June 5, 2009

3D Realms Online Store overhaul

...bet you thought that Goodbye meant there will be no more updates ever? That was a Goodbye from the development team.

Anyway, I'm here to report on an update I have posted to the 3D Realms online store. As some of you may have noticed, 3D Realms ceased shipping physical product right around the time we posted the Goodbye story. We went to downloads only, and we're here to report that this will remain the same. 3D Realms will no longer ship physical product of any kind. We are however, continuing to make available our older titles via registered download.

Available now in the online store is our new product line of registered downloads, most at new lower prices. This is a complete overhaul, too. It's not just the same files we had in our old store in a new store. All of them have been redone with a new installer, and most importantly a new DOSBox wrapper. Our previous downloads were the original DOS games, which for a lot of people who weren't familiar with the original DOS commands was a difficult thing. DOSBox gets around that, and all of the old games have this included, so you will be able to run them from Windows quite easily. The new installers will install the game through Windows (even works in Vista), and you can click on them with icons, and all that good stuff. :) This was no easy task to rebuild the entire product line like that. A major thanks goes out to former 3DR staffer Joe Siegler for doing all of this on his final two days at 3DR. Also, a big thanks goes to Peter Veenstra from the DOSBox crew for helping out in testing the builds. There's no way this could have come together so quickly without these two guys.

But that's not all! In addition to all the games we previously had in our online store, we've also made some available that we never sold as registered downloads before - or just haven't sold in awhile. New additions to the 3D Realms online store include Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Terminal Velocity, Death Rally, & Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project! Also available again after a rather long wait is Balls of Steel! You can buy all of these, plus all the previously available titles by visiting our online store by visiting http://www.buy3drealms.com.

And if that wasn't enough, don't forget that we have released several of our legacy titles in the past via freeware. Check out our list of freeware releases here.

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December 22, 2006

Camera Captioning Contest Updated

Have you checked out our Camera Captioning Contest? For those who don't know, the contest is where we take a (usually) silly picture involving some 3D Realms employee, and put it up on the site. You send in your entries, and the one we pick as the winner gets a free $35 gift certificate for use on Apogee/3D Realms games!

If you've never entered, or checked out the contest before, now is the time to do it! You could be our latest winner! Check out the contest today, and you could win a prize!

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April 20, 2006

New Web Server Online

We have put a new webserver online this morning for the purpose of making things move faster and in anticipation of increased load demands. You should not notice any difference in using this site than on the old server. If you do happen to notice any bugs, please let us know. Thanks.

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July 13, 2005

Something new for the website

A note from the 3D Realms Webmaster, Joe Siegler...

"For years I've been doing the news on the 3DR site the same way, but I've decided to get with the times and put the 3DR news archives in a content management system, and not do it the old way. My "old way" was to manually create the pages in Microsoft Frontpage, and then upload them to the server. While that worked, it was a pain if I wanted to edit from home, or needed someone else to do an update. Making this move is mostly a benefit for me in terms of maintenance. And going forward it will make it easier to do certain things I have planned.

Now that this has launched, I wanted to add a few thoughts about the new system, and point out a few things.

  1. First off, a major MAJOR thanks goes out to Kev_Hectic from our forums who helped me out in getting the old news into the system. Without his help, this project would probably still be ongoing. Thanks Kev!
  2. I've decided to add some color for the subjects of the stories to make 'em stick out a bit more. The old system had the same font as the body of the story in white, which I didn't think "stuck out" enough - not enough attention was drawn to the subject. The colour choice is a match with other colors on the page layout, so it fits in that regard (meaning it's not something like bright green which would be bad).
  3. The biggest benefit to you the site visitor is that you can search the old news now, which wasn't possible under the old system (at least internally, anyway). The search box is at the bottom of the page.
  4. Speaking of old news, the news now goes all the way back to the start of our website. I discovered some old news from Summer of 95 to Fall of 97 that I thought was lost. In our old format, the earliest news story I had was October of 1997 (our site went online in July of 1995 originally). We weren't doing "news stories" from Oct of 96 through 97, but the ones we did before that were thought lost. But thanks to the magic of archive.org, I was able to fully restore our news history, going all the way back to the initial launch of our website on July 7, 1995. The index link is also at the bottom of the page.
  5. All the stories say "posted by Joe Siegler". One of my ideas going forward is that news stories might be posted by folks here other than me. However, all the existing stories needed to be entered into the system, hence the usage of my name.
  6. Another reason for doing this is that I'm going to have the 3D Realms site listed as a news source in Google News. I've done that with some non 3D Realms sites I'm involved in, and thought it was a good thing for here as well.
  7. Some fonts have changed - the font used for the body of the text is slightly different than it was before, and some spacing has been put between lines of text to make it more readable for some folks who have said the existing one was too small in the past.
  8. There is also now an rss feed link for the site news which you can use in anything that can read rss files. That link is at the bottom of the page.

I find it hard to believe that our website has been going for a decade now. You can tell the scope of our news stories is different in 2005 than it was in 1995. Look at some of the announcements from the earliest days and how little they actually said. We didn't even announce the release of v1.0 shareware of Duke Nukem 3D (Jan 29, 1996)!

So let me know what you think - you can join in the discussion on our forums with the link below. Overall, it shouldn't be THAT different from what came before - I spent some time making the software mimic the existing site as it existed."

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:02 PM

January 1, 2005

Happy New Year

It's now 2005. Time to start the new year off with some cool fan submissions we've had sitting around for awhile. There's quite a lot of good submissions this time around. This update includes the usual submissions like wallpaper art and Duke Nukem sketches. Those are always cool to get.

However, we have some slightly different submissions this time around. We have a guy who dressed up as Duke Nukem for Halloween, a fan who made his own Max Payne action figure, and a few other odd game mods. A Christmas mod for our old Secret Agent game, and an Easter mod for our old Crystal Caves title. There's also some user levels for Shadow Warrior entitled "Santa Wang". The old game mods don't stop there, as we also have a Hocus Pocus Christmas mod, and a new episode for Cosmo!

Check out all these new additions as well as all the fan items we have had already over at our "Fan Stuff" page.

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February 13, 2004

The Fans Create

It's been ages since we dipped into our mailbag for a fan stuff update, but today we're doing just that. There's been a big update to our fan stuff page, which includes several cool things. Amongst them we have:

* Two Max Payne fan videos
* Max Payne fan art
* An odd Max Payne / Commander Keen crossover art
* Duke Nukem fan art by an 11 year old
* Many other items

There's plenty of other items for you to check out besides these, so hit our fan stuff page, and see 'em all. And if you have a contribution of your own, send it to us, we'll stick it online!

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September 22, 2003

New Forum Software Available

Since 1998, we've been running the same forum software - "The Ultimate Bulletin Board" (later renamed UBB.Classic). For the longest time this software has served us pretty well. However, with the pending release of Max Payne 2, a project that had been on the back burner for some time now has been implemented. We've changed forum software. The UBB.Classic has been retired on our servers, and we've switched to UBB.Threads.

Threads is a MySQL/PHP based forum software package from the same folks who put out Classic - Infopop. The primary reason this software change was made was due to the increased traffic load expected when Max 2 hits the streets. We didn't want any problems with the server dying, crashing, or things of that nature, so the forum software needed to be upgraded. Why? Because classic is a forum software that uses flat files on the server - everything is a text file somewhere that has to be opened/closed/written to. All that traffic generates a large load on the server, and "classic" would not be able to handle the stress. So we switched to "UBB.Threads".

