as it gets!  :)

Once you are done with the bedroom scene, make your way back out into the other room.  Going in there will lead you to a very dark room filled with exploding canisters and pig cops.  It looks like this (with night vision on, see below).  Your best bet is to lob a pipebomb into this room, back up (a lot), and then set it off. 

Once the explosions subside, you're going to want to come back in here.  There are a few items to find, an Atomic health being one, but more importantly, the blue key will be sitting on one of the boxes left in the room after all the explosions.  Take it.

Head back to where the blue key goes, and use it.  This will open up the window in front of you, revealing a large outdoor area.

After you take out the initial wave of enemies that will attack you when you open the window, make your way out onto a ledge right outside the window.  This will give you a chance to survey the area.   Doing so will reveal a crate and an open window on the other side of a slime river.  This is where you need to go.  Try to avoid the shrinker rays that are going back and forth across the river.

Make your way across the slime, then hopping up on the box and onto the window ledge across the way.  This will leave you inside a comedy club with several pig cops and troopers to take out.

Once the room has been cleared out, hit the switch and open a window at the far end of the club.  This will reveal a Fat Commander who was waiting for you on the other side.  Take him down.

After the Fat Commander is gone, head out into the courtyard, and make your way to a silver door in front of you.  There will be a few Enforcers waiting for you in there, take them down.

After the Enforcers are gone, head into the control room and you will find the red key.  Take it, along with the Devastator.

Also in this room is a switch, that will raise the water level in the area right outside the door.  Flip the switch.  Once you do that, jump in the water.

Swim towards the bottom of the water (keeping an eye out for several sharks that are down here).  You will see a ledge on the far side that you can swim under.  Swim over there, and when you do, surface on the other side of the wall.

When you surface, you will see another control room with some troopers.  Take out the troopers and make your way in.

Around the back side of the control room you will find a very dark corridor with some exploding canisters and several slimer eggs, not to mention an Octabrain.  Take out the exploding canisters quickly, and most of the resistance on the ramp will be taken out, too.

After the explosions stop, make your way up the hallway.  When you get to the top, a door will open behind you, revealing three enforcer drones.  Take them out.

Clearing out the Protactors will allow you access to a small office here with some health and RPG ammo in it (and some Enforcers).  It will also allow you access to the locked red key door.  Use your key, and open it up.

On the other side of the door is a Pig Cop Tank.  Take it down.

After the Pig Cop Tank has been dispatched, go inside the garage door here, and it will reveal the end of the level.

Hitting the exit and be taken to Level 9, "Critical Mass".  



XXX-Stacy Secrets

XXX-Stacy has a scant three secrets.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Boxed Freezer

In the room with the blue key, you will find a box that says "Top Secret" on it immediately above where the blue key was.  If you "use" the side of the box that does not have printing on it, a secret door will open up, revealing a freezer.  Go in there and get the freezer and the first secret.

Secret 2: Blowing up the Comedy Club

When you come out of the window that is locked by the blue key, you will see an area on the other side over a wall.  Turn on your jetpack and fly over to the other side there.

Once over there, you will see a sign for the Comedy Club which looks like the shot below.  If you go look in there, you will see a bedroom with quite a few exploding canisters.  You do not want to be in there when they go off, so your best bet is to be hovering outside and send a rocket in, or lob a pipebomb in and explode it - FROM OUTSIDE!

After the explosions have subsided head into the window and get the second secret, as well as several bits of ammo, weapons, and health.

Secret #3: Hidden Shrinker

When you get to the second control room, you will see a switch to raise/lower the water like there was in the first.  When you get over here, if you lower the water with this second switch, a panel will be opened on one of the computer banks.  It will reveal a shrinker - go in and get the shrinker for the third and final secret of this level.

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