October 28, 1998

Next Generation Does Time to Kill

For all of Duke Nukem's machismo and loveable sexism, you would think that the mega multiplatform commando franchise man would just stay right where he's most comfortable -- in the realm of the first-person shooter. Well, on the PlayStation this fall, you'd be wrong.

That's the start of Next Generation's Time to Kill review of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, the new Duke game out on the Sony Playstation. We won't hype it anymore, here's another quote from the full review.

The apocalyptic environments spilling over with strips joints and dire nights are joined via time travel with landscapes from imperial Rome, medieval Europe, and America's wild west, to name a few. Frankly, it's kind of weird to see Duke in a white cloth with high-strapped sandals, but hey, Charleton Heston never looked that good in bed sheets either, and he got away with it.

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