Threads has a ton of new features that we didn't have available to us with the old format. Here's just a sample of some of the cooler new features:

* Avatar uploads - no more worrying about your server going down and your avatar not being displayed.
* Favorite Threads / Post Reminders - In your "My Home" area on the forums, you can track your favorite threads on all of our forums in one place.
* Ignore User - Someone on the forums bothering you? Ignore 'em - you won't see their posts anymore.
* Better thread control - You can display how many, and in what order you want a forum's threads displayed as.

There's a ton more, check out the "UBB.Threads Info & Assistance Forum" for all the details, and to discuss the software change.

A big thanks goes out to J.C. over at ubbdesign.com for his help in getting the new look of the forum down. Check out ubbdesign.com for your custom forum design needs. Also, a shout out goes to Dave & Rick over at Infopop for helping out with my problems in getting things going.

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May 13, 2003

Big Update to the Fan Stuff Page

This evening we've got a big update to our fan stuff page. This is a page where we list submissions that our fans send us. Today's update includes several very cool Duke Nukem Forever wallpapers, some Max Payne art, the Max Payne Hero video - there's even a couple of fan submissions for Commander Keen! Check everything out at our fan stuff page!

And remember, if you have something you'd like up there, email it to us, or post about it in our forums!


Posted by Joe Siegler at 6:20 PM

February 14, 2003

More Fan Stuff

Today we went through the mailbag, and have updated our fan stuff page with the latest fan submissions. There's some cool stuff in this update, including a Dopefish hat, a Duke Nukem logo screen for UnrealEd, and some other cool hand drawn art. There's more, so check out the fan stuff page today over at http://legacy.3drealms.com/fanstuff/index.html.

If you have anything you'd like up on the fan stuff page, send it to us at [email protected] - and it will be used in the next update!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 5:15 PM

December 10, 2002

New Fan Stuff

Today we went through the mailbag, and have updated our fan stuff page with the latest fan submissions. There's some good stuff in this update, including a couple of paintings of Duke Nukem, a 3D Realms wallpaper, and a skin for the chat client Trillian. There's more, so check out the fan stuff page today over at http://legacy.3drealms.com/fanstuff/index.html.

If you have anything you'd like up on the fan stuff page, send it to us at [email protected] - and it will be used in the next update!

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February 25, 2002


From our webmaster.. "Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The reason for this is that my wife and I bought a house, and I was out of the office a lot the last few weeks. Updates will commence again. Here's a few things that piled up during my absence."

Posted by Joe Siegler at 11:00 PM

February 25, 2002

More Fan Stuff

One other piece of fan stuff that got missed the last time around. It's a pretty cool Max Payne Wallpaper - you can check out the thumbnail here:

There's loads of other fan stuff available for you to check out over at our Fan Stuff page!

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December 7, 2001

Max Payne Walkthrough Online!

We've had many requests for a Max Payne walkthrough - and we've had many requests on how to get through specific levels posted on our web forums, and now we can deliver. Available right now over on the Official Max Payne web site is a full tutorial, covering all the levels of the game, as well as the game's secrets! If you are stuck in an area of Max Payne, you now have an online resource here on our sites that you can make a reference to. The walkthrough is available at http://legacy.3drealms.com/max/walkthrough/p1c1.html.

It's a very detailed walkthrough - with tons of screenshots that have arrows and other visual tips - make sure and check it out today. A big special thanks goes out to Charles Adams over at xezol.com for doing all the work on the tutorial (screenshots, text, etc). Charles was kind enough to allow us to carry the walkthrough on our web site.

You can also purchase the Official Max Payne Strategy Guide (from Amazon.com) if you would like a book tutorial of the game - make sure and check that out, too!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 6:30 PM

November 10, 2001

A New Batch of Fan Stuff!

Wanted to take this opportunity to say "Oops!" for a Halloween submission. We had this picture sent to us in time for Halloween, and neglected to get it online in time, so we wanted to say a big hi to big Duke fan Jason Savage - all decked out (or is it "Duked" out) in his Duke Nukem costume. Check it out here (you can click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

In other fan news, we've updated our fan stuff section to include the latest submissions (and there's a lot of them). There's some more cool stuff in there this time around, including some ASCII Keen art, a Duke Nukem Nascar car, a kick ass Max Payne wallpaper, as well as tons of new Duke fan art!

Make sure and check out the fan stuff section for a lot of cool items - if you have something to contribute, send it in, and we'll get it online the next time that section is updated! Sorry to those who sent in submissions and thought they were lost - they're not - all our pending submissions are now online. If you sent us something, and it's not here, please resend.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:15 PM

August 21, 2001

Our New Server is Online

If you can see this message, then you have reached our new server. As you probably have read, our web forums have been down, and that was due to our old crappy hosting solution. We were having problems with our old box being too slow, and then the Max Payne videos came out, and it died a horrible, screaming death. Anyway, after much work and deliberation, our new server is up and online right now. Our forums have also returned. The new box is a major screamer, and as such, the slowness of the past is gone. We've also got a great new host, and we are ready now.

One change in this new box is that it allows us to finally do what we want, we're not bound by the silly restrictions of some of our previous web hosts. Most of this is background stuff, but it should allow us to be more flexible in the future should future demand or other issues come up. Due to this change, we've slightly altered the location of the forums. There is a new location for the forums - so if you used to have them bookmarked, you'll need the new location. That new location is this:


The forums are live now, so check it out now, and it's good to be back!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 9:15 PM

August 21, 2001

Netscape 6 News Tab

Also with the new site is a new feature designed specifically for Netscape 6 (or Mozilla) users. If you have used these browsers, you should be familiar with the tabs available on these browsers. Anyway, we now have a news tab available for these browsers. You can add this to your copy of Netscape and quickly look and see the most recent news headlines without having to load our entire web site.

If you have Netscape 6, 6.1, or Mozilla, you can click on the Netscape 6 tab below (or at the bottom of this page), and you can view this. If you don't have these browsers, you won't be able to use this feature, although I'm told that Internet Explorer v6 will have a similar such feature - if that does happen, I'll program a tab for that browser, too.

NOTE: This feature no longer is on the site as of May 2005, it's been replaced with an RSS feed for news.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 9:15 PM

August 16, 2001

New Server Update

As a follow-up to the story the other day on our new server.. We've got it all configured and ready - we've signed contracts with a new host, and we're ready to fly. We just need the word from the new host that they're ready for us, and we're over there with the new server.

At that point, we'll make the DNS switch, and more importantly our forums will return. We're hoping that this will all get done tomorrow, but as with anything else, we won't know for sure until we get the call to bring over the server.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:45 PM

August 14, 2001

Back & Ready To Go

From our Webmaster, Joe Siegler.. "Well, as you have seen, not much has happened on our site this past week. The reason for that is I was away on vacation, and as such when you don't have a computer, you can't do anything. Anyway, I'm back today, and after spending a lot of the day plowing through an enormous pile of email, I turned my attention to the new web server. As you've probably noticed, our forums are down - that's because we got completely overwhelmed by server load, and the rather underpowered server died under a level of traffic that would choke a horse. However, our new "mega server" is in, and is right now in the process of being configured. Gotta do all the fiddly stuff like tweak Linux, Apache, etc.. We anticipate it being ready to fly in a few days - we'll have some more updates on that when it's up and ready to go.

