June 17, 1998

More Reaction to Duke Forever / Unreal Decision

The reaction to our announced decision yesterday to switch to the Unreal engine for Duke Nukem Forever continues to pour in. Here's some more of the reaction, including several polls that have popped up on several web sites about this (thanks 3D Portal).

1. Our own msg boards - In the Duke Nukem Forever area, several discussions are active.
2. The Daily Dementia - TC and Lithium talk about the decision on the Real Audio program.
3. Gamespot - Their news article about it, with some remarks from Craig Lafferty of Epic.
4. 3D Gaming Experience - Another article about the switch, focusing on why it happened, not simply a "reaction".
5. Lights Out - An Editorial on the switch.
6. Meccaworld - They're running a poll asking which game engine you think DNF should use.
7. C|Net's Gamecenter - A poll online asking if you agree with the decision.

Yesterday, the Adrenaline Vault ran a poll asking if you agreed with the decision. The question was Do you agree with 3D Realms' decision to switch to the Unreal Engine for Duke Nukem Forever? That poll is now over, and here are the results:

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