July 14, 1998

Duke Nukem Time to Kill & Zero Hour Updates

As many of you know, there has been a Duke Nukem original game underway for the Sony Playstation for some time. It's called "Duke Nukem: Time to Kill". It's due out this fall "when it's done".

GT Interactive (the distributor) has a page up for Duke Nukem: Time to Kill on their web site. Our own Duke Nukem pages are under construction, and we're waiting on some materials from the game developer before our site is released. Look for that soon.

In other news, the other original cartridge game is now starting to have some information trickle out about it. This original game is being done for the Nintendo64, and is called "Duke Nukem: Zero Hour". 3D Portal has alerted me to some links that have popped up about this new Duke Nukem game (slated only for the N64 due out in 1999). You can check them out at:

1. IGN64.com's Zero Hour Report - Has some game info and a few screen shots.
2. Videogames.com's report on Zero Hour - Very little text, but does have some (different) screenshots.

Update Aug 2006: Links removed, as they're no longer on the net.

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