November 29, 1995

Apogee "Live Shot" Camera Online

Today, we got the Live Shot camera online and working! What's that? Well, we have a camera hooked up at our Headquarters pointed at something. You never know what it might be pointed at. It might be pointed down a hallway at a door, it might be pointed down into Tech Support, it might be on someone's monitor while they play Duke Nukem 3D, it might be on a Prey development monitor.... It might even be pointed at the coffee pot or the donut box in the break room. MMMMmmmm. Donuts. :)

Anyway, it's online now, and ready for you! To get there go to the Behind The Scenes page. Come see what we're doing, and let us know what you think of this feature! (NOTE May 2005: this feature is no longer a part of our site)

Posted by Joe Siegler on November 29, 1995 at 12:01 PM | Permalink
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