October 12, 1997

New News Area on our Website!

As you can see because you're reading this, we've started a news page on our site. This will be one place where you can get news updates from us. We will put all kinds of info about us, our products, and some third party products here. The idea is to try and make it easier for you to find out the latest news about us on our site.

In addition, we'll be putting the development updates for our games here as well. In the past, we had development update pages for several games (Shadow Warrior, Prey, Balls of Steel, etc...). All of those updates will now be posted here. However, the old pages will remain where they are, so you can see the older updates if you'd like to, however, no further updates will be posted in those locations. They'll all be here now.

Posted by Joe Siegler on October 12, 1997 at 12:02 AM | Permalink
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