June 16, 1998

Reaction to Duke Nukem Forever / Unreal Decision

The reaction to our announced decision yesterday to switch to the Unreal engine for Duke Nukem Forever has been swift and overwhelming! The net is abuzz about this decision, and we've collected a few of the more prominent things we've seen about this decision, including interviews, commentary, and other items.

1. Our own msg boards - In the Duke Nukem Forever area, several discussions are active.
2. 3D Portal's duke4ever.com - They're running an interview with George Broussard about the decision as well as several surveys about this.
3. OGR - They also have an interview done with George Broussard last night.
4. Gameslice - Geoff Keighley discusses the decision in an article entitled "Duke gets a Dose of Reality".
5. George Broussard's .plan file - His latter update from June 15th giving some further explanations.
6. Adrenaline Vault - They have a poll online asking what people think of the decision (so far it's pretty positive)
7. Next Generation Online - It's mostly our press release, but they do have some of their own remarks there.

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