March 25, 2009

Duke Nukem Trilogy Details Revealed

As this week is GDC week, details about a lot of games are starting to come out, and that's what this story is about. Some details on the "Duke Nukem Trilogy" have come to light. First off, 3D Realms is not developing this title, but given the nature of the game, we figured 3DR fans would want to know about it, so we're bringing it to you here. The games are coming out under the newly revived Apogee Software label, and the games are actually being developed by Frontline Studios. That latter name should be familiar to 3DR fans, as they've done several other Duke related cel phone games in the past.

The "Duke Nukem Trilogy" will consist of three games (obviously) released one at a time. The first is scheduled to be released in September 2009 on the Nintendo DS & the PSP handheld platforms. Each game has it's own title, the first being "Critical Mass". Each title will have it's own setting, from the future to World War II, etc. While the Trilogy ends with World War II, the first entry, Critical Mass, begins with Duke in the future. The second title, Chain Reaction, puts Duke in the present day. It's not until the last game, Proving Grounds, that the action hero proves his worth in the Second Great War. Release dates for the second and third episodes are not available yet.

The games are currently being shown on the floor at GDC 2009, check out this news report for some thoughts about the games from GDC. You can also read about the game over on Shacknews here and here.

In addition there are previews for Critical Mass online at IGN and at

In other news, Apogee Software has now opened up a contest where you can become the next Duke Nukem. Apogee and it's distributor Deep Silver are running a contest where anyone can enter to be the next Duke Nukem actor. You might remember a guy who used to appear at trade shows as Duke in the late 90's and into the early 2000's. You could be that guy. Here's the details from the website for the search:

We are doing what no one in video games has ever done before. We are searching for the next Duke Nukem action hero. We're reaching out to the fans with a 3 city nationwide search to find the next real life Duke Nukem. Or you can click here to send us a your audition by mail. Deep Silver and Apogee Software are calling on all Duke fans to answer the call, to be The Next Duke Nukem.

We want you to come out and audition to be the next Duke Nukem. The winner will get to travel around the world representing Deep Silver as the new official Duke Nukem and get paid to do it. They will be the new face of the franchise and get to interact with the world like no other iconic video game character ever has.

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August 18, 2008

Interview with Jon St. John

It was brought to our attention this weekend that there was a video interview with Jon St. John posted on Youtube. It was done by the gaming website "Sadie's Gaming Infection" at the recent Comic Con convention.

Jon talks about how Duke Nukem has affected his life, how he came up with the voice originally, and general other remarks about Duke Nukem. Check it out:

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May 28, 2008

Interview with Jon St. John

One of the more important names in Duke Nukem lore is that of Jon St. John. Jon has been the voice of Duke Nukem since Duke Nukem 3D first appeared on the scene January 29, 1996. Since then, every Duke Nukem game that has come out (and there's been a lot across all platforms) have made use of the voice talents of Jon. We frequently get asked what he looks like (despite having had his picture on our site since June 1997. But less frequently appearing are interviews with Jon. Well, no more.

The gaming news site ZERG Watch published an interview with Jon back in April, and we wanted to make sure you saw it. In it, they talk to Jon about a great number of things. Jon has a very versatile voice, and has been in a number of other popular games besides the Duke Nukem series, as well as other things outside videogames. It's a cool interview with someone who you don't often hear from in this format. Here's a few snippets from the interview.

Zergwatch: Have you ever answered a telephone using the Duke Nukem voice or have you ever misused or abused the Duke Nukem voice (or any of your other voices) for a laugh that you could share with us? Jon "Duke" St. John: Oh yeah...many times. I often have friends ask me to place a call to some unsuspecting victim and get medieval on their asses in the Duke voice. I once called a radio morning show on the east coast and harassed the DJ's in Duke's voice...they had recorded the call and ended up using parts of the call over and over again on station promos!

Zergwatch: One of the cool things we found on your website was that you offer a service to make custom Duke recordings. How does that service work and how much does it cost?

Jon "Duke" St. John: It's very simple really...I can record a message of up to 30 seconds in length which is available in any audio format for use as a ring tone, answering machine, etc. for fifty bucks. You email the script to me, Duke says whatever you like, and after you make payment on Pay Pal, or after your check clears the bank, I email the audio back to you. Please keep in mind that I will not say "this is Duke Nukem". I will refer to myself as "Duke" and I will say anything you want me to say...I have no issues with fact, I enjoy it!

You'll definitely want to check out the entire article; Jon talks about how he feels being involved with Duke Nukem all these years.

As a side note in Duke Nukem lore, Jon St. John was not the original voice of Duke Nukem. Back in Duke Nukem II, the character spoke two words in the "cinematic opening", those being "I'm Back". That was voiced by 3D Realms staffer Joe Siegler, and the screaming Duke did in that game when he died was by Todd Replogle. But it's been all Jon since then.

If you want to check out some of Jon's versatility, check out these outtakes from the Playstation 1 game, "Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown". Some of them are still darn hysterial, 11+ years later.

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March 18, 2008

Duke's Search for Jenny

Saw a fan video pop up on Youtube today based on the old Tommy Tutone song 867-5309 (Jenny). It was done by 3DR fan "Vinsane". Check it out:

If you don't remember where this turned up, in the Hollywood Holocaust level in Duke Nukem 3D, you can see above one of the urinals in the bathroom the number (867-5309) on the wall. Surprisingly, we still get asked about that to this day 12 years later. :)

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September 27, 2007

Duke Nukem is... Master Chief!

A pretty funny comic strip was brought to our attention in the last couple of days. We here at 3D Realms thought it was pretty darned funny, so we wanted to make sure you saw it too. It's from a webcomic called "God Mode".

This particular strip ran on Monday September 24th. You can view the entire strip on their website here.

Thanks to Chris Crosby over at God Mode for the laugh. :)

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March 13, 2007

Play Duke Nukem. Don't be depressed

Thanks to the many people who emailed us to say that there's an article out at the "New Scientist Tech" website which says that if play a game such as Duke Nukem, then it makes it easier for them to diagnose depression. It's an interesting theory, you should check out the full article to read it.

While the article doesn't specifically mention which Duke Nukem game, we assume it's Duke Nukem 3D. But since they didn't specify, we suggest you buy and play all 18 or so Duke Nukem games, and then you'll be the happiest person on the planet! :)

A personal remark from your news reporter: This is the kind of positive article that the general press needs to focus on, not how many kids get shot at a McDonald's. It's unfortunate that these kinds of "good video game articles" get ignored by the mass press.

Continue with the article to read the full article text, which originally appeared here.

A popular video game could provide doctors with a way of diagnosing depression.

With some illnesses, such as diabetes, a simple test can usually quantify how severe a person's condition is, but depression is more complicated. The condition has been linked to a shrunken hippocampus, a part of the brain that also plays a role in spatial memory, so Neda Gould at the US National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and her colleagues wondered whether a video game that tests spatial memory could help measure the severity of the illness.

To test their idea the researchers developed a game based on some scenes from Duke Nukem, a game in which players navigate around a virtual town. The participants, who were already familiar with the town, were asked to find their way to as many landmarks as possible within a set amount of time.

Depressed people found their way to an average of 2.4 locations compared with 3.8 locations for healthy controls. Indeed, the more depressed a person was, the lower the score (The American Journal of Psychiatry, vol 164, p 516). Gould hopes the test may eventually provide a quantifiable measure of depression.

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August 14, 2006

3D Realms is in the toilets

At least according to men's magazine Maxim, we are.

They recently ran a story entitled "The 12 Greatest Videogame Toilets of All Time", focusing on, of all things, the best toilet usage in videogames. It's quite silly, and of course, 3D Realms placed pretty well in the list. In fact, we had three entries in the article, a full 1/4 of the entire list! :) Anyway, here's what they had to say about games we were involved in:

Prey: Ranked #12

This toilet looks like Kirstie Alley and Bruce "Hollywood Squares" Vilanch were trying to spell out the words STAR JONES on it with their rectums after a midnight Arby's run. Forget trying to clean this place: Just scatter some jet fuel, light a match, and move to the next-closest state.

Max Payne: Ranked #9

Ask Elvis: There's no shame whatsoever in dying on a toilet. None. But dying while wearing silly underpants? Let's just say that this just-shotgunned guy has brought much shame on his house. Much shame.

Duke Nukem 3D: Ranked #1 Best Toilet!

Duke was the first game to dive headfirst into the murky, log-filled virtual septic tank. We were thrilled when we popped open stalls and found random aliens dropping a load of gravel. Maxim Tip: Pop the alien in the head, bust up his toilet bowl, and then take a big hearty drink of toilet water for a health boost.

Head on over to Maxim's site now and read up on all the greatest toilet action!

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June 28, 2006

Duke Nukem Jam!

Lest you think we've forgotten about Duke in all this Prey coverage, we're here to bring you something that proves the fans still remember. Check out this video from Christopher Paul Kline (aka VertexGuy). It's him playing the Duke Nukem Theme. It's quite impressive, and here's what Christopher has to say about it in his own words.

This is my rendition on guitar of the Duke Nukem theme song. I used influences from the Megadeth version, the original, and my own twists ... all to come up with the final composition. All tracks, including the backing were played by me. Hope you all like it :)

You can visit his website here, where you can also download an mp3 version of the song.

Very cool work Chris, we're impressed here!

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April 10, 2001

Duke Nukem "Comics"

Today we bring you a pretty funny link to check out. It's a web site called "This Strife". It's a site run by Peter Bridger, and he makes up some pretty funny Duke Nukem comics.

They're kind of hard to describe, other than funny. I'd never seen this site before, so it was pretty funny to check out. The current strip (as of this writing) is a parody of the new Sims addon "House Party" (mixed with Duke, of course) - the graphic to your right is from the strip. Fans of the Sims should recognize that.

Make sure and check it out - it's pretty damn funny - and some of the humor is 'blue' - perfect for Duke.

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March 12, 2001

Duke Nukem Cartoon

No, the game has not gone gold, despite what the 'toon shown to your right says.

This is a scan of a cartoon from the April 2001 issue of PC Gamer magazine. It was drawn by Scott Kurtz, who does the PVP Online Comic site.

You can click on the picture here to see the entire toon that was in the PC Gamer magzine. You can also visit the PVP Online home page for more toons by Mr. Kurtz.

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February 23, 2001

Duke & Dorks

No, this is not a story about some of the more zealous of our fans , it's a story about another appearance of Duke Nukem in an online cartoon.

This time out, it's a toon called "Dork Tower", and makes a reference to Duke Nukem's supposed "influence" in mass media. Check out the full cartoon by clicking on the thumbnail to your right.

Thanks to John Keefer of Gamespy for letting us know about this.

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January 19, 2001

Fake Screenshot Contest Winners!

The Duke Nukem Forever Fake Screenshot has finished, and we've selected the winners! We got some really great shots, so many so, that we had to create a couple of categories. Originally, we were going to have just one winner, but we had some really great ones, and created two categories. The first was "Overall", and the other category was "Funny". The funny ones were just too good to not include in the winners, so we created a 'funny' category. We've also picked three runners up in each category, and have posted them on the contest results page. To check out the runners up, click here.

Here are the two winners of the contest - click on either for a larger image.

