June 3, 1998

Duke Nukem 3D a "Greatest Game"

PC Games magazine has put out their August 1998 magazine, and the cover article is "Top 100 Greatest Games of all Time". In this article, Duke Nukem 3D placed in the Top 10! This is what they had to say about Duke Nukem 3D:

Simply put, no first person shooter can touch Duke Nukem 3D for character, charm, humour, absurdity, and most of all, interactivity. Just about everything in Duke Nukem 3D is breakable, shootable, switchable, or explodable: toilets flush, mirrors reflect, light switches work...

They had a lot more to say, so make sure and check out this article, and see where your favorite games placed. Also, they had a sidebar article where they asked several prominent game developers what their most important games were. Some of the folks asked were Steve Jackson, Mike Wilson, Brett Sperry, and our own Scott Miller & George Broussard.

Scott's Top 5:

1. Doom
2. Mule
3. Planetfall
4. Tetris
5. Ultima III

George's Top 5:

1. Warcraft II
2. Doom
3. LucasArts Adventure Games
4. Dark Forces/Jedi Knight
5. Duke Nukem 3D

The article also gives reasons why they chose these games; make sure to check it out.

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