March 27, 1998

MP3 Fun

If you listen to MP3's with any regularity and use Windows 95/NT, you should be using WinAmp. WinAmp is the premiere MP3 player available for the Windows platforms. The newer versions of the program allow you to modify the look of the program, adding "skins" to it, making it look like you want it to.

Chris Day of 3D Portal has created a Duke Nukem skin for the program that he calls "DukeAmp". You can see a shot of it here to your right. If you'd like to download Chris's skin for WinAmp, click on the shot. Chris tells us that he's also planning other skins too such as WangAmp and PreyAmp. We'll keep you informed on when he releases those!

Posted by Joe Siegler on March 27, 1998 at 1:00 PM | Permalink
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