Overall Winner
Roy Leviner

shakeitbaby.jpg (539210 bytes)

Funny Winner
David Tomsic

tomsic2.jpg (233162 bytes)

The winners will be notified via email shortly about the prizes. Thanks go out to our forum user Tip, the original inspiration for this contest!

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January 19, 2001

Duke is Dead

No, not really - far from it. However, Mad Magazine has declared Duke dead in a headline that looks like it came straight from the Onion. It starts off like this:

"Duke Nukem, 28, died of an apparent heart seizure after being informed he would have to wait for a 24 hour period before being permitted to buy 275 grenade launchers."

We here at 3D Realms thought this was totally hysterical - kudos to Mad Magazine, who keeps on doin it after all these years. Click on the thumbnail here to see the entire "Nukem Dead" piece from Mad Magazine.

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December 12, 2000

Duke Nukem: First, Last, Forever

We were just informed of a historical retrospective on Duke Nukem that was just published over on the Gathering of Developers site. Looking back on the previous PC Duke Nukem games, this article is a nice look at the history of the Duke Nukem games. Here's a tidbit or two:

But in the original Duke Nukem title, Apogee Software laid the groundwork for the one of the most successful franchises in gaming history. Additionally, Apogee created the concept of the game "demo", now an essential element in game publishing's process of releasing finished titles to the public.

Duke Nukem 3D also proved that the exciting run-and-shoot world of 3D gaming need not be limited to a superficial experience of knee-deep immersion. Duke's persistent sense of humor, often pointed at popular culture or competitors' games, provided more than a few chuckles and plenty of light moments. Further, the progression of the storyline and the perfect segues from one level to the next established plot development in a game that rivaled that of feature films.

There's a lot of cool stuff in this article, so head on over to the Gathering site and check it out!

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December 6, 2000

Duke Nukem Finds God

Silly pun aside, the game Duke Nukem Forever has a new publisher. Formerly with Infogrames (who had purchased the original publisher GT Interactive), Duke Nukem Forever will now be published by Gathering of Developers. Yesterday, the Gathering released a press release about the situation, saying this:

Developer-driven computer and video game publisher Gathering of Developers (g.o.d.) announced today that the company has acquired the PC publishing rights for the highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever game, as part of a broad reaching deal made by Gathering's parent company Take Two Interactive and former Duke Nukem publisher Infogrames. Duke Nukem Forever is being developed by 3D Realms and will be released by Gathering of Developers.

Shortly after this press release hit the net earlier yesterday, our own Scott Miller was interviewed over at Stomped, and had a few things to say about the situation.

Stomped: First, why the change in publishers? Did Infogrames want to get rid of the Duke Nukem franchise or did Take Two simply offer them a deal they couldn't refuse?

Miller: When Infogrames bought GT Interactive, they did seem to lean a little more toward family oriented games, and though that was a small concern for us it wasn�t the impetus for this deal. It was really just a case of both companies, through discussions that began near six months ago, realizing we were no longer the best fit for each other and that the best thing to do was find a new publisher. Take-Two was an obvious choice for us because of our existing relationship with them, including our other big production, Max Payne.

Stomped: How does this change in publishers affect the actual development of Duke Nukem Forever?

Miller: Other than an internal meeting that lasted about 10 minutes, there really is no delay or other effect related to this deal.

Today, there was a wire story that came over Yahoo news' service talking about the deal a little. They add this small tidbit to the fray:

Under the deal, The Gathering will publish Duke Nukem Forever for the PC and Take 2 will own the rights to the entire back catalog of PC and video game Duke Nukem titles, as well as rights to future products.

This means they will own the distribution rights to the old titles - there are no plans at this point for them to repackage them or anything like that.

To sum up:

What does this mean to you, the game player? Not a whole lot really. All this boils down to two things:

1.The game will have a Gathering/Take Two logo on it instead of an Infrogrames logo on it when you buy it.

2.The release date is still "When it's done" (Not Summer 2001 or any other personal interpretation you may have read online elsewhere). The release date is always "When it's done", unless you see it posted otherwise here on the 3D Realms site.

While you're at it, head over to the God Games site to check it out. They also have a poll online now asking which game you're looking forward to the most. Guess which games are on the list?

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November 20, 2000


This just looks wrong, doesn't it? This was a fan submission that was sent to us recently - unfortunately, we don't know who sent it to us.

There's a lot more cool stuff like this in our fan art area. Make sure to check all the items out in our fan stuff page.

We take your submissions for the fan stuff page, there's details on the page - so if you've done something fun like this, make sure to send it to us. The best will end up on our fan page!

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November 3, 2000

Duke Nukem Comic!

This afternoon a very cool Duke Nukem fan comic was posted on our forums. It makes light of the "When it's done" mantra. There's not much else to say about this - just click on the thumbnail below to check it out! It's very cool!

You can also check out more fan submissions at our fan stuff page. Lots of coolness there.

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November 1, 2000

It's the Great Pumpkin, Duke Nukem!

Yesterday was Halloween here in the states, and in keeping with that theme, we were sent this fan submission today - it's a Duke Nukem pumpkin! Actually, Gabe Cantu sent in two of them! One is Duke in his classic pose from the box art from Duke Nukem 3D, and the other is the Duke radiation symbol!

These are very cool - click on either of the thumbnails below for a larger image. You can also check out more fan submissions at our fan stuff page. Lots of coolness there.

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October 5, 2000

Duke is Tops & Bottom

Daily Radar is running two short pieces that are rather funny. They're the "10 Best DressedVideo Game Characters of all time", and of course the 10 Worst Dressed. Surprisingly enough, Duke Nukem made both lists at #4!

On the 10 Best Dressed list, he made it with these comments: No matter how hot it might get in a gun fight, Duke will stay cool in his spandex tank top and lightweight ammo straps. With such a defined figure, why hide it?! Or, as they say in certain areas of town, "if you've got it, flaunt it!"

On the 10 Worst Dressed list, he made it again with these remarks: Duke proves there's a fine line between success and failure in fashion (he grabbed a spot on the 10 Best Videogame Character list). This scene begs two important questions: 1) Do you really need sunglasses in outer space? And 2) Don't you need a helmet and oxygen tank?

This is a pretty silly little piece, but is still rather cool. Check it out today!

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August 4, 2000

Duke Nukem Beverage Holders Available!

Available now, you can purchase your own Duke Nukem Forever Beverage Coasters. Shown here, they're the perfect complement for your drink while net surfing, reading, or playing games (especially Duke Nukem)! Supplies are limited, so order your set today! The coasters come in a set of four.

Also, in addition to the coasters being available, a new, more streamlined look to our Online Store has been posted. If you click the Online Store button that is on every page of our web site, you can visit the store front. Head on over to our store today to check it out!

In our store, you can order games from us, order some merchandise (such as the Duke Nukem T-shirts, caps, & coasters). You can also download full registered versions of several of our games. It doesn't cost you anything to look around, so why not take a look today?

If you don't want to order online, all these items are available for phone, mail, & fax orders. Complete ordering information is available at our order
info page

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July 6, 2000

Duke Comic Strip

From time to time, we're sent images people find of Duke Nukem being used in a comic strip. This time we're using a picture sent in by Ryan Senft. This is a Christmas themed Duke Nukem strip. The strip is called abby.lite, but unfortunately, I've never heard of this strip before, so I don't know how to link to them. Does anyone else know? Drop me a line. Either way, click on the thumbnail for a large image.

abbylite.gif (77434 bytes)

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June 30, 2000

Duke vs. the Devil!

If you remember the story we ran last month about the Duke Nukem model in the Sims game, you'll get a kick out of this story. The site that the skin was obtained from (The 7 Deadly Sims) has now started a new feature called "The Sims Deathmatch". It's somewhat similar to the MTV show "Celebrity Deathmatch" in that it takes two of the Sims skins and puts them together (rather violently) into a deathmatch ring.

It's quite funny, and you can choose who will win - Duke or the Devil! Make sure and check it out today!

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June 13, 2000

Is Duke the Funniest?

Gamespot has a new poll online entitled, "What's the funniest game you've ever played?" In the poll, they have Duke Nukem 3D competing against other games such as EverQuest, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and several others.

Head on over to the poll,, and show your support for Duke!

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May 31, 2000

More on the Duke Family Story

The response to the Duke Nukem Sims family story has been pretty great. It was a great fun piece to put together, but I may have to expand on the story. Why? The person who skinned Duke, Lara, & the E3 booth babe has now skinned the other E3 booth babe. Might be time to re-open Family Duke and see what else this new person can disrupt. If you haven't checked it out, go check out the Duke Nukem Simmed Family story today. Also, if you want to download this skin (or a ton of other very cool skins for the Sims), check out The Seven Deadly Sims web site today. Its' very cool.

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May 26, 2000

The (Simmed) Duke Nukem Family Story

As promised earlier in the day, here is the story promised about Duke Nukem, the E3 booth babe, & Lara Croft in "The Sims". There are around 60 pictures, each with a caption. They all tell a funny story, so make sure to check 'em all out. The subjects range from babes to hot tubs to overflowing toilets to other stuff we don't want to tell you about now - you'll have to read the story. Here's one sample from the full story...

"Duke sets the stove on fire after trying to light it with a flame thrower!"

Just one small remark to those who will try and read too much into this story... This is all a joke played out in "The Sims" by Maxis. There are no plans to actually do this either from 3D Realms or Eidos. Repeat to yourself.. It's just a joke - it's just a joke - it's just a joke! Thanks once more to Buke for letting us know about these skins!

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May 26, 2000

Duke Nukem Marries Lara Croft?

That's something that a lot of younger fans seem to ask us a lot. No, it's not really happening, but if you want to make it happen now, you can. How? Well, if you're familiar with the Maxis smash game, "The Sims", you now have it in your hands to be able to do this.

It was recently brought to our attention by "Buke" that there is a Duke Nukem skin for the game out there. It's available at the site "The 7 Deadly Sims", and a picture of it is shown here. Other skins you can pick up there are Lara Croft (with or without shades), as well as one of the recent E3 3D Realms Duke Nukem booth babes. Yup - one of our booth babes has been modeled in the Sims, too! If you own the Sims, you should definitely check out these for your game. We did, and are working on a very funny story with Duke Nukem, Lara Croft, & the booth babe model. That story will be posted shortly.

Check out these screen shots below of the skins.

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May 19, 2000

User Friendly

Right before we left for E3, this cartoon popped up online over at the web site for the online strip, "User Friendly". It's pretty funny, in addition to describing rather a lot of people who work in this industry. If you want to check out the full size version, click on the cartoon, and you'll be taken to the User Friendly site.

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May 9, 2000

Duke's Playmates!

In the wine country of northern California, 1974 must have been a vintage year -- if not for wine, then certainly for Brande. That's Brande Roderick, who left the vineyards behind three years ago and is now looking to taste the fruits of an acting career in Los Angeles. You may have already seen Brande in the background on Babylon Five (she was an alien) or in Armageddon, in commercials for Dr Pepper, Snickers or the Duke Nukem videogame -- or more recently in featured roles on such television shows as Beverly Hills 90210, Love Boat and Two Guys and a Girl. The roles are getting bigger, and so are her goals.

This text comes from the Playboy site where they talk about Miss April 2000 being in an ad for a Duke Nukem video game. We're not entirely sure which ad/commercial at the moment, but we're trying to track that down. You can check out some more information about Brande at her page on the IMDB site.

