September 16, 1998

Birth of a Gamer at Loonygames

Well, Elaine O'Neal of loonygames has gotten into her first game, and what did she get into. Duke Atomic:

I'm on a roof. Okay, I can deal with this. I slip behind a crate, figuring if some alien beastie comes shooting for me, at least I'll have some cover. I take stock of all my weapons-okay, my pistol (the phallic imagery of all this is not escaping me)-and the layout of the roof. No alien beastie. Okay, so maybe I should start walking around, so the patter of my little Dukey feet will let them know I'm here. Still no beastie. And I'm still on the roof.

You can read the whole article here. Also I would like to apologize for how many different ways that I have printed out loonygames. With such a great site you would think that I would get it right. Jason \"loonyboi\" Bergman pointed this out to me, and Jason, it will be correct from now on.

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