September 23, 1998

Max Payne Stuff

A lot has happened in the last few days with Max Payne. Here are some of the highlights. Make sure and click though to all of them for the full scoop!

Remedy Entertainment at ECTS Show: Remedy Entertainment, the makers of Max Payne (and Death Rally) went to the 1998 ECTS Show (The European "E3"). Along for the ride was Scott Miller of 3D Realms (in this picture, Scott is fourth from the left). Remedy has posted some thoughts (as well as some pictures) on their site about their trip.

Remedy Entertainment Unveils Max-FX� Technology: Remedy Entertainment today announced details on revolutionary MAX-FX� Technology. MAX-FX� is the next generation technology base that enables flexible and scalable computer game development that pushes the boundaries of 3D acceleration. Remedy has been developing MAX-FX� Technology since early 1997. Some of the core elements of MAX-FX� were already featured in Remedy's critically acclaimed 3D benchmark, Final Reality. The first game using full MAX-FX� Technology will be Max Payne�, currently under development at Remedy. Remedy has the full press release on their web site for your perusal.

In other Max-FX� News, Gamespot has a news article about the technology online that has more than just the press release text quoted.

VUP3D Preview: Voodoo: Unlimited Power had this to say in their Max Payne Preview:

'Max Payne has been in development for one and a half years now' he begins. 'You can see here' he goes on, moving the Max character across a small, outdoor location where brick high rise blocks and wire-mesh fencing soars up into the night on every side 'the Full Radiosity Lighting, which is just about the most effective way you can do it.' and indeed it seems very effective indeed. According to the chaps at, 'The lighting has never been this realistic.

They had rather a lot to say about the game, it's a very different kind of preview. Make sure to check it out.

Next Generation Online had this to say about Max Payne in their article entitled "Max Payne Gives Maximum Effort"..

Max Payne by Remedy Entertainment is going to be hitting the shelves in Summer 99, published by GOD. When seen in its embryonic state at ECTS it resembled a polished, interactive cinematic . With stiff competition from the myriad of alternative third-person action/shooters out there, Remedy's Petri Jarvilehto and Sam Lake spoke to Next Generation Online about the game's features and setting.

"The features that set Max Payne apart are the stylistic combat, it really looks and feels like a movie, slow-motion as a game-play element, strong character that stands above the crowd and last but not least a proper storyline to give context and meaning to the action."

Other Max Payne Previews: There have been several other Max Payne previews posted in the last few days.

Gamer's Reality Preview

The weapon system for Max Payne is truly unique. Unlike most games, where you can rip the bad guy apart with a railgun, or blast them with a laser gun, or torch them with a Guardian Head, Max will feature only real-world weapons. And these aren't just Remedy's interpretation of the weapons, but the guns in the game are being modeled to look exactly like their real-world counterparts.

Golem Network News (In German)

All in all Max of Payne offered the best and at the most realistic working 3D-Engine, which we saw so far. The play is by the way also delivered or two wordprocessor, so that everyone can create itself its to own level inclusive action and new characters. Was shown the level wordprocessor, that offered despite its efficiency a very uncomplicated operation and by the developers themselves is used. (Max Payne doesn't use Word Processors - I used Altavista's Translation service to translate the page from German to English, and that is what it told me the page said; obviously not a 100% accurate translation).

Missil's Preview (In Swedish)

This one I can't translate, as I don't understand Swedish, and the Altavista Translator used in the last preview doesn't know Swedish. However, they did start their preview with Wow! - That I understood. :)

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