In other Duke playmate news... This isn't the first time a Playboy playmate has been involved with Duke. If you're familiar with the Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes art, then you might have recognized the woman at the front of the trio of babes. That's Neriah Davis, who was a Playmate of the month in March of 1994, among other things as being in movies like "The Bikini Car Wash Company" There's more on Neriah at her IMDB page, too.

If we get more information on these important developments, we'll make sure to pass 'em along to you.

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May 9, 2000

Gathering Press Release

There was a press release put out later last week from Gathering of Developers about the launch of a new "value brand" of games over at Yahoo. According to the press release, the recently mentioned "Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Hunter" is mentioned in the press release.

Here's what they said:

The goal of On Deck Interactive is to diversify the products coming from Gathering of Developers, which have, up until now, largely appealed specifically to hardcore gamers. On Deck Interactive will instead emphasize games that have lower price points and more mass-market appeal. Games slated to be released from On Deck Interactive include the Windows-compatible version of Bugdom, KISS Pinball, and Duke Nukem: Endangered Species, a hunting game based on 3D Realms' enormously popular Duke Nukem character.

Not much, mind you, but Duke is mentioned in there - thought we'd pass along the press release.

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May 4, 2000

Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes Stuff

Larry Pacey of n-Space brought a couple of new Planet of the Babes items to our attention this morning, and we want to bring them to you. First up is a cool POTB writeup by which discusses some aspects of the game, as well as giving you several screenshots to check out.

In Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes, Duke must team up with a ragtag group of "babes" that are trying to save the world from a cataclysmic alien invasion. The game features hi-resolution characters and terrain, heavy weaponry and several two-player multiplayer game modes. The game is a substantial improvement over the previous version of Duke on the PlayStation.

Overall, the player models and backgrounds appear much more detailed and are very clean. Once again, the audio is comprised of humorous one-liners from the game's main character, Duke Nukem.

There's more in the write-up, so check it out - and make sure to hit the screenshots there.

The second item is also from - this time an interview with the game's producer an interview with the game's producer Phil Gelber. In the interview, Phil talks about the game's plot, some of the babes themselves, as well as things Duke will be doing in the game. Here's a quote:

IGNPSX: What new sayings can we expect from Duke and what original sayings have been retained?

Phil Gelber: We generated [more than] 30 pages of original script for the game and retained all the old favorites. Jon St. John (the voice of Duke) seriously delivered -- you can bet that there are some new classics-to-be in this title. What Duke says is always timely so you can figure a lot of current catchphrases are in the game. Including a classic "Wasssssssup."

IGNPSX: What does POTB add to the series and the genre as a whole?

Phil Gelber: Duke Nukem will be around as long as there are video games -- just like James Bond will always exist so long as there are movies. We take great pride in the franchise and refuses to crap out titles just to make a buck POTB is an original, stand-alone title that is so much more than just a sequel to Duke Nukem : Time to Kill. The depth of the story is amazing and the use of realtime cinematics help showcase Duke's unique personality like never before.

Phil has a lot to say about the game in this interview, so make sure read it all.

Also, if you're looking for more, we also have information on our our own Planet of the Babes page here. If you wish to pre-order a copy of the game, you can do so by clicking on the Buy it graphic (which will take you to a pre-order page at

Also, for no good reason , here's two pictures of the model used to base several of the in game "babes" from. Click on either for a larger image.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:50 PM

May 2, 2000

More on Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Hunter

Some more information is starting to creep out about Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Hunter. This time, it comes in the form of an interview with Scott Miller by Gamespy asked Scott several questions about the game, here's a bit of what he had to say..

GameSpy: How will Duke "ES" play, more like a FPS or like a hunting game? (Or a hunting game on steroids?)

Scott Miller: It will be a first-person game technically, but without most of the familiar gameplay of a typically FPS shooter--Duke won't be solving puzzles, discovering plat turns, finding better and better power-ups, etc. But finding better guns--count on it.

GameSpy: What kinds of vicious flora and fauna might our hero encounter in the woods?

Scott Miller: Keep in mind that there are other places to hunt other than in the woods. Duke will be on the hunt in several exotic, variety packed locations, depending on where and what type of rogue animal is threatening the local population. Some surprises await!

We'll have some more detailed information available some time after we return from E3 this month about Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Hunter, but in the meantime, check out this article over at Gamespy.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:00 PM

May 2, 2000

Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Hunter

A story turned up yesterday on Avault regarding a future title, "Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Hunter". Here's a bit from the article, including some quotes from George Broussard:

Titled DUKE NUKEM: Endangered Species, the game is being developed for the PC at Russian-based Action Forms, creators of the dinosaur hunting titles Carnivores and Carnivores 2, and the first-person shooter Chasm. For all the genre's low budget posturing, this is good news for fans of the character, whose ever-present shades should prove useful in the hot sun of the Serengeti. Broussard said the team has a super-fast, high-tech landscape engine he calls impressive. "The team also believes in photo realistic art, so count on great visuals," Broussard added.

Broussard told the Adrenaline Vault the product will be out--and we saw this coming--"when it's done." Before fans get downhearted, 3D Realms' co-founder promised Endangered Species is not planned as a massive 24-month project, nor is the Gathering targeting the product to be a full-priced release. �It will be a high quality, fun, budget level DUKE game with all the edge fans have come to expect. It will surprise a lot of people what designers can do with a good idea and [a reasonable budget],� Broussard said.

More on this later (but not today ).

Posted by Joe Siegler at 9:20 AM

April 18, 2000

Duke in Time

The current issue of Time magazine has a cover story on Testosterone, steroids, and other male body building vitamins and supplements. The cover of the magazine is shown to your right here. Several articles make up the entire piece, but one in particular makes mention of our own Duke Nukem. The specific article is entitled "Never Buff Enough", and here's what they had to say about Duke:

Pope also points out a stunning little feature of the three-year-old video game Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown, developed by GT Interactive Software. When Duke gets tired, he can find a bottle of steroids to get him going. "Steroids give Duke a super adrenaline rush," the game manual notes.

No, that's not the Pope in the Vatican. Anyway, check out the article if you want to read up more on what Time magazine has to say about this issue by clicking on the magazine cover shown above.

Thanks Lynn Siegler.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 11:40 AM

April 14, 2000

Duke Nukem Fan Art

We recently got another piece of fan art submitted to us - it's shown below. This art was sent by James McFarland of Warren, OH. We love to get fan stuff like this, and very shortly, we'll be opening up an area on our web site dedicated to fan submissions. If you have some sort of submission, we'd love to see it. Either you can send it via email, or you can mail it (if it's not a computer file). If you choose the latter, you can send it to 3D Realms c/o Joe Siegler.

mcfarland.jpg (346276 bytes)

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:30 PM

March 27, 2000

Duke Quiz

3D Action planet has a new entry in their Action gamer's test. The new entry is based off of our own Duke Nukem. There's a total of 30 questions, and they cover a wide range of Duke Nukem historical facts. Here's a couple of the questions they ask:

*Apart from shooting at it normally, is there another, faster way to destroy a Pig Tank?

*The first level of Duke Nukem 3D episode 4 is a spoof of which movie?

*When will Duke Nukem Forever be released?

It's a pretty good quiz, so if you think you know your Duke Nukem - go check out the quiz today today, and test your knowledge of Duke's history.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 3:45 PM

March 22, 2000


One of our regular site visitors (Greg Golds) alerted us to this rather funny Doonesbury comic strip that ran recently on March 17th. Check it out below (you can click on the image below for a larger version):

The strip is pretty funny - and makes references to the Doonesbury joke of an "Uncle Duke" (apparently a Doonesbury character) running for President in the Year 2000. We'll leave it up to your imagination as to whether or not the strip actually refers to our own Duke Nukem or not.

For more on Doonesbury, make sure to check out the Official Doonesbury Site. Thanks Greg Golds.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 11:50 AM

November 29, 1999

Duke Nukem Fan Freezes Himself

The anticipation associated with waiting for a game to be released can be a frustrating experience. One creative fan has figured out a way to beat the agony of impatience. On November 26th, John Bruin will be inserted into a tube, drained of all bodily fluids, and subjected to extremely low temperatures. He will remain in stasis for 6-18 months, during which time he will be monitored by his sister, Susan, and a border collie.

So starts a rather funny piece entitled "Duke4 fan freezes self". This "news article" appeared on a site called "The Mushroom". Head on over there today and check it out, if you want a good laugh. Kids, don't try this at home.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

November 29, 1999

George Broussard Interview

If you haven't seen it already, make sure and check out the recent Dukeworld interview with George Broussard, project leader for Duke Nukem Forever. In the wake of the recently released Duke Nukem Forever screenshots, George was asked several questions about the game by the folks over at Dukeworld. Here's a sample of what he had to say:

* Q: Why make this decision now (Ed Note: Implementing the UT code) despite the fact that you've stated in the past you had broken off from the Unreal code base?

A: We broke off our code at Unreal 220. But unfortunately that was a fairly unstable version of the engine. We had intended to continue on our own, but Epic simply did too good a job with UT. It's faster, has better net code, better interface, better video drivers. All in all UT is the culmination of all the Unreal tech work and the focus of Epic's efforts since Unreal shipped last year. Not patching to it would be a colossal mistake.

* Q: Duke Nukem: Music to Score by was recently released, the music CD included what could be the title song for Duke Nukem Forever done by the band Megadeth. Have you guys reached a final decision here yet?

A: No. We weren't really happy with the final version, and had some changes to it. Politics and lack of communication led to things falling apart. Next time we'll deal with bands directly instead of through publishers and record company agents. Things tend to get muddy then. Had we and Megadeth talked directly I'm sure we both would have been a lot more happy.

* Q: Have you finalized the weapons in Duke Nukem Forever, and can you talk at all about what they might be?

A: We're not talking specifics as it spoils the surprise of the game. But only about half of the weapons currently exist. All of them are planned out on paper though. It's just getting to the work of getting them in the game and making them fun.

George had a lot more to say about Duke Nukem Forever, so make sure and check out the full interview today!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

November 23, 1999

Duke Nukem's Third Dirty Dozen

Last year about this time we brought you the news of Duke Nukem action figure making the annual "Dirty Dozen" list of the web site "Lion & Lamb". Their list is published as a service to parents to warn them against (what they believe to be) harmful and violent toys. For the third year in a row, we're on their list. This year, they've named the "Nightstrike Duke" action figure to their list; here's what they have to say about it.

NightStrike Duke, ReSaurus, $8
Recommended age: 10+
Description: From the package: "NightStrike Duke Nukem wears all black combat clothes and comes with a stocking cap and a ball cap. He carries a specially-modified MP-5 Submachine Gun with a silencer and rifle stock, a regular MP-5 Submachine Gun, a Knife, and a rope!" Blood is splattered on Duke�s hand, chest and knife.
Why we chose it: This action figure is being heavily marketed to children, but is based on an adult-rated video game set in smut shops and strip bars. "If it moves, shoot it," reads one web review of the video game. "If it doesn�t move, shoot it. Anything and everything can be destroyed." Another action figure in this series is called "Pigcop."

Last year, we hit their 98-99 list with the original Duke Nukem action figure, and in 97-98, we were on the list with our Shadow Warrior game. That's three years running - the feeling that we'll be on the 2000-2001 list with Duke Nukem Forever occurs at this moment, for some odd reason.

