March 4, 1998


On 2:23PM Central Time on March 3, 1998, our web site passed 10 Million visitors. That's a lot of people that are interested in us and our games. We thank you greatly for coming here! Ever since Apogee was first formed 11 years ago, we've strived to bring you something that you will like, and the fact that so many people come here seems to indicate that this is true of our web site!

Our site has grown from a few simple pages to a site comprising over 650 HTML pages, 2,900 files (of all kinds; sound. html, graphics, music, etc..), and the most action packed exciting games around! We're glad you came here, and we hope you'll stick around to be part of the next 10 million!

As you know, we recently implemented Forums here, as well as Online Ordering. Some of our other attractions include the Virtual Tour (which is currently being redesigned) of our Headquarters, the Camera Captioning Contest, and our Caught on Camera! area.

Some of the milestones for our site:

* 10,000,000 visitors - 2:23PM @ March 3, 1998
* 5,000,000 visitors - November 30, 1996
* 1,000,000 visitors - March 18, 1996
* 500,000 visitors - February 10, 1996
* 100,000 visitors - October 1995
* 1 visitor - July 7, 1995

Our site has looked quite different over the time it first came online in July 1995. There's the current "Apogee98 Look", the "Green TV look" of 1997, as well as a few others. There was the "Brown & Grey Look" that came right before the Green TV site in early 1997, and the somewhat boring "Black Text" site from the latter stages of 1996. Before that, it was mainly text based from the site's genesis in 1995 until November 1995, when we started using Dan Linton's "Web BBS" software until mid 1996 when we dropped that software. It's come a long way in the time it's been online, and it will continue to evolve and expand with more features that will keep you coming back!

A plea from Joe Siegler: If anyone happens to have any of the following screen captures, could you let me know? In writing this news item, I noticed I didn't have screen captures of all of our site's "looks". The ones I'm looking for are a color capture of the Brown & Grey Look (the picture here was scanned in from the Shadow Warrior Shareware manual), Dan Linton's Web BBS software login screen, or before that in 1995. Thanks.

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