While I was away a few things happened - the news stories below cover the major happenings during the past week. Check 'em out."

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:45 AM

May 22, 2001

First batch of E3 pics online

We've had several requests for our annual E3 picture archive... "When is it going online?" Well, fear not. The first batch of pictures are ready to go. They're online now in our "Caught on Camera" section of the web site.

This first batch are just the pictures from Joe Siegler and others who had cameras. The second batch, which will come later in the week are from George Broussard. George went mad with his camera, took several thousand pictures, totalling over 4 GIGS of files. It's going to take slightly longer to plow through all of those to pick out what we want to post online.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:40 PM

February 6, 2001

More Fan Stuff

Today, we updated our fan page with some more submissions from the fans out there. Today's batch of submissions brings us some Duke Nukem sketches, a couple of Commander Keen drawings, as well as parodies such as the Yoda/Duke picture shown to your right.

We also have a few Winamp related downloads. There's a DNF skin collection download, a Rise of the Triad Winamp skin, as well as a Shadow Warrior fan song, which was made in the mold of our own Lo Wang's Rap.

Make sure and check out all these things, as well as our older fan submissions at our fan page today. We're always looking for more fan items, so if you have something you think we should have on our pages that you've created, check out the details on our fan page.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 4:20 PM

November 10, 2000

More Fan Art!

This week, a very cool Commander Keen piece of artwork was posted to our forums. It's one of the Bloogs from Commander Keen. What's Commander Keen? Check it out over at our Keen1 or Keen4 pages. There's some classic gaming goodness in these games. Check 'em out if you've never done so.

You can also check out more fan submissions at our fan stuff page. Lots of coolness there. Thanks to all who have sent in fan submissions - there's tons of cool stuff still to come. Visit our fan stuff page for details on how to send us submissions.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:30 PM

October 25, 2000

Big Update to the Fan Art Page!

It's been a few weeks since the last update of our fan page, but people have been sending in things since. Today we posted all of them - it was a pretty large update. We posted 7 pieces of Duke Nukem fan art, a Duke skin for Quake III Arena, a piece of Commander Keen art, as well as a Windows background based on Duke Nukem Forever.

There's tons of cool things there - you should check it all out. We also take submissions - if you have some fan art or an item based on one of our games or characters, send it to us! We're always looking for more things for the fan page! Here's a few samples from today's update to the fan art page - for the complete update, check out the page.

icet2.jpg (49357 bytes)

braidena.jpg (14697 bytes)

q3adukeskin.jpg (52711 bytes)

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:30 PM

September 7, 2000

3D Realms Mailing List

Some long time site visitors might remember our old 3D Realms mailing list. We haven't run that in quite some time, but we're starting it up again. The mailing list will be an announcements only (meaning only mail from us) list where you can have the latest news, special offers, and other 3D Realms happenings emailed directly to you.

It doesn't cost anything to join up, so why not sign up today?

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:15 PM

August 22, 2000

More Fan Stuff

Today we bring you some more fan art sent to us. We have three new pieces of fan art - and a Duke Nukem / South Park parody.

The three pieces of fan art are on our Fan art page right now. First up is a piece of art by Tom Sweeney which portrays Duke firing two guns. Second is a a piece by Markus Meiritz entitled "The Real Duke Nukem", and last but not least is a Quake 3 model by Jesper Thrane of our very own Duke Nukem. Jesper's model is shown here - you can click on it to be taken to the fan art page where you can see the other two, as well as three other positions of this Duke skin.

Also online recently was a Duke Nukem meets South Park Flash movie. check that out over at the Newgrounds site. It's rather silly, although for some reason, Duke Nukem is green. Thanks to Ross Baker for pointing this out.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:45 PM

August 7, 2000

More Fan Art

Over the weekend, we got two pieces of fan art submitted to us, and we're showing them to you today. First up is a Duke Nukem cartoon written by Mark Stewart. It shows Duke's irritation with a programmer. Mark had this to say about his toon: "Here is a little peace I painted up for you last night. The art work was done by me using Paint Shop Pro and a mouse. As you can see by the picture I think Duke is getting a little impatient, don't you think?"

Second is an original piece of art by Martin DeMontfort - this one shows Duke blasting a pig cop on the sidewalk. Martin tells us this about the art - "My name is Martin deMontfort and I'm 16. Duke Nukem 3D is my all time fav game so here's a picture I painted using acrylic for the
background and water colour pencils for the characters."

You can click on either of the thumbnails here to see a larger version. Also, make sure to check out our fan art page, where we have several other submissions from other users.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:40 PM

July 25, 2000

More Fan Art

Today we bring you some more fan art sent to us by our fans.

First up is this piece of Duke battling some enemies drawn by Rayne Gallows. In his own words,

"I was somewhat bored yesterday so I drew a picture of Duke Nukem Battling some baddies. I did it off the top of my head." Check it out - you can see a larger version by clicking on the thumbnail here.

Second is this piece sent to us by Randy Ford - a long time entrant in our Camera Captioning Contest. He said "I made this .jpg for a Desktop Theme I am putting together. Hope you like it!"

Here is the background picture below. Kind of reminds me of the Fesarius from the Star Trek episode "The Corbomite Maneuver".

We have a lot more fan art on our site - check out our Fan art submissions page. If you have anything you'd like to submit, please let us know about it.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:20 PM

June 9, 2000

Camera Captioning Contest #100

Our Camera Captioning Contest has been updated - a bit late. Last week's contest ran an extra week due our webmaster being sick. Anyway, the new contest posted today is the 100th contest we've run. The first one was done back on May 28, 1996! - We've been running these contests now for over four years straight.

For those who don't know, the contest is where we take a (usually) silly picture involving some 3D Realms employee, and put it up on the site. You send in your entries, and the one we pick as the winner gets a free $35 gift certificate for use on Apogee/3D Realms games, as well as a Duke Nukem: Time to Kill T-Shirt.

Those are the normal rules. However, given that this is Contest #100, we've decided to spice it up a bit. Normally, we only give away a prize to the #1 winner - this time we're giving out prizes to Winners 1-5 (with #1 getting the best prizes). Furthermore, the rules for submissions for this contest are slightly different. Here's the stuff we're giving away:

1. First - Duke Nukem Forever E3 T-Shirt Autographed by Scott Miller & George Broussard, a Duke Nukem baseball cap, plus a Duke Nukem pen & coaster set

2. Second - Choice of Duke Nukem Forever T-Shirt or a Duke Nukem hat plus a pen & coaster set

3. Third through fifth - Duke Nukem pen & coaster set

In addition to these prizes, all the winners will receive with the usual coupon we give away for every contest. The picture itself is shown above (click on it for a larger version). However, the rules for submission will be slightly different than usual. Normally, we don't give guidelines as to what you can submit, but this time it will be a little more challenging. If you look at the picture, some pretty easy (and obscene) captions come to mind. The rule this time is send us your best non-obscene caption for this picture. The best winners from this batch will be selected as prize winners.

That's about it for this special contest. A big thanks go out to the folks who regularly enter the contest and those who just do it once in awhile. A few times over the four years we've thought about canceling the contest, but the pleas of the folks who enjoy it keep it going.

Thanks for visiting our site, and make sure to tell a friend!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 2:30 PM

June 8, 2000

FTP files

From Joe Siegler.. "Tomorrow, our FTP location will be changing for our files that you download from our server. Due to this, just about all of our web pages will be changed with the new location. There might be some weirdness tomorrow during the changeover - if you try and download files from our web site, first check the FTP Help page, and if that doesn't help, email our Tech Support department about it. Thanks!"

