November 23, 1998

Booth Babes

In a rather silly piece of news today, I received word that Illusion over at did an editorial piece entitled "Joe's other obsession" about my E3 Booth Babe Picture Archive. It's obvious he liked my pictures by what he wrote about them in his editorial. Here's a snippet of what he said..

Currently he's 3DRealms Webdude that you either learn to love or hate. His first obsession is the Dopefish. He runs a site dedicated to this character that swims, eats, and burps. Over the past year and more, I've noticed something. He seems to have grown a new hobby to what I think taking pictures of HOT BOOTH BABES! Yeah! Joe is becoming the "average Joe".

OK, this is a bit self serving I admit, but it's still a funny piece about the E3 pictures I took this year (plus it's kinda slow news day anyway). :) Yes, I do intend on going to E3 1999 (assuming 3D Realms asks me to go), and I will be taking lots more pictures.

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