June 1, 1998

The E3D Realms Report

Well, we're all back from Atlanta, and this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. It was long, it was hot, and it was cool!

We're really excited about all the good coverage about our four games we had on the floor at E3. There's a ton of remarks and coverage about them on the net, and because of this, we will be putting together a rather large list of people's reviews, pictures, and the like taken at E3 1998.

Our webmaster, Joe Siegler, also took the digital camera and took many hundreds of pictures, and once we sort through all of them, we'll be placing them online for you to check out.

And, if anyone remembers the pictures we took at the 1997 E3, you'll be pleased to know we will be having the "3D Realms Booth Babe Report". :) Look for that on Tuesday or Wednesday, once we sift through all the pictures. However, as a little tease, we have placed online (as a preview) a picture that we had taken of Duke Nukem with Lara Croft! Check it out. More coming soon.

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