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November 2, 1999

New Duke Nukem Items Available!

UPDATE Dec 2008: These items are no longer available for sale - we long ago ran out of stock.
This news item has been left here for historical purposes.

In the wake of yesterday's announcement of the Duke Nukem Forever screenshots, we have two new Duke Nukem items available for purchase direct from 3D Realms! The two new items are a Duke Nukem T-Shirt as well as a Duke Nukem cap. Shown below, these items are available for shipment direct to you immediately.

The cap is black, and is an adjustable one-size fits all cap. The front has the Duke Nukem logo, and the back has the Duke trademark phrase "Come Get Some" emblazoned on it.

The T-shirt on the front has the Duke Nukem logo, and on the back has a large Duke Nukem nuclear symbol on it (in addition to the trademark phrase "Come get some"). The T-Shirt is available in black only, and we have three sizes, L, XL, & XXL.

Both items are $14.95 each, and you can click on any of the thumbnails shown above for a larger picture of the items. These can be ordered now direct from 3D Realms via our normal ordering methods. If you need ordering information, it is available by clicking here. We also have an order form available for you to print out and use for mailing or fax. You can also just call 1-800-3DREALMS with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex card and order these Duke items today!

Don't forget, the "Every 100th Order Free" promotion is still going on, and if you order these, it's possible you might be selected as a winner, and could receive these items totally free! For more details on the 100th Order Free promotion, click here.

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October 15, 1999

All Duke, all the Time

Back in February of 1999, we ran a piece entitled "All Duke, all the Time". It was a comprehensive list of all the Duke Nukem games that have appeared anywhere. Since that time, a couple of the games have been released, and at least one more has been announced. Here's the updated comprehensive list of all the Duke Nukem games there have ever been anywhere:

Games already released

Duke Nukem I (PC - Released Jul 1, 1991)
Duke Nukem II (PC - Released Dec 3, 1993)
Duke Nukem 3D (PC - Released Jan 29, 1996)
Duke Nukem 3D (Mac - Released May 25, 1997) (This is a Mac port of Duke Nukem 3D)
Duke Nukem 64 (N64 - Released Nov 16, 1997) (This is a port of Duke Nukem 3D)
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (N64-only original game - released Sep 1, 1999)
Duke Nukem 3D (Sega Saturn - Released ??? 1997) (This is a port of Duke Nukem 3D)
Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown (PSX - Released Dec 8, 1997) (This is a port of Duke Nukem 3D)
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (PSX - Released Oct 12, 1998) (This is a PSX-Only Original Title)
Duke Nukem: "Color Gameboy Game" (Color Gameboy-only original game - released Sep 10, 1999)
Duke Nukem 3D: (TigerToys Handheld game - Released ??? 1998) (This is a handheld cartridge game)
Duke Nukem 3D: (TigerToys "Grip Games" - Released ??? 1998) (This is a handheld game)

Games under development (Release date for all of these is When it's done")

Duke Nukem Forever (PC)
Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes (PSX Original game from same people as Time to Kill)
Duke Nukem: "Rockstar Game" (unnamed undetermined console game)
Duke Nukem 5 (the next PC game after Duke Nukem Forever.. way way way in the future)

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September 27, 1999

Duke Hits The New York Times

Duke Nukem has hit the New York Times again. The "Circuits" section of today's NY Times newspaper contains an article entitled "Care for a Latte With That, Mr. Nukem?" The article itself does not mention Duke Nukem directly, but the usage of "Mr. Nukem" in the subject implies that people know who Duke Nukem is.

The article itself is on the status of video arcades today, and is an interesting link for you to check out. If you check out the link above, you need to sign up for the NY Times site to actually see it (although the signup is free).

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

September 20, 1999

A Duke Nukem Shrine!

Occasionally, we get fan emails and letters from fans showing us their setups or pictures of themselves playing our games. It's always cool to see feedback like this from our fans, but this time, we wanted to point out some pictures of a Duke Nukem Shrine that were sent to us recently. These come from 15 year old Duke fan Ross Baker from Wisconsin. Here's a little of what Ross had to say about himself:

My name is Ross Baker, and I live in Wisconsin... yup, I think that's about it.. I'm 14... turning 15 on the eighth, and I am extremely obsessed with the Duke. I got my hair done like his, and I have a full hand-made costume. (I have the red shirt with the yellow fallout shelter symbol on it now, so I wear that instead of the marines one.)

Ross refers to his "Duke costume", which we don't have a picture of, but sounds cool. Here are the pictures he sent us of some of his Duke Shrine:

Ross also tells us everything that's in his shrine pictures:

Oh, while I'm at it, I might as well tell you what I have.. in the pic Shrineone, from top left to bottom right, I have: The Original Duke Nukem 3D box, the Duke Nukem plutonium pack box, the Duke it out in DC box, the Duke X-treme box, Duke Nukem atomic edition (not opened) box, Special edition (adult) note for Atomic Edition, Duke! Zone manual, SWAT Duke (My 2nd most valued thing), PC Gamer Cover, Time To Kill secret pamphlet (on a tilt), the inside cardboard thingies for the Battlelord, Pigcop, N-Strike, and Octabrain figures, Duke Nukem figure that doesn't have the Freezethrower or the Shareware CD (Not opened), Octabrain figure, Battle-Damage Duke box (I made), Duke Nukem figure without the CD, box, or Words "Duke Nukem" on that cardboard thingy (Not opened), Duke Nukem 1, episode one 5 1/2 inch floppy disk, (Hey, I like the game! Even if Duke is only 9 pixels...) Duke Nukem 2 shareware diskette, Duke's Car, with working gatling gun, and lights, (Got it from somewhere, put the gun on it, and said, hey.. Duke might like this...) Some shotgun shell's and fake (FAKE!) pipebombs, and of course my bandolier... or something like that. (The thing that holds shells, like in the RossisDuke picture.)

And in the Close-up picture: Duke Nukem limited edition statue (My most valued piece), Duke Nukem action figure, Octabrain action figure, Pigcop figure hidden behind Duke, Night-Striker Duke, Battle-Damage Duke (Sitting), Pigcop "Pong" piece (It's got a mad pic on it with red eyes, so, what the hey, ya know?), A name-tag that spells out DUKE in red (Laying on the table), and a battle-lord action figure.

Whew! I think that's it.. I have more stuff, but I need more room!

Ross had sent us some pictures some time ago of his "Battle Damaged" Duke Nukem action figures. If you'd like to see that, check out our September 1998 entry about Ross's figures.

If you have a Duke Shrine, or have pictures of cool Duke stuff like this, send it our way. We're looking at starting a section about things like this if we get enough submissions. It can be about any of our games, it doesn't have to be Duke Nukem, either.

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September 13, 1999

Duke Nukem a Top 10 Hero!

Gamespot recently ran a piece titled "Ten best heroes in Gaming". They pick the 10 best (in their opinion) computer game 'heroes' and ranked them. Our own Duke Nukem was listed in the article - here's a bit of what they had to say about Duke:

* After 1996, however, 3D Realms released the third in the Duke Nukem line of action games, giving the series a makeover, and injecting Duke Nukem with a healthy dose of brash attitude that, to this day, cannot be found in any other game.

* Duke's colorful commentary has become instantly recognizable across the entire spectrum of gamers.

Make sure to check out the entire article, as they list several other computer game characters in addition to Duke.

Thanks Ben Taylor.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

September 10, 1999

Duke Nukem: Music to Score by Available Direct From 3D Realms

We've had several requests about the Duke Nukem: Music to Score by CD's availability direct from 3D Realms. Previously, it was not available. That has changed. We are now selling the Duke Nukem: Music to Score by CD direct from 3D Realms!

In stock, and available for shipping right now, this Enhanced CD is packed to the brim with goodies that any Duke Nukem fan will love. Here's a sample of some of the items on this Enhanced CD:

* Time To Kill Interactive Strategy Guide
* Windows Screen Savers and Wallpaper
* Behind the Scenes Photo Look at the Making of the Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Commercial
* Shareware Versions of Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem 3D
* Duke-isms - Listen to the King say many of his popular phrases
* Web links to cool sites

This is only the Multimedia Portion of the disc. There is also a full audio content, consisting of 12 tracks, including songs from Megadeth, Type O Negative, Stabbing Westward, Slayer, Coal Chamber, and many more. One of the tracks is Megadeth's cover recording of the Duke Nukem Theme song!

Make sure to check out the full details on this disc here on our site. From this page, you can download samples of several of the songs on the CD. Or, you can just call 1-800-3DREALMS to order your copy today! Further ordering information is available on our website here.

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September 8, 1999

Music To Score By is a Featured CD!

CDNow, the online CD store has picked "Duke Nukem: Music to Score by" as one of their top picks for today! As part of this promotion, the CD is marked down 30% - head on over to CDNow to get "Music to Score by" at a discount price! CDNow has MP3 samples of six of the songs from the album online that you can check out before purchasing.

Don't forget, you can also check out an MP3 sample of the Megadeth recording of the Duke Nukem Theme by downloading it from our downloads page free! If you want to read more about the Music to Score by CD, you can do so on our product page for it (which includes a full track listing as well as details on other content on the CD), or if you want to just go ahead and buy it, you can head over to CD-Now's page for the CD!

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September 3, 1999

Duke Nukem Joins Monster Cable Program

Today, a press release was issued by Monster Cable Products, a manufacturer of cables and accessories announcing Duke Nukem's 'endorsement' of their product line. Below is the press release:

Monster Cable Products, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of high-end, audio, video, computer, gaming cables, and accessories, proudly announces that world-renowned alien ass-kicker Duke Nukem is lending his name to their prestigious line-up of Famous Monsters. In the past, Monster Cable has relied on a very select group of top musicians and entertainment industry professionals who use and endorse Monster Cable to complete the Famous Monsters roster. Today, Monster Cable adds a man so elite, that he is in a field of one. As a many time world-saver, highly successful entrepreneur, best-selling author (Why I'm So Great, ISBN: 0-7821-1869-0) and famed babe-magnet, Nukem is clearly one of the most famous men on the planet-and is pleased to team with Monster Cable.

"Hey--they asked. I'm the best. They're the best. Good fit," noted Nukem. When pressed for more, Nukem rearranged the cigar in his teeth, adding, "I got a call from Noel Lee, the boss over there, he actually goes by the name 'The Head Monster,' clearly this guy knows what he likes-in addition to making the best cables on the planet." Nukem grinned, "I can respect that."

Not only is Monster Cable supplying their superlative cabling for Duke's computer systems and home theaters, including full wiring for his new Las Vegas casino, The LadyKiller, they're also wiring his award winning game studio, 3D Realms Entertainment. 3D Realms is currently developing Nukem's much awaited PC game, Duke Nukem Forever.

When asked for final words, Nukem snarled, "Monster Cable. Come Get Some."

If you'd like to download a Microsoft Word version of the press release, you can do so here.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

August 23, 1999

Update to Music to Score By CD

Today is the day that the Duke Nukem: Music to Score by CD is due out in stores. As a small update, the online store has some samples of some more of the music on the CD. If you check out the Music to Score by entry in the store, you can listen to them. You can also order the cd online there, too.

Don't forget, you can download a sample of the Duke Nukem Theme (aka 'Grabbag') that appears on this CD from our downloads page.