Posted by Joe Siegler at 5:15 PM

May 9, 2000

Headed to E3

This will be the last update of our site until next week, as we're all headed to E3 tomorrow morning. As updating from E3 will be difficult to impossible (for us), we're not planning on doing any of that - we'll have .plan updates and some pictures I'm sure when we return next week.

And no, Duke Nukem Forever will not be shown at the show. We're just going for a vacation.

Make sure and check out 3D Portal's E3 News site for the latest on E3!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 2:40 PM

May 1, 2000

3D Realms Online Store Now Open!

This morning, The 3D Realms Online Store officially opened for business! Available now, you can order games and items direct from 3D Realms online.

This new store (hosted by Yahoo shopping) will let you order items from us as if you called us on the phone, faxed us, or wrote us a letter. In addition, selected older titles are available for immediate download (one your credit card has been processed & charged). Here's a few highlights from the store's functionality:

*The online store will be an extension of our already existing ordering system. In other words, you'll be able to place orders online in addition to calling us, faxing us, or mailing in your order and have it shipped to you.

*In addition to being able to place orders to be shipped to you, selected registered titles will be available for immediate download from the store.

*You can mix these orders - in other words you can place orders that have both items to be shipped to you, and items to be downloaded in the same order.

*The items in the online store will match the product line that you can order from our 800 line.

This means that previously discontinued titles will remain discontinued.

*We will accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover.

*We will ship anywhere in the world that we're legally allowed to by the US Government.

One cool thing about the store being hosted by Yahoo Shopping is that you can (optionally) interact with all the other stores that use Yahoo Shopping. Some of the other Yahoo Shopping clients include the Denver Broncos & Atlanta Falcons football teams, the Houston Astros & Minnesota Twins baseball teams, FAO Schwarz, Ben & Jerry's, rederick's of Hollywood, FTD Flowers, NASA, Miramax Films, and a whole lot more.

You can visit the store today by clicking here, or via the Online Store icon that appears at the top of every page of our web site.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 2:30 PM

April 26, 2000

3D Realms Online Store to Launch May 1st

When this version of our web site was launched last month, one big piece of the puzzle was not ready for launch at the same time. Well, after several delays, the online store is finally ready to launch! We will be launching the store some time next Monday May 1st. Here's a few details about the store itself (in response to several questions that we've received about the store):

*The online store will be an extension of our already existing ordering system. In other words, you'll be able to place orders online in addition to calling us, faxing us, or mailing in your order and have it shipped to you.

*In addition to being able to place orders to be shipped to you, selected registered titles will be available for immediate download from the store.

*You can mix these orders - in other words you can place orders that have both items to be shipped to you, and items to be downloaded in the same order.

*The items in the online store will match the product line that you can order from our 800 line. This means that previously discontinued titles will remain discontinued.

*We will accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover.

*We will ship anywhere in the world that we're legally allowed to by the US Government.

We've been eager to get this online, and we're know y'all have been waiting for it as well. It's just about here - it'll be ready to go next Monday - so make sure to check it out when it's online and open for business.

From Joe Siegler.. "If you have any questions, you can click on the Discuss the Story link above, and I'll try to answer them the best I can."

Posted by Joe Siegler at 2:45 PM

April 19, 2000

The 3D Realms Webring

webring2.gif (3105 bytes)

The Official 3D Realms WebRing is now open for business! What's a WebRing? Here's some text on that from the WebRing Home Page...

A WebRing is a way to group sites of similar interest together in a "Ring." Links on each page allow you to move from one site to the next, eventually traveling the entire Ring to end up where you started.

For awhile, there was a WebRing run by a user by the nickname of PCB. He is no longer involved in the community, and he turned over control of his WebRing to me, so I did a little work on it, and I'm starting what will be the Official 3D Realms WebRing. This will give us two kinds of sets of links for our games. We maintain our own list of links for various games(you can see those here). There will also be the new WebRing where you can add your own site to the list.

If you have a 3D Realms/Apogee related site, make sure and drop by the WebRing page today and sign up!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:02 PM

March 16, 2000

New Web Stuff

This afternoon brings a few more minor enhancements to the 3D Realms Web site. Check 'em out...

*.plan updates - This update you can see right now on this page - it's a small plan update box to your left underneath the poll. This will contain the 6 most recent .plan file updates from the 3D Realms staff. It updates every 15 minutes, so you'll be right up to speed with everything we're saying.

*Web Forums - Our web forums have moved! For quite some time now, we've had them on a different server than our web site is at, but with our new web host, we finally have the server horsepower to run the forums right - so they've been moved to our new server. There's nothing new there, except that the URL is different. You need to update your bookmarks with the new location (click on the forum button to your left to get there). Also, if you're a returning user, you'll need to reset your preferences once you do get there.

Regarding the forum move - everyone's user records at the time of shutting down the forums yesterday has been preserved, as have all the messages (save for a tiny handful posted right around the time of the shutdown) are all here.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:30 PM

March 6, 2000

More on New Website

The positive responses to our new web site continues to pour in - we're glad so many of you like the site! A couple of you have found broken links on the site - while great care was taken to minimize this, we're human, a few have slipped through. If you find one of these, please let us know what page the problem is on, and what the broken link is. If you know of the correction, that's cool, but just the information that it's broken is useful. Thanks!!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:30 PM

March 3, 2000

New 3D Realms Site Launched!

From Joe Siegler...

"As you can see by reading this, our new web site has been launched! It's been a long time coming, but the new site has finally been released. It's very different than the last site we've had online, both in visual style, and in the content area. The new design layout was put together by Brian Cozzens, who did all the framework graphics as well - once again doing an awesome job in making everything look good.

In honor of the launch of the new web site, we've done something that has never been done in the 13 year history of the company - that is a comprehensive, across the board price restructuring of all of our games. Virtually every game in our entire product line has had it's price dropped, some as much as $35! If you've been thinking of purchasing some of our games, now's the time. Make sure and check out our Ordering Information Page for how to order from us, as well as updated pricing lists, and a new order form.

Speaking of purchasing games, one feature yet to come with the launch of our new web site is an Online Store. You will very shortly be able to purchase games direct from 3D Realms online and have them shipped to you. We had intended to have this feature launch with the new web site (this was the mysterious "Part 2" referred to in my .plan files), but some paperwork from our bank was holding things up, and we didn't want to wait any more to launch the web site, so we decided to hold off on the store a bit more until we're ready to go there.

There's much more that's new in our web site this time around than what's listed above. also a bunch of new items on our web site now that have never been here before. They are:

*Price Overhaul - It's worth mentioning again the price overhaul - if you haven't checked it out, check out our Ordering Info page for more details.

*.plan updates - You're familiar with the .plan update systems such as QuakeFinger, Blue's Finger, and Webdog. We now have our own plan updates that track our employees. They're available under Company Info.

*Quick Poll - Our old poll system was OK, but never really did what we wanted it to. Our new poll system which appears on the main page will be where you can leave your input on several relevant questions

*Banner System - The top of each page on our site now has "ad banners" - but they're for things internal to this site - they're not conventional advertisements as you know them, they'll be there to alert you to contests, sales, and other 3D Realms related information.

*News Replies - As you saw at the top of this news update, we have added news discussions, a popular feature on many gaming news sites. You can reply to (just about) any news story you will see here on the 3D Realms site.

