June 3, 1998

The E3D Realms Report

From Joe Siegler (at 11:45AM)

Now that we've gotten this "regular" news out of the way, :) I can get to the important work of the day. More booth babe pictures. :) Look for them later this afternoon. I'll report back here when they're online.

UPDATE (2PM): The booth babe pictures have been completed and are online. Check 'em out!

UPDATE (5:15PM): I've gone through and updated/added reviews on all the pages I set up for our games that were shown on the E3 floor. They all have some material now, and they were all updated since yesterday. Thanks to 3D Portal for keeping track of this stuff, I would have had a much harder time tracking this stuff down if they didn't keep it all in a nice neat pile. :) Click on the E3 logo here to get to these pages.

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