If you want more information on the Music to Score by CD, check out our web page for it, where you can read about the content, see a track listing, and order online!

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August 10, 1999

Megadeth & Duke Nukem Theme

As reported upon below, the Duke Nukem: Music to Score By soundtrack is coming out on August 24th. Several bands are on it, not the least of which is Megadeth, who have recorded a cover version of the Duke Nukem theme song for the soundtrack.

Available now is a sound sample from the Megadeth version of the Duke Nukem theme song. Below is a link you can click on to download an mp3 sample.

megaduke.mp3 (802k, MP3 Version, requires any MP3 player program)

This is an FTP links, if you experience trouble downloading it, please visit our FTP Help page.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

August 9, 1999

Duke Nukem: Music to Score By

As some of you may have noticed when buying Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, it talked about a "Duke Nukem soundtrack" entitled "Duke Nukem: Music to Score By". We've had a bunch of questions about this since TTK was released, but we can finally give you some information about it.

The CD is due to be released on August 24th, and is coming out on Red Ink Records. There's several tracks on here that folks will find interesting, here's a complete track listing from the CD.

1. Duke Nukem Theme - Megadeth (previously unreleased)
2. Cinnamon Girl - Type O Negative (previously unreleased in U.S.)
3. What U See Is What U Get - Xzbit
4. Blisters - Coal Chamber (previously unreleased in U.S.)
5. Bitch - Sevendust
6. Song 10 - Zebrahead
7. The Thing I Hate - Stabbing Westward
8. It's Yourz - Wu-Tang Clan
9. Screaming From The Sky - Slayer
10. New World Order - Megadeth (previously unreleased)
11. Stone Crazy - The Beatnuts
12. Land Of The Free Disease - Corrosion Of Conformity (previously unreleased)

The one song that the most people have inquired about is the first one, the Duke Nukem Theme as recorded by Megadeth. This theme was originally slated to be on Megadeth's new album, Risk (due out August 31st), but a check of the track listing there does not show it as being on their album.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

June 25, 1999

Duke Nukem Action Figure Museum

Resaurus, the maker of the various Duke Nukem Action figures, has a new feature online at their web site. Entitled "The Interactive Virtual Museum", it's a showcase of all of their Duke action figures in a 3D environment. It's not all that different from our own Virtual Tour, except that it's about action figures, and not our offices. It covers both the line of Duke Nukem figures, as well as the enemy figures. As a bonus, they've hidden an as of yet unseen variant of the Duke action figure in the museum.

It's pretty cool, and does require the use of a free plugin (Flatland Rover), but once loaded, it's a pretty different way to check out information on their various action figures. Make sure to check it out today. Shown to your right is a screen capture of the site. You can click on the screen capture here for a larger version of the image.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

June 14, 1999

Duke Nukem Action Figures

3D Portal's network has expanded again, this time with a pretty cool new web site. This site is called "Duke Action Figure News". It covers a wide range of information about the various Duke Nukem action figures. Some is serious news, and other things are sillier, like "Fantasy Action Figure Deathmatch", in which they pit various action figures against each other in a poll to see who would win in a fight.

The current poll is the Duke Nukem Action Figures vs. the Star Wars Action Figures. It's quite funny, and most definitely worth a read. Head on over to the Duke Action Figure News Home page today! You'll be glad you did.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

April 19, 1999

Why Duke Nukem is so Great

In an article that mimics a book that Duke Nukem "wrote" some time ago, a new article is up on Gamesplayer entitled "Sacred Opinion". This article written by Andrew Adam talks about why he thinks Duke Nukem is so cool. Here's a little from his article...

1. Duke Nukem is set in the real world. While sometimes it's exceptionally nice to escape to somewhere different, there's nothing quite like taking some highly powered weapons down to the cinema like in Duke. I mean who hasn't fantasized about going completely Postal and destroying a whole supermarket to simply satisfy a few devilish desires!
2. Another stroke of genius was setting up cameras in various rooms. Go up to a terminal and you can sometimes find yourself watching one of your mates, running around in a room. So you instantly run to this room, creep up behind them and savagely blow their head off.
3. Lay a pipe bomb behind a door, run away and watch from a camera. Eventually your hapless opponent will walk near the target zone and you can detonate before they realize it's there.

Andrew has several other things to say about Duke Nukem 3D, so make sure to check 'em all out today!

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

March 2, 1999

Two New Duke Nukem Web Articles

Today we bring you links to two articles on the web about Duke Nukem. The first is about Duke's history, and the second is about 3D gaming user maps, which covers Duke Nukem 3D.

Article #1: Duke's Domination - 3D Portal chronicles the rise of Duke to total PC gaming domination and beyond in this new article, "Duke Nukem's ascent to World domination". Written by Robby Bryant, it's a look at the Duke Nukem game series from the first game back in 1991, to the current projects, and things into the future. It's a short article, but good and worth the read.

Article #2: Where have all the maps gone? - In this article over at Grape's Thoughts, the history of user maps is covered. As Duke Nukem 3D was a big part of this movement, it's covered nicely there. From the history of the user Map FAQ's and a history of the Build editor itself, there are lots of topics covered. Here's a bit from the article:

Unfortunately, it looks as if map making has reached its peak of popularity. While map making was on fire with Doom and Duke3D, when games like Quake, Unreal and Half-Life hit the market, the flood of levels became a trickle. But why?

To find out why, check out the full article.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

February 26, 1999

Duke Nukem Movie

Larry Kasanoff's Threshold Entertainment and Mark Damon's Behaviour Worldwide have pacted to finance and distribute a slate of eight pics based on some of the world's bestselling videogames. Pics included in the package are Duke Nukem, Conan, Zork, and Bogeys. Threshold will produce the films, and Behaviour will organize the financing and worldwide distribution.

So startsa news report on Variety today which talks very briefly about the Duke Nukem Movie, and who will be distributing it (along with some other games based on video game characters). Here's a bit more on what they have to say about Duke:

Also on the fast track are Duke Nukem, based on the famous no-nonsense action character; Conan, a live-action fantasy following the adventures of the legendary warrior; and Zork, a darker and more romantic pic, based on one of the best-established computer games.

As you can see, there's not a whole lot there about Duke Nukem, but it does mention that financial and distribution rights are in place, and the project is moving along. When there's something solid to report about the movie, we'll report it here. And no, no one has been cast as Duke yet.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 1:00 PM

February 25, 1999

All Duke, All The Time

Our Webmaster Joe Siegler writes, "As a follow up to yesterday's story about the announcement of two new Duke Nukem games, I thought you might be interested in seeing a complete list of all the versions of Duke Nukem that have been released (or are under development) for any platform. This is a comprehensive list, and when I started putting it together, I didn't quite realize how many versions of Duke there have been! If you count the two new ones announced yesterday, that brings the total number of Duke games to fifteen!"

* Games already released

Duke Nukem I (PC - Released July 1, 1991)
Duke Nukem II (PC - Released December 3, 1993)
Duke Nukem 3D (PC - Released January 29, 1996)
Duke Nukem 3D (Mac - Released May 25, 1997) (This is a Mac port of Duke Nukem 3D)
Duke Nukem 64 (N64 - Released November 16, 1997) (This is a port of Duke Nukem 3D)
Duke Nukem 3D (Sega Saturn - Released ??? 1997) (This is a port of Duke Nukem 3D)
Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown (PSX - Released December 8, 1997) (This is a port of Duke Nukem 3D)
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (PSX - Released October 12, 1998) (This is a PSX-Only Original Title)
Duke Nukem 3D: (Tigertoys Handheld game - Released ??? 1998) (This is a handheld cartridge game)
Duke Nukem 3D: (Tigertoys "Grip Games" - Released ??? 1998) (This is a handheld game)

Games under development (Release date for all of these is When it's done")

Duke Nukem Forever (PC)
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (N64-only original game)
Duke Nukem: "Color Gameboy Game" (Color Gameboy-only original game)
Duke Nukem: "Rockstar Game" (unnamed undetermined console game)
Duke Nukem 5 (the next PC game after Duke Nukem Forever.. way way in the future)

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February 16, 1999

More on Duke Nukem

David Laprad brings us word of a Duke Nukem sighting over on MSNBC. In an article entitled "How the Digital Playground stacks up" written by David Kent, Duke Nukem is brought up in a discussion of video games vs. "real life" play. Here's what the article says about Duke:

MSNBC: Are there reasons to throw up red flags about games like, say, �Duke Nukem�?

HJ: It�s not the most imaginative or interesting game out there, but I don�t think any one work is going to be the cause of serious social harm. I think that�s the wrong way to confront it. I would rather see us foster and promote more interesting games, more challenging games, more innovative games that enrich the options available to people in our society than to waste our time focusing on two or three titles of games that we see as excessively violent. Many games, like �Postal,� are not particularly successful commercially. We often trot them out as examples and make them more commercially viable than they should be by the fact that we�ve flagged them as having particularly explicitly violent imagery.

It's another of the video games vs. violence articles, but not the usual slam on video games that we've come to expect anymore. It's definitely worth a read, as the author does talk positive about the effects of video games. As a side note, the picture in the article is of two kids playing football on the old Mattel Intellivsion video game system. For an article that claims to be about video games in the 90's, it's funny that the picture used is that old.

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February 9, 1999

Duke Nukem on the BBC

We received an email today from a 3D Realms fan named Neil Atkinson, who informed us of Duke Nukem being mentioned yesterday on the BBC. Here's what Neil had to say:

Hi 3dRealms,

Duke Nukem got a mention again on UK TV on Monday the 8th of Feb 1999 at 8:30. It was featured on a comedy series called "Dad". I wish I had evidence, i.e. a Sound file of it but I didn't know it was coming up. Perhaps you should contact the BBC for further information. Here's how it went on the programme.

A kid was playing his Playstation and was playing a game which was obviously made up by the unrealistic sound FX and actors actions. Something like Ninja Assassins. His Mum started playing it and completed the made up game in 10 seconds proving she was better than her son at computer games. Later she gets bored and looks through his selection of games, she reads out Doom, Tomb Raider and she gets to Duke Nukem (Original Version) and holds up the box clearly visible to the camera and says something like "Duke Nukem is this game any good, what's this game about". He replies "I don't want to talk about it" but he was actually ignoring her as he didn't want her to play the game because of his fears of her being better than the game than he is. I hope you find this information useful

Neil A

If anyone else out there has a video clip or a sound file of this, please contact us. Thanks to Neil for letting us know about this!

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February 5, 1999

The Duke Nukem Movie

We get asked every once in awhile if the Duke Nukem movie is still happening. It is. However, as with most all Duke developments, we prefer to keep them a secret, as well as their release date being "When it's done". Please keep in mind that anything you might read about the Duke movie having been cast already is false. That has not occurred, nor has any filming started (the script isn't even done yet!) Unless you see it announced on these pages (or in one of our .plan files), you should take the information with a grain of salt. That being said, here are a few links of information about the Duke Nukem Movie:

*Recent News story about the Duke Movie by Daily Movies

*Internet Movie Database page for Duke Nukem: The Movie

Once we have something official to announce about it, it will most definitely be posted here. Count on it. In the meantime, there's nothing official to report other than "work is progressing, albeit slowly".

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February 5, 1999

Duke Nukem Action Figures

Some of the more popular Duke Nukem items over the last year or so have been the Action Figures. There's several in the line of Duke Action Figures. From Duke himself, to the Battlelord, to the Pig Cop, or even alternate versions of Duke himself, these figures have proven to be very popular.