*Tech Support Area - We've decided to place the entire knowledge base about all of our games online. In the new Tech Support area, you can check out our answers to every known issue relating to any of our games. The information here is extensive, and has been built up over many years of the company's existence.

*New ISP - At the same time we've brought the site online, we've switched hosts. During the release of the Duke Nukem Forever screenshots, we realized we needed a better hosting solution, so we are now with a new company, with much better hardware and bandwidth. Details are on the "About this Site" page under Company Info.

*No Frames - Frames are gone. This is our first web site since 1996 that doesn't have frames in it.

One of the biggest goals with this new site design was ease of navigation. Our old design, while great in the beginning, grew into a bit of an unwieldy mess. For example, if you wanted to get to the Duke Nukem sound bloopers page, you had to click on "Our Games", then "Duke Nukem 3D", then News, and finally the bloopers page. On our new system, you click on "Games", and Duke Nukem 3D, and that's it! A lot of care went into the design of the new site's navigation. The goal was to make every piece of information on our site no more than two clicks away from any other piece. With very few exceptions, this has been achieved, and the menuing system on your left has also been trimmed down. Several other sections to the site that are still here have been revised to be more streamlined. These sections include the game catalog, personal bios, and other areas. There's too many minor changes to list here, but regular site visitors of ours will notice the changes instantly.

There's still more to come, too. Two features that are not ready with the site's launch are the aforementioned Online Store, and an update to the Virtual Tour. The old tour was great, and still is, but is wildly out of date both in terms of people who work here, and in terms of people changing offices here. Next week, the work to replace the Virtual Tour will begin in earnest, we hope to have that online by the end of the month.

It's taken a long time to get this new site up, and of all the site designs we've had in the past, this one is the best in terms of navigation, visuals, and content. This was the hardest to get done, and at the same time, by far the most satisfying. I look forward to a long time working with this new layout, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed putting it all together.

Also, since we're changing servers at the same time, you may find if you go to http://www.3drealms.com, you get the old server. This is normal behavior, as the DNS change wasn't made until about 4:15PM on March 2nd. It can take up to a week for some DNS servers to pick up the change, but there will be a message on our old server telling you where exactly to go. Eventually, you'll get here with the correct domain name, so keep trying http://www.3drealms.com - We don't recommend you bookmark the new IP address location, as it won't be needed shortly.

One final note - if you used to link directly to information on our forums, please be aware that a lot of directories have been changed, moved, or likewise. You should probably check out the new layout.

And to the folks who regularly visit our Web Forums... "Hey, it's done!"

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:45 PM

March 3, 2000

New Site Feedback

The new site has been online less than 24 hours as of the writing of this story, and the response we've gotten has been overwhelmingly positive. We were confident with the design, but we're glad it's being so well received - as evidenced by the poll on this page.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:15 PM

January 24, 2000

Website stuff

From Joe Siegler... "As many of you have noticed, not much has been updated here in the last couple of weeks. There's a few reasons for that. First, not a whole lot is going on news wise, and second, I've begun converting the web site again to a new web look.

As some of you may remember, I did this once before back in in late November, early December. After it was completed, the decision was made that it didn't look good enough, so the site went back to the drawing board. Last Wednesday the 19th, I got final approval for a new graphic design to the web site, and I started changing over the data from the old new site (which you won't see) to the new new site (which you will eventually see). As annoyed as I was at this prospect, I have to say, it's for the best - the newer design is much sleeker, and looks much cooler. Once I get done with the data conversion, it's on to one other small secret for the new web site (which is not Duke Nukem Forever), and then I'll launch. If all goes well, and there aren't any further problems, we should be ready to go with everything in a couple of short weeks.

Also, I forgot to mention the other day that I've extended the length of the current Camera Captioning Contest due to this - I don't have the time at the moment to sift through all the emails that have been submitted for the last couple of contests. Once I get a few minutes to do this, I'll post winners, and update the contest as needed. Thanks for checking us out during the delay, and we guarantee you that the new site will be something worth waiting for. It's much more streamlined, and is much easier to navigate than the current site you're seeing this message on."

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

November 1, 1999

New Site Design Underway

Just a short note to our fans - we've begun work on a complete redesign of our web site (which would be the fifth major version of our website). What you see here will go away totally, and will be replaced with a new streamlined look and feel. We've given some thought as to how to present all the information on our web site in a way that makes it easier to navigate than the current way of doing things, and we believe that we've come up with a design that does this.. The final stages of pre-design are currently underway (laying out things, designing the graphics, etc), and then the actual work of converting over all our old content will begin. We're excited about this new look, and we're sure you will be, too. Here's some web site history for 3D Realms:

* Our first site design was using the (now defunct) WebBBS package by Dan Linton's Software Creations (which required you to log in in order to see anything). Our first web site went online back in November of 1995, and we used that format from then to October 20, 1996.

* Our second design had two variants, and had no internal codename. The first version was a plain text site, as opposed to the "brown button" version that came after it. The brown button shot is a black and white image, because we have no screen dump of that version of the site, and had to scan that image from a game manual that happened to have that version in it. These versions ran from October 21, 1996 to July of 1997.

* Our third design was referred to internally as the "Green TV" site. It was the first of our site designs that had major art in it, as opposed to the earlier ones which were all text based, or had minimal art. This site ran from July of 1997 to February 7, 1998.

* Our current design (referred to by our webmaster as the Apogee98 site) has been online since February 6, 1998. This version of the site is our biggest in terms of using graphics as part of the site design. For awhile, we used Java on the front page, which did slow things down when loading. This version ran from February 8, 1998 till...

* The fifth design, currently underway (codenamed y2ksite by our webmaster) is going to be our sleekest design ever, with graphics being used minimally to get a sleek and well organized design across. It's currently slated to go online late in November of 1999. Look for it!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

July 6, 1999


For those American visitors of ours, we hope you had a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Several things have happened around the web about our games on or around the recent July holiday, and we thought we'd like to bring you up to speed. Check out all the news stories below - there's a lot of good stuff here.

Sorry about the lack of updates in the last few days - the Fourth of July holiday had something to do with it, and a software crash of epic magnitude on our webmaster's computer had a lot to do with it, too.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

May 4, 1999

A Piece of History

This morning, we updated our Milestones & history page with some more tidbits from our company history. Apogee, 3D Realms & Pinball Wizards have a long history of setting several trends in this industry, and this page documents some of them. We also have a detailed release history page to go along with the milestones page - that's an interesting read, too.

While we're on the subject of history, make sure and check out ROTT in Hell, which is a look at our 1995 game Rise of the Triad. There's tons of info about this game, and is the definitive source of info about this game. It also details how ROTT had many features in the game first that people generally attribute to other games (generally Quake).

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

April 13, 1999

3D Realms Wins Website Award

The Web review site, Web This Week has awarded the 3D Realms site their "Featured site of the week" award in their "Fun Stuff" category. Here is what they had to say about us:

3D Realms offers updated news and updates about their previously released games and games still under development. The site features a huge amount of downloadable demos and 3D Realms games can also be purchased online or by phone, info on buying these games is readily available on the site. The 3D Realms site also features information on the company and staff. In addition, the site offers a virtual tour of the company, a bulletin board, contests and loads more! If you're a fan of gaming this fun site is sure to be of interest.

