November 24, 1997

Max Payne Update

Phew, lots of stuff happening since the last update, but here's the latest.

Jaakko has been re-working the level editor, and man it's turning out to be an amazing tool. He finished full boolean operands a while ago, restructured whole texture handling, which is now easy & fun to use, and the latest addition was level import/export routines that allow Olppa to load 'em levels into the game-engine.

Stone has started to work on our particle system, and Olppa has got the shooting just about pinned down. He's now working on the collisions which are already pretty much functional: we can now shoot and run around in custom levels, which is good fun and something we've been waiting for.

On the art side, we've been working on the characters like maniacs. We've now got over 10 different bad guys, all itching to kick Max's butt from here to kingdom come. We've also been experimenting with different materials for special effects on the characters and fine-tuning the animation cycles. And yes, we're working on a special character that I'll probably tell you more about in the next update.

Teque finished the 1st draft of Max Payne theme song, and man, the music definitely has got plenty enough attitude. If you don't have a sub-woofer yet, now might be the time to consider getting one *evil grin*.

Last but definitely not least, Sami has been working on some kick-ass character descriptions and dialogue for the voice-actor auditions, as well as polishing up the storyline and adding tons of attitude to it. Sami also had some blow-you-mind ideas for the intro, but more about the later.


- Petri Jarvilehto, project leader

For more information, please visit our Max Payne page.

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