They were done by a company called ReSaurus, and they're at work on a new line of Duke action figures. Primarily based around Duke Nukem Forever, these new characters are currently in production at ReSaurus, and they have some prototype photos online of some of the Series III Action Figures. There are currently plans for a new Duke figure, Bombshell, as well as others. The shots are available on ReSaurus' Toyfair '99 Duke
Nukem page

Please keep in mind that these figures are prototypes only, which means that they can change radically, or even be dropped from the product line before release. As with all 3D Realms related items, there is no release date for these figures, they will be released "when they're done". If you'd like some more information on the already existing Duke Nukem Action Figures, please visit our Action Figure page.

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January 26, 1999

Loony Duke

Josh Vasquez over at loonygames has done a review of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill. But in traditional Loonygames fashion, it's not just your regular review. He reviews the game cinematics. Here's a bit of what he had to say about it:

*The cinematics of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill are a perfect match for our blood soaked hero.

*Duke Nukem: Time to Kill follows the same premise of every other Nukem game, mass destruction and self-centered heroics.

*The style (of the cinematics) is appropriately in line with the garishness of the game itself, the gaudy colors of the red light districts and seedy cityscapes which served as the backdrop for Duke's other adventures are here rendered quite accurately.

Make sure and check out the entire article over at loonygames today!

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January 25, 1999

Loony Sequels

Jason Bergman of loonygames touched on Duke Nukem in an article he wrote about game sequels. Since the forthcoming Duke Nukem Forever will be the fourth in the line of PC Duke Nukem games, an article about sequels couldn't not include a bit on Duke! Here's what Jason had to say about Duke:

My concern, however, is that people are jumping on the sequel bandwagon instead of pursuing new ideas. Like I mentioned above, Half-Life isn�t a sequel, and yet it�s a great game. But does that mean I�m dying for Half-Life 2? No, actually. Half-Life stands on its own. I�d much rather have a completely new game than an attempt to extend the story that already came to a conclusion. But, I should point out, that I don�t feel that way about every game. Half-Life stands on its own, and there really isn�t a need for a sequel... but Duke Nukem, on the other hand, simply screams for one. Duke is just such a dynamic character, that a sequel is necessary.

Make sure and check out everything Jason had to say here.

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January 25, 1999

George Broussard on Duke Design

George Broussard recently got involved in a discussion online regarding "design docs" for computer games, and let the world in on a bit of the behind the scenes thinking about the development of Duke Nukem 3D. Here's what he had to say..

Let me tell you about design docs. Duke 3D didn't even have one. We did stuff as we went, adding bits that were cool and discarding ideas that didn't work. Look how the game turned out. All we had was a vague notion that the game would be based in a future, seedy LA. The rest came from a dynamic development process.

Duke Forever has substantially more on paper from the start because it's a much more cohesive and large game. But people that write 300 page design docs before hand are wasting their time. The game design process (for most) is an evolutionary process. You refine and re-design as you go, learning and making things better.

It's insane to write a 300 page docs, then just make the game. There is no way you can think of every cool idea before you make the game and you have to be flexible enough to roll with the punches and add and refine ideas as you go, all according to the timeline.

Speaking from our experience, design docs are merely a general guideline that gets more and more polished as you go. You just try to stay 3-4 months ahead of things as you go. The design doc isn't done until the game is.

Also bear in mind that 3D action games are not that complex. They have bad guys, guns, items and level locations. Not exactly rocket science, or something needing 300 pages.

If you'd like to read more about this, check out's collection of postings about this subject.

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January 20, 1999

Duke Trinkets Still Available

If you just can't get enough Duke, then we have a news item for you! There's several new Duke Nukem items now available, from keychains, to money clips, to dog tags, earrings, and much more! Make sure and check out the Queen Village Trinkets web site. Who are they? Here's a bit of what they have to say about themselves:

The online gaming jewelry store, Our Store is located in Central New York, And you're welcome to stop by anytime. We carry over 700 product for twenty different manufactures, We also offer a complete repair shop for our local customers needs. Over A year ago I decided to make some custom gaming jewelry for our clan, and that started it all.

They have several new Duke Nukem items that you can purchase on their site (although there are only a couple of sample photos of the Duke items). They also sell Quake & Quake II versions of just about all of these items as well. The full list of Duke Nukem items available are:

*Sterling Silver Key Chain (shown here)
*Brass Key Ring (shown here)
*Sterling Silver Necklace
*Sterling Silver Charm Necklace
*14k Necklaces
*Sterling Silver Lapel Pin
*14k Gold Lapel Pin
*Sterling Silver / Nickel Money Clip
*14k Gold / Sterling Money Clip
*Sterling Silver Earrings
*Sterling Silver Dog Tag
*Brass Lapel Pin (not ready yet)
*Brass/Nickel Silver Money Clip (not ready yet)

You can order all of these items (except the ones that say not ready) from the QVT Web Site. Their web site also gives a little more in the way of descriptions of these products. Shortly, I will be setting up some info pages on our site about these products once I get some more sample pictures of the rest of these items. In the meantime, make sure and pay a visit to the Queen Village Trinkets Web Site. There's some really cool items available here.

brasskeyring.gif (9018 bytes)

sterlingsilverkeychain.gif (7789 bytes)

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January 19, 1999

Duke on Dennis Miller Show

dennismiller.gif (2559 bytes)In one of
our .plan files
today, the topic of the Dennis Miller Live show on HBO was brought up. Apparently, Dennis mentioned Duke Nukem in one of his rants (the topic was the Y2k problem). This is how it went..

He was talking about the Y2K problem and yadda, yadda, yadda. He said "If the computer geeks could just pull the heads away from designing the gory, blood splatter from Duke they might be able to ....."

We don't actually happen to have a tape of this, so we don't know the exact wording, but it's pretty cool that Duke is headed into the mainstream! Thanks JoeSke.

This isn't the first such time something like this happened. Duke Nukem was mentioned on the 1996 Christmas episode of NBC's E.R. program.

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January 12, 1999

Duke Nukem in 1999 Guinness Book of Records

It's not mentioned as a record, per se, but there's a picture of Duke Nukem in the 1999 Guinness Book of World Records, with the following text:

"Duke Nukem 3D, the third chapter in the Duke Nukem series and the first to use 3-D perspective, was developed by Ritual Entertainment. Duke returns to 21st-century Earth to exterminate a race of aliens."

While it's really cool to be mentioned is this long running book series, it's a shame that credit for the game was mistakenly given to the wrong company!

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January 7, 1999

Duke Nukem Attacked Again

Guess what? Duke Nukem is being attacked again as being "too violent". This news story from Reader's Digest talks about video game violence in general, and touches on Duke Nukem by saying..

*Duke Nukem 3D. Pay a go-go dancer to flash her breasts -- and then blow her away!

There's a lot more in this article, so make sure to check out the whole thing. Shortly afterwards, the President of the Interactive Digital Association (IDSA) had this to say about the article in a rebuttal..

*Readers Digest's January, 1999 Special Report on Computer Violence dealt a blow to the publication's well-earned reputation for balanced reporting. In fact, it was perhaps the most biased and unbalanced reporting I've ever seen on this subject. "The article completely ignored the vast majority of academic research -- provided to Readers Digest's reporter -- that disproves its basic premise that violent video games are harmful. It also did not contain a word or reference from an hour-long interview I gave to the reporter responding to some of the concerns he raised.

If you want to check out the latest on the assault on video games in general, make sure to check out these articles.

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January 4, 1999

Congress & The Nukem Party

House Democrats looking for someone to blame for the impeachment hearings that will now take place against President Clinton have once again turned to the Duke Nukem franchise as the guilty party.

That's the beginning of an article in which our Duke Nukem is featured. It's the latest issue of "Newswire" (the online game news/tech news satire newspaper) in a story called "House Democrats blame Presidents actions on Duke Nukem and 'Nukem Party'. This is (of course) not real, but it's a funny read. Go check it out today! Thanks Charles Myslisnky.

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December 16, 1998

South Park Creators are Big Duke Nukem Fans

The just-out January issue of PC Gamer has a story about the making of Acclaim's coming South Park game for the PC. In the article, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the show's creators, are interviewed and talk about their love for video and PC games. They talk a lot about Duke Nukem 3D. Here what they say about the 3D Realms super hit:

"When we started South Park and were doing the pilot show ["Spirit of Christmas"], we were a PC-based operation, so we had this little tiny office with six PCs in it all networked together -- with Duke Nukem, of course. We'd always work until about five in the afternoon, then we'd play networked Duke until two in the morning."

"One of these days, we're going to learn as a country -- Japan's already figured this out -- that violence in video games and TV does not create murderers and rapist. People like me [Trey] get rich when they come out with a game like Duke Nukem -- people at the time were like 'Whoa! Did you hear what [Duke] said? There are strippers there, pulling their shirts off!' Everyone wants it because it's pushing some sort of envelope, and it's exactly the same with South Park."

Be sure to check out the entire article in PC Gamer!

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December 15, 1998

Duke Nukem with the Kung-Fu Grip!

OK, that title might be a little silly, but the "Grip Games" line of toys from Tiger Electronics is the latest "platform" that Duke Nukem 3D has turned up on.

This latest entry is a small handheld unit not much bigger than an adult's hand, and played on an LCD screen at the back of the unit, this game is a good idea for kids on those long car trips. :) The game itself is not all that difficult to play, it's just basically blast everything in front of you while finding the exit to the level you are on. There are give stage levels (episodes) to play. In each stage, you move "through" the layout of the level to find the exit. There are also several alternate routes that can take you to each stage level exit. In the levels are several game enemies, some familiar to PC Duke players. The final stage is a one on one fight with the BattleLord - if you win that, you win the game. The manufacturers rate it for Ages 5 and up.

There are some pictures of the unit itself on our Console Games Product Page. When I was given this device to put on the web site, I went around the web looking for info on this item, and could not find any. The home page for Tiger doesn't have any info on the product at all (not even the Grip games line), and I don't know offhand of any stores selling this item. If you know if a web site that has more info about this toy, or know where it can be ordered, please drop us a line. Thanks.

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November 30, 1998

Duke Nukem Appears in Spin Magazine

"Ass-kick your way through history [in Duke Nukem: Time to Kill]," says Spin's December issue in a big feature titled, Games People Play. The Time to Kill write-up, which gave the game one of it's highest ratings (equal to the rating given to James Bond's Goldeneye and Quake II), also said the game is notable for its "...stirring venues and, of course, great weaponry."

Duke Nukem: Time to Kill is an original PlayStation only game just released in time for this Christmas. There will not be a PC version of this game.

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November 23, 1998

A Piece of Duke History

Last week, when I was rummaging around in some old dusty files on my hard drive, I ran across some avi files that I thought might be interesting from a historical standpoint.

The video files were taken during production of Duke Nukem 3D, and were eventually used in the game themselves. These files are very short, and have no sound, but you can get a look at the "real life" versions of the $100 bill animation, as well as the shotgun. The hands in these video clips are Steve Hornback's, who was one of the principal artists on Duke Nukem 3D.

You can download these clips here (all three of them are zipped up into one archive), and they require the Real Player to view (the new G2 beta is recommended).

