December 20, 1995

Terminal Velocity Wins 1995 Editor's Choice Award

PC Entertainment magazine (formally Electronic Entertainment), published its "Third Annual Editor's Choice Awards" in the January 1996 issue.

Terminal Velocity blasted to the top by winning the category of "Best Action Game." This very competitive category was especially hot this year. Terminal Velocity, in winning this year's honors, soared past games like Heretic, Descent, Rise of the Triad, Hexen, and Mortal Kombat III.

The editors said: "With fluid, texture-mapped terrain, 360-degree movement, and simple controls, Terminal Velocity is the ultimate airborne shooter. No other action game--with the possible exception of Descent--captures the feeling of flight as well."

Terminal Velocity is the first game of its type, and is likely to spawn clones in the future. But it's going to be tough to top Terminal Velocity's "...nonstop action, awesome explosions, and cool graphics and sounds," said the editors of PC Magazine.

Please give Terminal Velocity a try. It's 1995's best action game.

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