September 23, 1998

Shadow Warrior Updates

There have been a few files/items released recently that would be of great interest to Shadow Warrior Fans. Check 'em out...

Shadow Warrior Map Editing FAQ v1.4

Jonah Bishop, long known for his excellent Duke Nukem Map Editing FAQ is back with a new version of his Shadow Warrior Map Editing FAQ. The new update is up to v1.4, and is an excellent tool if you are into editing Shadow Warrior. Make sure to check it out at 3D Portal's MAP FAQ Central.

Lo Nukem

Ben Smit's newest Shadow Warrior TC entitled Lo Nukem was released September 12th. Lo Nukem's intent is to demonstrate the advancements made so far in the Total Conversion's Adaptation Program SwGroup, enabling TC's in general. Lo Nukem is a 4 level episode with new art and weapons from Duke 3D based maps. Download it now!

Wang City

The Shadow Warrior add-on, Wang City headed by Andrew Huppatz has been released. It is a six-level Wang Bang add-on focused on city maps.

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