February 19, 1998

Duke in Time

PSM Online today put a preview of DUKE NUKEM: TIME TO KILL online. This is a game being developed by N-Space as a console only game for the Sony Playstation. There is also a Nintendo64 version of the game under development as well by Eurocom (the same people who did the Duke Nukem 64 conversion).

Just when you thought Los Angeles was safe (from aliens anyway), Duke Nukem is called to action again to defend Earth from another alien attack. This time, however, the aliens have developed a new technology that enables them to venture through time in an attempt to enslave the human race... and Duke is gonna have to kick their asses yet again.... even if he has to travel through time to do it!

You can check out their preview here. In addition to their review, they have over a dozen screen shots from this game online!

Additionally, the March issue of GamePro Magazine will have a cover article on Duke Nukem: Time To Kill. Seek it out, it's supposed to be hitting the stands now.

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