September 1, 1998

Duke Nukem Action Figures

As we promised you yesterday, today we bring you some photos of the new Duke Nukem action figures we received at 3D Realms Headquarters yesterday (in addition to the poker chips).

We received one of each of the four new action figures that Resaurus is about to ship to the public. The four figures are...

1. The Battlelord
2. The Octabrain
3. The Pigcop
4. Nightstrike Duke

We have taken pictures of these and have placed them online here on our web site for you to check out. In addition, we have some more photos online that we took a few months back when we got the prototype for the Nightstrike Duke action figure in. At that time, we also had a prototype for the SWAT Team Duke figure, which will be a limited edition figure (not generally available for sale).

For more detailed information about these action figures (and to see the pics above), please visit our Action Figures page. There is a list of action figures, books, addons, and may other items about our games you can find out about.

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