September 23, 1998

3D Realms in Las Vegas

On September 13th, the "Duke Strike Team" (actually a few of our guys) recently went to Las Vegas to photograph things. Keith Schuler, our resident Monkey Man detailed some of the happenings from the trip in his .plan file. Here's a snippet...

After getting back from the dam we visited a couple hotels, sneaking cameras in and getting interior pictures until security chased us away. Brian got pretty creative explaining his digital camera to security. He claimed it was a television, a tricorder, or anything else that would get security off his back. At the Las Vegas Hilton, we checked out the Star Trek show. The displays were a little lame but the motion ride was one of the best I've ever been on. From the Hilton we went to the Stratosphere. There we found a "Virtual Reality" Duke Nukem 3D machine set up for deathmatch, which was pretty cool. We got a lot of pictures of the Las Vegas skyline, as well as many interior shots. Ruben and I rode the "Big Shot." This thrill ride shoots the riders 100 feet or so straight up from the top of the Stratosphere tower, then lets you freefall back down. Believe me, once you can't see the tower under you anymore, you get a real feel for how high over Vegas you are. At the peak of the ride, they snap a souvenir picture of the riders. Check the 3D Realms web site for this hilarious picture. For dinner, we ate really, really, thick steaks at the "Golden Steer."

In the picture (L-R) are Strike Team Members Allen Blum, George Broussard, Ruben Cabrera, Keith Schuler, and Brian Cozzens. What they're pointing at, we're not sure - it could be Stephen Cole who is not in the shot.

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