September 8, 1998

3D Realms at ECTS

A lot has happened over the US Labor Day Weekend, and we're back in gear to let you know what's going on. First up is coverage of the 1998 ECTS Show (That's the UK equivalent of E3). There's been several previews and comments about our titles there, so here's what we've found...

1. Max Payne Preview - Set in contemporary New York, the game will not draw upon science-fiction elements for its weapons array. Instead, each gun has a real-world equivalent. While this may not be so revolutionary, the modeling of the weapons is. Max Payne will feature a 3D particle-based system, so that muzzle flashes are both randomized and ultrarealistic.
2. Duke Nukem: Time to Kill Preview - Move over Lara Croft, Duke's coming to get a piece of your third person action.
3. Duke Nukem Forever Preview - The two chaps charged with keeping the laughs � John St John and George Broussard - have plenty of source material. Ideas being kicked around include a visit out in the desert to a place called Slick Willy's - where rooms will be called Paula Jones or Monika Lewinsky. Vocal jokes will abound too as the ever cynical Duke "Borrows some guy's ass..." to get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
4. Prey Preview - Prey is widely touted as the true next generation in first-person shoot 'em-ups, with a powerful, original engine, advanced geometry and mind-bending potential for interactivity. Its 3D engine adopts a new system known as Portal Technology, which allows a full six degrees of freedom in a very, very smooth environment.

Also, the Max Payne Preview has a couple of screenshots, make sure to check them out, too. All four of these links come from Gamespot UK, a European Gaming News site. Thanks to 3D Portal for the link info.

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