September 1, 1998

George Broussard

George on IRC: Lon's Prey Page brings us the IRC log of George Broussard when he dropped by IRC the other day. George talked about a bunch of topics - Duke Nukem Forever & Prey were a few of them. Head on over to Lon's page to pick up the IRC log (in his news section).

George Interview: There's another new interview with George online over at In it, George talks about (what else) Duke Nukem Forever. George had this to say when asked about DNF interactivity... I expect DNF will be the most interactive environment to date, much like Duke 3D was. We are doing things that are just insane as far as interaction goes.

Speaking of IRC.. If you ever want to catch us, you need to head over to the Undernet servers, and join the #3drealms channel. That's generally where folks from 3D Realms will pop up when they do visit IRC.

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