If you'd like to see their review, check out the WebThisWEEK site site today!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

March 29, 1999


We wanted to address a rumour that has popped up in our email boxes a lot in regards to the recent (lack of) updates here on the 3D Realms news page. There has been rampant speculation that the reason for the lack of updates was that we were about to:

* Release Duke Nukem Forever
* Announce a release date for Duke Nukem Forever.

Both of these are false. The reason there hasn't been that much in the way of updates here is because there hasn't been much going on! Please keep in mind the release date for Duke Nukem Forever has always been and will always be (until about a week before it happens) "When it's done".

In other news updates, there are two things we're working on that should be on the web site this week. They are:

* Duke Nukem: Time to Kill Development Bible (see the genesis of a video game)
* Balls of Steel v1.2 Update (a bug fix update)

Keep your eyes peeled here for these updates.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

March 2, 1999

Our Camera Captioning Contest Reviewed

Geoff Keighley of Gameslice has covered our Camera Captioning Contest in his weekly "The Gist of it" series. This is where Geoff writes about the "highlights and lowlights of the industry this week". Here's what he has to say about our contest..

Some of the entries are absolutely hilarious. (Check out the one with Apogee President Scott Miller and a Celery Stick). However, the one that takes the cake for me is this image of 3D Realms President George Broussard watching his Porsche being towed away by a mechanic. The quote submitted by Tom Thurston said, "The Mechanic says to George, �You�ll get it back �when it�s done�.�"

Geoff talks a little more about the contest in him full review of it. Check out our contest today if you haven't (or even if you have!). You could win a free game coupon as well as a Duke Nukem Time to Kill T-Shirt!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

November 4, 1998

Cheat Codes

You've asked for them, so here they are! The complete list of cheat codes for Duke Nukem: Time to Kill is now available on our web site. Make sure to visit our Cheat Codes area, where you can find all the cheats for all of our games in one place!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

November 3, 1998

3D Realms Forum Software Upgraded

Today, we upgraded the software that we use on our Web Forums. Our Forums are a place where you can interact with some of us, as well as lots of other 3D Realms fans! This upgrade (UBB v5.10) is primarily a "background" thing (on the server side, the code is MUCH more efficient). However, there are some end user enhancements. They are:

1. The Initial Summary screen now shows the number of threads in addition to the total number of posts for any Topic.
2. The Topic is now also listed at the top of the msg list (when you're reading that topic), as opposed to just on the Web Browser title bar.
3. Probably the biggest new feature in this version is signatures. You can go into your user profile (link is at the top of just about every screen), and add one in. You're limited to only a small amount of characters, and you can't use images in there, but you can create a signature to use so you don't have to type it over and over again.

That's about it! If you notice any problems, please make sure to drop us a line about the forums. If you haven't checked out our forums yet, you should do so. Participation is free - check 'em out! We have topics about Shadow Warrior, Apogee classics, and of course, Duke Nukem. Some of the other topics available are for other companies games, as well as a hardware forum and MUCH MORE!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

November 1, 1998

3D Realms on World Charts!

3D Realms has moved even higher on the World Charts listing published today. We're now listed at Number 4 on the chart, behind only Voodoo Extreme, Case's Ladder, & Betanews.com. We at 3D Realms want to thank you for your support, and we are glad that you've listed us so high on the charts! We hope that you continue to vote for us in the future, so that we may climb higher on the list still! You can vote for us by clicking on the "Internet Websites Top 100" graphic below.

In other World Charts news, the new game Duke Nukem: Time to Kill has placed much higher on the charts, too! It's come in at Number 14 on the Video Games Top 100 List (having moved up forty two spaces from last week's 56). Let's see if we can crack the Top 10 on next week's chart with this game, too! You can vote for Time to Kill with the "Internet Video Games Top 100" graphic below.

We really wish to thank our fans for placing us in the Top 5 Web Sites chart, it's great to see so many people out there supporting us.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

October 23, 1998

The Virtual Tour Returns!

The 3D Realms Virtual Tour is back online!

That's right. You're tired of seeing that construction sign, aren't you? Well, guess what? It's not there anymore if you click on "VR Tour". Our Virtual Tour is back online! It's all new, and much better than what used to be here, if you remember that. This one requires that your web browser have Java & Javascript (turned on, of course) in order to see everything. To check out the tour, click on the "VR Tour" menu button on the menu to your left. All of our offices are in here, so check them out today!

One thing, though, please make sure to read the text on the intro page before going on to the tour. It might help you avoid confusion once you actually start on the tour.

One small technical note. Due to the implementations of Java in both Netscape & Microsoft Internet Explorer, I've found that the tour runs a bit faster if you use MSIE instead of Netscape.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

October 12, 1998


When I was doing today's news update, I noticed today that our news site had it's first birthday last week. The first entry was October 8, 1997. Before that, we didn't keep our own news pages, and we wanted to thank everyone for visiting over the last year. :)

We do keep all the old news, and if you're interested in seeing older news, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, and there's a drop down menu that lets you look at the news from other months. This front page only keeps the news from the previous two weeks or so, but the news never goes away, it's just moved to it's own pages. :)

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

September 19, 1998

Joe Siegler Returns!

See subject. :)

There's been a lot happening since Bryan's last update (thanks for keeping it moving Bryan) and now. I'll get to it all tomorrow. I've been literally swimming in Email and web messages today. Matter of fact, that's about all I've done for the last 8 or 9 hours. Big news update tomorrow.

It's good to be back! For those that didn't know (and give a crap), my wife and I were off visiting family for the last 11 days (we're both from Pennsylvania). As shown here, this is what I look like after 8 straight hours of email and web messages. The circular effect is actually there, too. :)

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

September 14, 1998

While the Cat is Away

While Joe Siegler is away on vacation Bryan Turner will be doing the news updates. So if you have something that I missed please send it to this address: [email protected].

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

September 10, 1998

3D Realms Web Forum Software Upgraded

The software that we use to run our web based forums has been upgraded. It's still the same software (The Ultimate Bulletin Board), but it has now been upgraded to the current version (v5.09 from the v4.8 we were running). This new version has many cool new features. Here's some of them...

1. "Announcements" feature for each of the forums.
2. Unlimited Forums (even though we currently only have eight of them).
3. Search! You can now search through the forums for any particular phrase or word in any of the active messages.

There's also a few bug fixes that were relating to "last visited" messages and the display of a graphic showing you exactly which messages were new since your last visit. Check out the 3D Realms Forums today! If you'd like to learn more about the software we use, and get your own copy for your web site, visit the Ultimate Bulletin Board Home Page.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

August 12, 1998

FAQ Needed

If you visit the FAQ area of our web site, and look at Charlie Weiderhold's RTS FAQ v1.5, you'll notice that it's corrupted. The text file craps out about 3/5 of the way into the FAQ. I've looked around at all the Duke Nukem sites, and I've asked Charlie himself, and no one has a full copy of the v1.5 of the RTS FAQ.

If you happen to have a full copy of this, please let me know. Thank you.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

July 23, 1998

Download Update

As long time followers of Apogee have known, we have gone through several install programs over the years for our products. For the last few years, we have been using the same install program on our downloadable files (we called it the Crane Installer), and very recently we noticed a problem with it.

Any of the really speed demon computers (Pentium II 400Mhz+ in particular) were having a problem where you'd run the install program, and you'd get a runtime error. This was very bad, as it meant that anyone with this kind of machine couldn't install anything.