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November 23, 1998

Duke Action Figure News Coverage

A non-profit group called "Lion and Lamb Project" have labelled the Duke Nukem Action Figure one of their "Dirty Dozen Toys to Avoid in 1998-1999". Lion & Lamb is a national grassroots initiative providing information about the effects of violent entertainment, toys and games on children's behavior. We work with parents, teachers, day care providers, social workers, psychologists, grandparents, and others--anyone interested in teaching the values of nonviolence to children. Here's what they have to say about the Duke Nukem Action Figure...

Description: A Duke Nukem action figure that comes complete with three machine guns and a bloodied knife. "Duke can hold ALL his weapons at one time!" the packaging notes, adding "Duke has 13 points of awesome alien butt-kicking articulation!"

Why we chose it: This action figure is marketed to young children but is based on an exceedingly violent video and computer game that is rated for players ages 17 and up. Three other game characters are marketed on the same box, including the OctaBrain who "splatters real well."

The group also issued a press release regarding their Dirty Dozen List, and there's a news story over on CNN's Web Site about this issue.

With all this in mind, if you'd like to read more about the Action Figure, you can do so on our Action Figures Page.

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November 3, 1998

SWAT Duke Action Figure

The third (somewhat elusive) Duke Nukem "Duke" figure has been found for sale on the net. NOTE: That is no longer the case, as it's long out of print and discontinued.

This figure follows up the NightStrike Duke action figure, as well as the original Duke action figure. We have some pictures of these action figures online. Check out our Action Figures page for more information and pictures on the figures.

Please note that this item is not available from 3D Realms, this order is through an outside firm, and we have no control over pricing or delivery. The site is also a good place to order movie posters from if you're into that sort of thing. :) Here's a bit of what their web site has to say about the action figure.

Hail to the King, Baby--It's A Previews Exclusive! Everybody loves the Duke (and we ain't talking about John Wayne!), and now Previews has an exclusive Duke Nukem figure decked out as a member of a S.W.A.T. team! Yep, it's time to go on maneuvers with Duke in his new outfit, complete with black SWAT tank top, turned back black cap, and personal arsenal of death and destruction. Special Weapons and Tactics?! Dukes' a living weapon, baby!

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October 19, 1998

English Shades

3D Portal brings us this news of an offer for folks in the UK to obtain free Duke Nukem sunglasses with their copy of Time to Kill...

If you live in the UK, and own a PlayStation, head over to your local GAME store, where for a limited time you can get a pair of free Duke Nukem Sunglasses with your order of Duke Nukem: Time To Kill. Also, according to the e-mail list that GAME send out, they will be selling the game from October 23rd onwards, so be sure to get your copy!

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October 16, 1998

Ten Questions for George Broussard

George Broussard (Duke Nukem Forever's Producer) was recently questioned by false dot dom. They have a weekly segment where they ask someone in the industry 10 questions, and post the answers on their web site. George talks about Duke Nukem Forever, the fourth in the Duke series, as well as a few other things. Here's a sample question from the full list of questions and answers (in this question, George was asked what's going on with the Duke Nukem Movie).

Things move very slowly with the movie business. They are in the scripting process now, trying to come up with something we all like, and something that we will approve.

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October 16, 1998

Get Digital with Duke!

How would you like to get a free copy of Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition while at the same time get one of the coolest digital cameras around? 3D Realms has teamed up with Nikon to bring you the Duke Nukem Coolpix Celebration promotion.

No rebates, no mail-ins - a FREE Duke Nukem� 3D Atomic Edition CD game in every Nikon Coolpix 900s box from October 15, 1998 until December 31, 1998 or while supplies last.

A sure-fire holiday season hit, the bonus Duke Nukem 3D�: Atomic Edition is the newest and most comprehensive edition of the action-packed computer game. A $40 value, the special Duke disc is included with every Coolpix 900s camera. Nikon will publicize and energize retail sales of this new Coolpix 900s package with a series of "Get Digital with Duke" days at selected retailers across the country. Highlighting these exciting in-store promotions are personal appearances by Duke Nukem himself: armed, dangerous and in the flesh. (If and when we get information about specific cities that Duke will be appearing at, we will pass that on to you.)

We've been working with these cameras for a little while now, and we love them. Our development teams have been using them for our games, and can't say enough about them. If you'd like to learn more about the Nikon Coolpix 900s digital camera, check out Nikon's Web Page for the Coolpix 900s. There is also a press release online about the "Get Digital with Duke" promotion.

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October 15, 1998

Duke Week

The Latest update on Gamespot UK's Duke Week feature has been posted. This time it's a preview of Duke Nukem Forever, the latest entry in the Duke Nukem series. Most of this info has been covered before, but one very unique feature is a bevy of quotes by gamers. Make sure to check out the article for all the latest in Duke Week!

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October 12, 1998

Duke Week on Gamespot UK

To celebrate the release of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill this week, Gamespot UK has a feature on their site all week entitled simply "Duke Week". They have special Duke features running all week (they actually started this last Friday). Here's some of the highlights of their Duke Week:

* Duke Time To Kill Competition Starts - We Have Ten Copies Up For Grabs
* Get Some Hot Duke Pix
* Duke Nukem - A Full History Of Mr. Nukem
* Interviews With The Duke Team pt1 & 2
* Behind The Scenes Of Time To Kill pt1
* Interviews With The Duke Team pt 3

Plus lots more! The Duke Week contest for the Time to Kill giveaway has already started, so if you're interested in picking up a copy of this game for free, make sure to head over to their contest page and enter today!

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September 15, 1998

Duke at Loonygames

The Duke stuff just keeps coming over at loonygames in this week's issue. Tuesday you can find the winners of last week's contest to win an autographed Duke Nukem 3D CD, coming Wednesday is a new column, "Birth Of The Gamer," in which a total newbie documents her experiences playing Duke Nukem 3D.

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September 14, 1998

Is Duke Nukem Sexist?

While Joe was getting ready to leave it looks like we missed a really good article on Duke Nukem over at loonygames. Although it is a few days old, I wanted to let everyone know about it. Stephanie "Bobbi" Bergman asks the question: "Is Duke Nukem Sexist?" and gets some really good feedback.

The article ends with a comment from George Broussard:

"The best game design is when you can do something new and different, spark controversy and get people talking about a game."

Be sure to check out the full article here.

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September 9, 1998

Duke Nukem at Loonygames

There's a new game site that popped up recently called "Loonygames". They promised a different look on the world of Internet game reporting, and they're certainly living up to their name. They have an article online now called "Duke Nukem: Master of Satire and Carnage". It's written by Josh "Dr. Rogue" Vasquez, and is a slightly different look on the character of Duke Nukem. Here's a few excerpts from the article...

1. Duke's physical heritage can be traced back along a steroid laden family tree the branches of which include such notables as illiterate action goon Dolph Lundgren and Stop, or My Mom Will Shoot Sylvester Stallone in his Rambo phase.
2. You could point to him as the new Thundar the Barbarian or the latest model of the muscle bound Pex, late of Paradise Towers really doesn't matter.

For more silliness about Duke, make sure to check out the entire article.

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September 9, 1998

More from Loonygames

There are two more 3D Realms related items in the new loonygames site...

* Code on the Cob Update: Our own Kiwidog (Chris Hargrove) is doing a regular feature for loony games entitled Code on the Cob. In this feature, he will be programming a game, documenting every step for you to see, including the code!
* Duke Action Figure Review - The loonyboy himself (Jason Bergman) takes a look at the Duke Nukem Action figure, and does unspeakable things with it! (Not really, but it sounds good, eh?)

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September 4, 1998

Battle Damaged Duke Action Figures

No, it's not another Duke Nukem Action Figure. Well, not really. We got an Email submission the other day from a user who had played with his Duke action figure, and had created what he calls his "Battle Damaged Duke Action Figure". Shown to your right here, this figure was modified by Ross Baker, who sent us the pictures. We thought they looked kinda cool, so we posted them here. Also included here are other pictures he sent us which are things like the weapons, the shareware CD that came with some Duke action figures, and Duke's severed hand. Anyway, check out these pictures, they're pretty cool! You can click on any of them for a larger version. Thanks to Ross for sending these along and giving us permission to put them on our web page.


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September 1, 1998

Duke Nukem Action Figures

As we promised you yesterday, today we bring you some photos of the new Duke Nukem action figures we received at 3D Realms Headquarters yesterday (in addition to the poker chips).

We received one of each of the four new action figures that Resaurus is about to ship to the public. The four figures are...

1. The Battlelord
2. The Octabrain
3. The Pigcop
4. Nightstrike Duke

We have taken pictures of these and have placed them online here on our web site for you to check out. In addition, we have some more photos online that we took a few months back when we got the prototype for the Nightstrike Duke action figure in. At that time, we also had a prototype for the SWAT Team Duke figure, which will be a limited edition figure (not generally available for sale).

For more detailed information about these action figures (and to see the pics above), please visit our Action Figures page. There is a list of action figures, books, addons, and may other items about our games you can find out about.

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August 31, 1998

Duke Poker Chips & More

George Broussard ordered some in house items for the 3D Realms poker games played at his house. These are real size, real weight Duke Nukem casino chips. The only differences between these and real casino chips are that these have Duke all over them, and they aren't valid in a real casino. :) These chips are an in-house only item, but we thought you'd like to see some pictures of them. The sides of the chips all say "Hail the the King Baby" around them. Being a Duke item, it of course kicks ass. It's amazing how "real" these things feel.

Additionally, the new action figures have arrived at 3D Realms, which means if you ordered them, yours can't be far behind! This new series includes the three enemy figures, as well as the "Night Strike Duke" figure. We'll be posting some shots of these new figures tomorrow, so check back here! Here are shots of the poker chips... Look for the new action figure shots tomorrow.

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August 24, 1998

Action Figure Update

A short blurb about the new Duke Nukem action figures appeared on the Resaurus web site:

The Duke Alien Action Figures (Including Nightstrike Duke) are in production now! So. . . they will not be available in mid-July as stated earlier. They will be ready in September for shipment from our warehouse. Of course they will be available on our web store and at select retail stores around that time as well.

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August 14, 1998

Duke Nukem Movie Update

This update on the Duke Nukem Movie comes from Scott Miller's plan file:

Duke Nukem movie make a big leap yesterday. The most recent story draft is finally something that represents what we've been looking for. We (Threshold and 3D Realms) have been molding and rewriting this thing for six months, but now we have a concept that excites us, and therefore we think will excite Duke fans. Can't talk about details this early--sorry for the tease. ; )

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August 10, 1998

Duke Nukem Movie

3D Portal has a link up to an article over on PC Gamer Online where they talk about movie versions of video games. In the article, they speak highly of the forthcoming Duke Nukem movie (no, no actor has been cast yet - when there is one, we will let you know here). Here's a tidbit where they speak of 3D Realms and Threshold...

Threshold seems to be heading in the right direction, though, by working closely with Duke's creators at 3D Realms and treating them as collaborators, not just licensors. Again, it's not uncommon for a movie company to shut out the game guys and become deaf to their attempts at input once the deal is signed -- what do they know about movie-making, after all? But in the case of Duke and 3D Realms, the guys who signed the license deal are the same guys who created the character in the first place, and when it comes to deciding how Duke should talk and act when he's up there on the movie screen, not to listen to his creators would be suicide. Props to Threshold, and to 3D Realms, for what looks like one of the more forward-thinking, collaborative game-to-movie efforts currently in production.

