March 27, 1998

Some History

In Scott Miller's plan entry today is some background info about himself and George Broussard in the days before Apogee was even a thought, and some of the things they used to do back then.

From Scott's .plan update:

In '82, we formed the NVGPA (National Video Game Players Assoc.), and we were writing a newsletter, but then the opportunity came for us to write a strategy book on how to beat the top arcade games of the day, so we pursued that. too. We really thought the book was going to make us rich. I remember running the book's potential sale's figures though my mind: In each of the top 250 cities there must be a least an average of 10,000 game players, and if just 100 of them bought our book that would be 25,000 sales, plus in all the remaining cities we should count on at least 5 more books sold in each, which should add another 25,000 sales. And with each sale George and I get $1 each. Wow, that's more money than we can make in 5 real years of work--we'd be rich!

The book that Scott refers to is entitled Shootout: Zap the Video Games, and is about how to beat various arcade games that were popular at the time of the book's writing (1982). You can see the cover here, as well as an ad for the NVGPA Scott speaks of (don't try to join, it's no longer in existence!) :)

This book is virtually impossible to find, as only a very small number of copies were printed. If you want to try and track it down, the ISBN number for the book is 0941982017. The back of the book also features a picture of Scott & George from 1982 that I've been ordered not to put online. :)

Update July 20, 2007: This book was released on the net for free as a pdf file. Here is a link to the updated story.

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