Well, we've gone ahead and fixed this problem. Over the last week, our webmaster Joe Siegler has redone all of our downloadable files (shareware, patches, & misc files) that used this old install program in a newer install program that doesn't have this problem. These files are all available now from our web site. When you go to a game in our Product Catalog, the links are all now to the new files. If you were having any problems similar to what we describe here, make sure and try again - this might solve your problem. For the curious, this is the same install program we've been using on DOS installs for our registered CD-ROM's for some time now.

One other thing about the files. For some time now, we used to distribute "split" versions of our shareware. Effective immediately, all of these split files are pulled from official distribution. These days with warp speed modems, and CD-ROMs, and larger disk storage, the reason for creating these in the first place (14.4 modems and 3.5" floppy disks) is effectively moot. If you have these on an FTP site of yours or a BBS, it's still OK to distribute them, but we will not be offering them on our official download areas anymore.

If you're having problems downloading, you might want to check out our FTP help page. It's got some good background information on downloading.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

June 3, 1998

The E3D Realms Report

From Joe Siegler (at 11:45AM)

Now that we've gotten this "regular" news out of the way, :) I can get to the important work of the day. More booth babe pictures. :) Look for them later this afternoon. I'll report back here when they're online.

UPDATE (2PM): The booth babe pictures have been completed and are online. Check 'em out!

UPDATE (5:15PM): I've gone through and updated/added reviews on all the pages I set up for our games that were shown on the E3 floor. They all have some material now, and they were all updated since yesterday. Thanks to 3D Portal for keeping track of this stuff, I would have had a much harder time tracking this stuff down if they didn't keep it all in a nice neat pile. :) Click on the E3 logo here to get to these pages.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

June 2, 1998

The E3D Realms Report

From Joe Siegler (at 11AM)

I've started sifting through all the reports and reviews online about E3 and our games there. Yeesh, are there a lot of them. We're getting extremely positive feedback on our games, and I hope to hit all of the ones online.

Also, I heard that a certain Internet Radio reporter has asked where my "special duty" pictures are. TC, I'm working on it. :) Seriously, I'm still dumping them to my HD (yesterday was less than a full day due to extreme sleep), and I hope to have at least some of them online today.

I expect to be updating several times over the next couple of days, so make sure to keep looking. I've started things off with some Prey reviews, and starting our Picture Archive. Click on the E3 logo here to get to our E3D Realms Report.

UPDATE @ 2:45PM: I've added more Prey reviews, as well as some for Max Payne & Duke Nukem Forever. More coming later today, including some pics.

UPDATE @ 5:45PM: I added the first 20 of the "booth babe" pictures to the site, as well as two more pics of Duke Nukem & Lara Croft! I have around another 40 or so booth babe shots to add to the site, as well as around 200 general shots of people and games to add tomorrow. Click on the E3 logo above to get to our E3 coverage page, where you can check out the photo archives. Make sure to check back again tomorrow for more shots as well as more coverage of the games themselves.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

June 1, 1998

The E3D Realms Report

Well, we're all back from Atlanta, and this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. It was long, it was hot, and it was cool!

We're really excited about all the good coverage about our four games we had on the floor at E3. There's a ton of remarks and coverage about them on the net, and because of this, we will be putting together a rather large list of people's reviews, pictures, and the like taken at E3 1998.

Our webmaster, Joe Siegler, also took the digital camera and took many hundreds of pictures, and once we sort through all of them, we'll be placing them online for you to check out.

And, if anyone remembers the pictures we took at the 1997 E3, you'll be pleased to know we will be having the "3D Realms Booth Babe Report". :) Look for that on Tuesday or Wednesday, once we sift through all the pictures. However, as a little tease, we have placed online (as a preview) a picture that we had taken of Duke Nukem with Lara Croft! Check it out. More coming soon.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

April 2, 1998

3D Realms is a Featured Site!

Our Web site has been picked as a "Featured Site" by Prime Web. Prime Web is the company that manufactures the software we use for our forums here, called "The Ultimate Bulletin Board". If you'd like to check out their site, click on the graphic to your right.

If you'd like to visit our forums, click here.

NOTE: Prime Web has changed their name twice. They were known as Infopop for a very long time, then changed their name to Groupee, Inc.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

March 24, 1998

3D Realms in Top 1%

Our Web Site has been selected to receive the Net Combat Game Resources Weekly Top 1% award. Net Combat is an index of Game Related Resources; including Files, Demos, and Web Sites.

Our Duke Nukem 3D site was voted in their weekly Top 1% contest as the winner for the week of March 14th. If you'd like to check out Net Combat and see what they have to offer, click here.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

March 16, 1998

Scott Miller's Real

Real Audio that is. The second part of Scott Miller's Real Audio Interview on Meccaworld's "Daily Dementia" has been posted. Scott talks about Prey, Max Payne, and other "behind the scenes" happenings at 3D Realms. Check out Part 2 of Scott Miller's Interview here! To hear this interview, you need the Real Audio Player. You can get it here.

You can also check out Part 1 of Scott's Interview with the Daily Dementia here. In Part 1, Scott talks about the Duke Movie, and other 3D Realms tidbits.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

March 4, 1998


On 2:23PM Central Time on March 3, 1998, our web site passed 10 Million visitors. That's a lot of people that are interested in us and our games. We thank you greatly for coming here! Ever since Apogee was first formed 11 years ago, we've strived to bring you something that you will like, and the fact that so many people come here seems to indicate that this is true of our web site!

Our site has grown from a few simple pages to a site comprising over 650 HTML pages, 2,900 files (of all kinds; sound. html, graphics, music, etc..), and the most action packed exciting games around! We're glad you came here, and we hope you'll stick around to be part of the next 10 million!

As you know, we recently implemented Forums here, as well as Online Ordering. Some of our other attractions include the Virtual Tour (which is currently being redesigned) of our Headquarters, the Camera Captioning Contest, and our Caught on Camera! area.

Some of the milestones for our site:

* 10,000,000 visitors - 2:23PM @ March 3, 1998
* 5,000,000 visitors - November 30, 1996
* 1,000,000 visitors - March 18, 1996
* 500,000 visitors - February 10, 1996
* 100,000 visitors - October 1995
* 1 visitor - July 7, 1995

Our site has looked quite different over the time it first came online in July 1995. There's the current "Apogee98 Look", the "Green TV look" of 1997, as well as a few others. There was the "Brown & Grey Look" that came right before the Green TV site in early 1997, and the somewhat boring "Black Text" site from the latter stages of 1996. Before that, it was mainly text based from the site's genesis in 1995 until November 1995, when we started using Dan Linton's "Web BBS" software until mid 1996 when we dropped that software. It's come a long way in the time it's been online, and it will continue to evolve and expand with more features that will keep you coming back!

A plea from Joe Siegler: If anyone happens to have any of the following screen captures, could you let me know? In writing this news item, I noticed I didn't have screen captures of all of our site's "looks". The ones I'm looking for are a color capture of the Brown & Grey Look (the picture here was scanned in from the Shadow Warrior Shareware manual), Dan Linton's Web BBS software login screen, or before that in 1995. Thanks.

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March 2, 1998

Forum Software Upgraded

Today, our Forum software was massively upgraded. We were previously using the built in Discussion group software that shipped with Microsoft FrontPage98. However, we found that weak, and not quite what we wanted.