In other Duke Nukem Forever news, has a preview of Duke Nukem Forever online. There's really nothing new in the article, but it's still worth a look.

NOTE: Link removed Aug 2006 due to it not existing anymore.

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July 27, 1998

Duke's a Comic Again

We recently were informed that Duke Nukem was used again in a comic strip. This time, it's a web based strip called "Ozy & Millie". The strip is shown below. The exact date the strip appeared is unknown at this time, but if you'd like to check out the home page for the strip, you can do so here. You can click on the strip below for a larger version (which is easier to read).

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July 21, 1998

Duke Action Figure Update

The new action figures from Resaurus, the makers of the Duke Nukem Action Figure are now available for sale on their web site! The new figures include The Octabrain, The Battlelord, The Pig Cop, & The Nightstrike Duke figures (pictured below). To purchase any of these over the web, you can visit Resaurus' site, and then click on "Web Store". You can also buy the original Duke Action Figure here, too. We don't have any info on delivery time for these items (we haven't even gotten our freebies yet, so I don't know what actual availability is - we just know you can order them now).


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July 16, 1998

Duke Nukem: Time to Grill

It's summertime, so what does that mean? Get out the cookware, it's "Time to Grill"!

No, it's not a new game, it's part of a promotional item cooked up (no pun intended - really!) for the forthcoming Duke Nukem: Time to Kill game. This won't be an item available to the public (we only have one ourselves!), but we thought you'd like to see some pictures of this item.

It's a Styrofoam cooler packed with several Duke Nukem cookware items, such as paper plates, hot sauce, an apron, etc... If you'd like to see some pictures of this, click here.

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July 9, 1998

Duke Nukem Action Figures Update

Back in April we reported on the enemies in the Duke Nukem Action Figure Line. The Resaurus Web Site has larger versions of the enemy action figures online now, along with the second of "Duke Nukem" figures (called Nightstrike Duke).

Visit the Resaurus Alien Index Page on their site for more photos of the alien action figures.

We also have some of our own photos of the Nightstrike Duke Nukem Figure on our web site. In June, we received the final prototype of the figure, and took some pictures of it. Make sure to check those out.

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June 8, 1998

New Duke Nukem Action Figures Coming!

Resaurus, the makers of the Duke Nukem Action Figure are back! This time they've got some variants to the original Duke Nukem Action Figure.

This new one is entitled "Nightstrike Duke Nukem". There is also a very limited edition "SWAT Team Duke" in addition to the Nightstrike variant. For more details (and some pictures), please see our Action Figures Page.

These are expected in July, and then the previously announced enemies (Pig Cop, Octabrain, etc..) will go into production. Please see the Resaurus site for more details on the enemy action figures.

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May 21, 1998

Duke Nukem Kicks Godzilla's Ass!

Gamers-Zone recently ran a poll asking what game character could "kick the crap out of Godzilla"? In the contest was our own intrepid Duke Nukem, as well as Lo Wang. Not only did Duke kick Godzilla's ass, but everyone else's as well, taking 60 percent of the votes. The next closest was 16%! Check out the results shown here:

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April 27, 1998

Possible Duke Nukem Actor Found!

Searching high and low for an actor for the Duke Nukem movie has been difficult to say the least. Finally, we heard a faint voice from across the room. "Um guys, I think I can play Duke." We turned and looked at the tall, lanky form of Keith Schuler (map designer for Duke Nukem Forever).

Not wanting to hurt his feelings we said "Sure Keith, go dress like Duke if you want to." Witness the results, although we think Keith has gotten a little carried away with the "Keith Nukem" thing.

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March 31, 1998

Casefile: Dr Proton

Lon Matero has written a very cool article which investigates what really happened to Dr. Proton after his battle with Duke Nukem in 1991's Duke Nukem 1. As you may or may not know, Dr. Proton will be returning in Duke Nukem Forever, after his apparent death back in Duke Nukem 1. The article contains background information and many pictures to illustrate the incidents around Dr. Proton's apparent death, as well as an interview with Duke Nukem about the incident, and three theories as to what really may have happened to Dr. Proton.

Please note however, that this article wasn't written by 3D Realms, so it may not be totally accurate insofar as what happened with Proton. As with the X-Files, the truth is out there somewhere. :)

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March 27, 1998

MP3 Fun

If you listen to MP3's with any regularity and use Windows 95/NT, you should be using WinAmp. WinAmp is the premiere MP3 player available for the Windows platforms. The newer versions of the program allow you to modify the look of the program, adding "skins" to it, making it look like you want it to.

Chris Day of 3D Portal has created a Duke Nukem skin for the program that he calls "DukeAmp". You can see a shot of it here to your right. If you'd like to download Chris's skin for WinAmp, click on the shot. Chris tells us that he's also planning other skins too such as WangAmp and PreyAmp. We'll keep you informed on when he releases those!

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March 10, 1998

Duke Nukem Movie Rumors

Another interesting Duke Nukem Movie rumor has popped up, this time in the form of a We want Bruce petition page. He raises some interesting points here, but we'd like to point out that we have barely begun any kind of work on the movie, and any rumors you might hear are just that. Rumors. No one has been cast in the movie, nor has anyone been declared a "frontrunner" for the part. When something happens along these lines, we'll let you know. :)

In the meantime, if you'd like to read Scott Miller's thoughts on the casting of the Duke Nukem movie, check out this interview with him.

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March 3, 1998

Duke Nukem Movie Thoughts

Dolph Lundgren? Howie Long? Nicolas Cage? Grace Jones? Or some unknown.. Who will be cast as Duke? While that decision has not been made (contrary to any rumors you might read), you can read Scott Miller's thoughts on the matter in an article on Gameweek.

The article, entitled "Scott Miller Ponders the Casting of Duke Nukem", also says who won't be cast in the role. Check it out today!

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February 25, 1998

Duke Nukem Gets Happy

We were just informed that our Duke Nukem game was mentioned in another comic strip. This time, it's a strip that's called "Happyland". The strip itself appears below. If you'd like to see more of this comic strip series, check out their site! You can also check out Duke's two "appearances" in Foxtrot on our Duke Nukem 3D pages.

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February 23, 1998

Duke Nukem Movie Rumours

Now that the Duke Nukem Movie has been announced, we've started seeing all kinds of wild rumors. The most recent is this (the rumor part is the last sentence):

COMPUTER ANTI-HERO DUKE NUKEM SET FOR FILM STARDOM: Ultra-violent computer game DUKE NUKEM is to be given the Hollywood treatment. Bosses at THRESHOLD ENTERTAINMENT, who made a fortune from the big-screen version of MORTAL KOMBAT, will try to make lightning strike twice by making a movie about the seven-year-old cult video game favorite, which features a tough-guy action hero who employs an arsenal of weapons to wipe out aliens and enemies. Threshold boss LARRY KASANOFF says, "It's the perfect game at just the right time for the under-25 audience that wants a throwback to old-fashioned machismo." Movie stars STEVEN SEAGAL (a throwback to old-fashioned machismo if there ever was one�) and BRUCE WILLIS (same thing�) are rumored to be among the frontrunners for the role.

This text came from Metaverse's Sleaze site. We'd like to point out that we have barely begun any kind of work on the movie, and any rumors you might hear are just that. Rumors. No one has been cast in the movie, nor has anyone been declared a "frontrunner" for the part.

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February 18, 1998

Duke Nukem Movie Announced!

In further testimony to 'Duke Nukem's' strength as an entertainment franchise, intellectual property management company Threshold Entertainment, leading software publisher GT Interactive Software Corp. (NASDAQ: GTIS) and hit game developer 3D Realms have entered into an exclusive agreement whereby 'Duke Nukem,' the best-selling, award-winning PC and video game franchise, will be exploited across film, television and home video media worldwide.

This is the beginning of the press release from GT Interactive and 3D Realms announcing the Duke Nukem movie deal. This is an exciting time for us, and as more details about the production are ready for release, you can find 'em here.

If you'd like to read the entire press release, go here.

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December 2, 1997

Duke vs. the US Senate

Computer and video games figure to be popular gifts this holiday season, but two U.S. senators are concerned that some of them are too gory and violent to fall into the hands of children.

With warriors ripping the hearts out of victims in "War Gods" and violence against women portrayed in "Duke Nukem's 3D," this year's crop of computer and video games contains plenty of violence.

So begins a news story on CNN's news site regarding US Senators Joseph Lieberman & Herb Kohl regarding violence in video games. Needless to say, they weren't all that thrilled with the violence in these video games. If you'd like to read the full article, click on the picture of the two senators below.

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November 20, 1997

Duke Action Figure Line Continues!

Resaurus, the developer of the Duke Nukem Action Figure, have released some specs for the next three figures in the series. Thy are the Battlelord (Episode 2 Boss), Octabrain, and the PigCop. If you'd like to see the info on these new action figures, make sure to check out the Resaurus Site!

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November 6, 1997

First Official Duke Nukem Toy is Now Available!

Come get some toys!

Resaurus Company visited Apogee yesterday to discuss the development of an entire line of Duke Nukem action figures based on Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem Forever, coming late next 1998. Currently available is the anti-PC hero himself, Duke Nukem. Visit for all the details and to order directly from Resaurus.

The Duke figure comes with four weapons (and sometimes a fifth, see below): A huge, two-handed Devastator, two Uzi's and a bloodied knife. Each weapon is full of detail thanks to a more expensive paint process that makes the paint look worn and scuffed and very realistic. All weapons can be attached to Duke simultaneously. And duke's utility/ammo belt is removable. Duke himself has 12 joints (head, three per arm, waist, two per leg). Currently in development are these three Duke Nukem 3D characters:

* Pigcop -- This character will have an Total Gib button, which sends all of his pieces flying, including guts within his chest!

* Battlelord Boss -- The largest of the figures, with full articulation and a huge weapon.

* OctaBrain -- Maybe the coolest of all the figures. This one has an innovation never seen before in an action figure. We can't ruin the surprise just yet.

In true collection fashion, certain Duke Nukem action figures include a variant, which is up for collectors to discover.

Figures associated with Duke Nukem Forever include a new, bigger Duke, plus Dr. Proton, Bombshell, and several interesting enemies. But these will not be ready until around the time of the game's release.

For further updates, and/or to order, visit:

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October 30, 1997

Duke Nukem Blasts onto Consoles

Duke Nukem returns next month when GT Interactive releases the Sony Playstation and Nintendo64 versions of Duke Nukem 3D. The release date for the Nintendo64 version is November 14th, and the Playstation version is due around the end of November. Also due out any day now is the Sega Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D.

A massive advertising campaign is due from GT to publicize the new releases. Shown here is one of the ads for the games on a bus in Europe. There will also be other "open area" advertising such as billboards for the games.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 11:56 PM

October 14, 1997

Duke Action Figure Pictures Released!

We received a few preliminary copies of the Duke Nukem Action figure in the office today, and Joe Siegler and his Digital Camera crew decided to take some shots of it. Click on any of these thumbnails for a larger image.

The shot to your right is the back of the box, and has details about some of the future characters in this action figure series! The shot below is the front of the box; this is what it will look like when you see it in the stores.

Posted by Joe Siegler at 12:04 AM