October 12, 1998

Duke Week on Gamespot UK

To celebrate the release of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill this week, Gamespot UK has a feature on their site all week entitled simply "Duke Week". They have special Duke features running all week (they actually started this last Friday). Here's some of the highlights of their Duke Week:

* Duke Time To Kill Competition Starts - We Have Ten Copies Up For Grabs
* Get Some Hot Duke Pix
* Duke Nukem - A Full History Of Mr. Nukem
* Interviews With The Duke Team pt1 & 2
* Behind The Scenes Of Time To Kill pt1
* Interviews With The Duke Team pt 3

Plus lots more! The Duke Week contest for the Time to Kill giveaway has already started, so if you're interested in picking up a copy of this game for free, make sure to head over to their contest page and enter today!

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