September 8, 1998

George Broussard Interview

There is a new interview with George Broussard entitled "George Broussard Gets Annihilated". The interview is conducted by Chris Taylor, the creator of the popular Total Annihilation game. As some of you may remember, George did an interview of Chris a short while back, and this is the "flip side" of the interview. Here's a small tidbit from the full interview:

(In response to a question asking if Duke Forever will be the last Duke Nukem Game) ...HELL no... There will be lots more Duke. He�s the undisputed PC character gaming champ and people can expect lots more Duke in the future. Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (PSX) will be out in Sept/Oct and is a Playstation exclusive. This is also the first time we�ve licensed the character to someone else to make a game and the guys at n-Space have done a great job. Duke has become an icon and merchandising dream at this point. There are multiple Duke projects in the works and a feature film. There have already been action figures, with more to come, as well as novels. Our goal is to make Duke synonymous with PC games (and gaming in general) like Mario is to Nintendo, or Sonic is to Sega. As Duke would say��Come Get Some�.

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