September 10, 1998

3D Realms Web Forum Software Upgraded

The software that we use to run our web based forums has been upgraded. It's still the same software (The Ultimate Bulletin Board), but it has now been upgraded to the current version (v5.09 from the v4.8 we were running). This new version has many cool new features. Here's some of them...

1. "Announcements" feature for each of the forums.
2. Unlimited Forums (even though we currently only have eight of them).
3. Search! You can now search through the forums for any particular phrase or word in any of the active messages.

There's also a few bug fixes that were relating to "last visited" messages and the display of a graphic showing you exactly which messages were new since your last visit. Check out the 3D Realms Forums today! If you'd like to learn more about the software we use, and get your own copy for your web site, visit the Ultimate Bulletin Board Home Page.

Posted by Joe Siegler on September 10, 1998 at 1:00 PM | Permalink
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