November 23, 1998

Duke Action Figure News Coverage

A non-profit group called "Lion and Lamb Project" have labelled the Duke Nukem Action Figure one of their "Dirty Dozen Toys to Avoid in 1998-1999". Lion & Lamb is a national grassroots initiative providing information about the effects of violent entertainment, toys and games on children's behavior. We work with parents, teachers, day care providers, social workers, psychologists, grandparents, and others--anyone interested in teaching the values of nonviolence to children. Here's what they have to say about the Duke Nukem Action Figure...

Description: A Duke Nukem action figure that comes complete with three machine guns and a bloodied knife. "Duke can hold ALL his weapons at one time!" the packaging notes, adding "Duke has 13 points of awesome alien butt-kicking articulation!"

Why we chose it: This action figure is marketed to young children but is based on an exceedingly violent video and computer game that is rated for players ages 17 and up. Three other game characters are marketed on the same box, including the OctaBrain who "splatters real well."

The group also issued a press release regarding their Dirty Dozen List, and there's a news story over on CNN's Web Site about this issue.

With all this in mind, if you'd like to read more about the Action Figure, you can do so on our Action Figures Page.

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