November 3, 1998

3D Realms Forum Software Upgraded

Today, we upgraded the software that we use on our Web Forums. Our Forums are a place where you can interact with some of us, as well as lots of other 3D Realms fans! This upgrade (UBB v5.10) is primarily a "background" thing (on the server side, the code is MUCH more efficient). However, there are some end user enhancements. They are:

1. The Initial Summary screen now shows the number of threads in addition to the total number of posts for any Topic.
2. The Topic is now also listed at the top of the msg list (when you're reading that topic), as opposed to just on the Web Browser title bar.
3. Probably the biggest new feature in this version is signatures. You can go into your user profile (link is at the top of just about every screen), and add one in. You're limited to only a small amount of characters, and you can't use images in there, but you can create a signature to use so you don't have to type it over and over again.

That's about it! If you notice any problems, please make sure to drop us a line about the forums. If you haven't checked out our forums yet, you should do so. Participation is free - check 'em out! We have topics about Shadow Warrior, Apogee classics, and of course, Duke Nukem. Some of the other topics available are for other companies games, as well as a hardware forum and MUCH MORE!

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