It's been replaced. The new software is called "The Ultimate Bulletin Board", and you can visit our new, upgraded Bulletin Boards by clicking on the Bulletin Board graphic above. If you'd like to download this software for your own web site, you can do that, too. Visit the UBB Home Page for more info.

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February 20, 1998

New Addition - Web Forums

You asked for 'em, you got 'em! We now have forums (AKA message bases) available on our site. Initially, we've set up four topics of discussion.

1. General 3D Realms Messages (for 3D Realms games other than Duke & Shadow Warrior, and general stuff)
2. Shadow Warrior
3. Duke Nukem
4. Apogee Classics (for all the old Apogee games)

We're using the software that's built into Microsoft FrontPage98, which is the primary editing tool used on this site. It comes with a built in Discussion Forums feature, which is what we're using. The software is not the most powerful in the world, but it does do the job. We've already decided on a replacement piece of software for it, but that may take some time to implement, so we've decided to go with this software for the time being.

Join in - you never know who from here might turn up!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

January 5, 1998

Online Ordering Now Available!

Starting out 1998, we've added a feature that's been one of the most requested by our visitors. You can now order selected titles of ours online, and download them right away (with your valid major credit card). If you'd like more details about this, please click here.

The button will take you to our ordering information page, where you will get more details about ordering online. Furthermore, if you are browsing the product catalog, you will see a "Secure Ordering" graphic on the catalog page if that title is available for online purchase.

This is the first of several new sections for our web site that you'll see coming online shortly. Keep your eyes peeled here for the latest announcements.

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November 4, 1997

3D Realms Site Gets Award!

Web Magazine, in their December 1997 issue, has awarded our site a 5 out of 5 rating in all the categories they rate in! These four categories are Content, Design, Links, & Overall. We rated a "Bookmark It" in all categories! We're honored that they feel so strongly about us.

Go check out their web site and read some of their other reviews. If you'd like to go directly to their remarks on our site, you can do so here.

Added Feb 1998: This article was in reference to the "Green TV" site, not the "Apogee 98" site.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:01 PM

October 12, 1997

New News Area on our Website!

As you can see because you're reading this, we've started a news page on our site. This will be one place where you can get news updates from us. We will put all kinds of info about us, our products, and some third party products here. The idea is to try and make it easier for you to find out the latest news about us on our site.

In addition, we'll be putting the development updates for our games here as well. In the past, we had development update pages for several games (Shadow Warrior, Prey, Balls of Steel, etc...). All of those updates will now be posted here. However, the old pages will remain where they are, so you can see the older updates if you'd like to, however, no further updates will be posted in those locations. They'll all be here now.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:02 AM

May 24, 1996

Apogee/3D Realms Web BBS Wins "The Best" Award!

The Apogee / 3D Realms Web BBS has won an award in their May/June World Wide Web magazine. We have been awarded The Best Official PC Game Support Web Site! Citing such things as "14.4 friendly", and other items here such as available FAQ's and our virtual tour, we were awarded this honour amidst stiff competition from other industry heavyweights as Blizzard, id Software, Activision, & Lucasarts. If you'd like to read about this, you can link to Yahoo's page for the Yahoo Internet Life magazine by clicking on their logo above.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:01 PM

February 6, 1996

Apogee/3D Realms WWW Game Link Page Added to Web BBS!

Today, we've added a new page to our Web Site. It's a listing of links to pages that other people have done that are specifically related to our games. These are not just pages that have our games for download, these are pages that people have spent time and creative effort putting together a Web page (or a group of 'em). Some of the work done on these pages is quite good, and you should check 'em out.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:01 PM

January 19, 1996

Virtual Tour of Apogee added to Web BBS!

Ever wish you could visit Apogee and take a tour of our building, but are too far away to actually do it? Ever show up at Apogee to pick up some software, and was disappointed because you couldn't see more of the offices? Well, now's your chance.

We now have a virtual tour of our Headquarters online. Through it, you can act just like you are actually here, walking through our hallways, looking through the windows, and looking at us work. If you want to take your tour now, click here.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:01 PM

January 2, 1996

Cheat Codes Section added to Web BBS!

A new section to the Web BBS was placed online today. It's a Cheat Code section! If you need help with a certain section of our games, or are looking for just one cheat, or all of them, then this is your place. From Kroz all the way up to the current stuff, all the cheat codes you'll ever want are here! If you want to check it out right now, click here.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:01 PM

November 29, 1995

Apogee "Live Shot" Camera Online

Today, we got the Live Shot camera online and working! What's that? Well, we have a camera hooked up at our Headquarters pointed at something. You never know what it might be pointed at. It might be pointed down a hallway at a door, it might be pointed down into Tech Support, it might be on someone's monitor while they play Duke Nukem 3D, it might be on a Prey development monitor.... It might even be pointed at the coffee pot or the donut box in the break room. MMMMmmmm. Donuts. :)

Anyway, it's online now, and ready for you! To get there go to the Behind The Scenes page. Come see what we're doing, and let us know what you think of this feature! (NOTE May 2005: this feature is no longer a part of our site)

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:01 PM

November 16, 1995

New Screenshots & Pages added to Web Site

Today, we added a few new pages to the Web Site, and lots of new screen shots!

For Apogee, we have new screen shots for Xenophage and we've put on a couple of screenshots for Stargunner. If you'd like to see them, click here.

For 3D Realms, we've added totally new pages for Blood and Prey. Also, the 3D Realms Future Projects Page is now gone. It's been merged into the 3D Realms Catalog page. In addition, all of the unreleased games on the 3D Realms Future Projects page have all new screen shots! Make sure to check 'em out!

Let us know what you think of these games in the message bases! Thanks.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:01 PM

November 3, 1995

Apogee / 3D Realms Web BBS goes Online!

Today, the Apogee & 3D Realms Web Pages have undergone a major rebirth. As you've already seen, we're now using the Software Creations Web BBS Software. This new software gives us a tremendous base of power from which to grow this site. Take a look around. Let us know what you think about this new look for our web site, and make sure to tell all your friends!

Two of the new features here that weren't available on our old Web Site and the best two are:

1. File areas with sorting and searching
2. Message Bases

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:01 PM

September 27, 1995

Foreign Dealer Info Added to Site!

For years, Apogee has had a sucessful network of foreign dealers. Now, that information can be gleaned from our Web site! If you are in a country other than the US, check here to look up our foreign dealers. They carry all our registered software, and you can purchase directly in your country, or direct from us here at Apogee!

Some of the dealers listed on this page also have E-Mail addresses, and you can write to some of them directly from our Web Site!

NOTE (May 2005): This information is no longer relevant to us, and is not on our site anymore.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:01 PM

July 7, 1995

Apogee World Wide Web Goes Online!

From Joe Siegler:

There's no actual news story for this item. When the 1995 & 1996 archives were discovered in May of 2005, we noted that the launch of the website didn't have any big announcement, just a date mark that the event happened.

I had thought these ancient news items were lost forever, but thanks to the magic of archive.org, I was able to fully restore our news history, going all the way back to the start of our website on July 7, 1995.

This text you're reading was written on May 23, 2005 - I find it hard to believe that our website has been going for a decade now. You can tell the scope of our news stories is different in 2005 than it was in 1995. Look at some of the announcements from back then and how little they actually said. We didn't even announce the release of v1.0 shareware of Duke Nukem 3D (Jan 29, 1996).

Thanks for visiting our site - and our news archives! There's nothing earlier to find - July 7, 1995 was our first appearance on the web!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:00 AM