October 2, 1998

Duke Nukem Time to Kill is Revolutionary

Absolute Playstation rates Duke Nukem: Time to Kill as "Revolutionary"! Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, expected to hit stores later this month, is off to a fast start, getting nothing but rave reviews. Absolute Playstation just posted their review of Duke (final rating: 94%) and had several cool things to say about the game and The Man:

"The greatest action hero in gaming is back in an all-new, revolutionary third-person frag-fest, exclusively for the Playstation game console...proving once more that the only good alien is a dead one!"

"Time to Kill involves guiding the Duke through 28 massive levels that are located in Modern Los Angeles, Roman Times, the Old West and the Medieval Era. Not only does the Dukes clothes change to accommodate each world but his weapons also move along with the times."

"...a dynamic CG intro that will take your breath away."

"Each world that is visited looks visually impressive and the intelligent use of lighting creates a realistic 3D environment that supersedes past efforts. Just wait until you feast your eye's over the Roman and Western worlds. The variety of textures and colors that comes out of the Playstation is amazing. You won't be disappointed."

"...the superb background music complements the action superbly."

"There are also rope swings, crates to push, collapsing floors...and plenty of babes!"

Playability rated: 48 out of 50!
Value rated: 19 out of 20!

It doesn't get much better than this! Make sure to check out our Time to Kill Pages here on 3drealms.com for info, screenshots, and more on Time to Kill!

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