November 5, 1998

Duke Nukem Zero Hour Preview!

There is a new preview online for the upcoming Nintendo 64 exclusive game, "Duke Nukem: Zero Hour". This is a totally original game for the N64 platform, both in content and graphics. It's not a port of a PC game, nor is it a port of the PSX title "Time to Kill". Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is a third person perspective Duke Nukem adventure game, exclusively for the N64. Zero Hour will not be ported to the PSX, the PC, or anything else.

IGN has got the preview for Zero Hour, and here's a little of what they had to say about it.

Traveling back through time has itsadvantages, especially if you happen to be a girl-saving tough-guy from the future. Here are just a few of the time-zones players can obliterate as Nukem:

* Post apocalyptic and present daystreets of New York City where he will fight throughout the cities streets, at and in the Statue of Liberty, and on destroyed highways throughout the metropolitan area.
* The Old West where he will face his adversaries in western towns, jails, on paddle steamers, in old western forts, and in mines.
* Victorian England in and about towns, in graveyards, on rivers, in airships, inside island castles and inside scientists labs.
* "Time zone" -- GT Interactive won't say what this is just, only that it's a "secret."

Thankfully, Zero Hour will feature a four-player split-screen deathmatch mode in which players can hunt one-another down. Details regarding the feature are still sketchy, but speculates that players will be able to control variations of the Nukem through a pre-set number of deathmatch-specific levels. In other words, a style very similar to Rare's Goldeneye.

Make sure to head over to the IGN preview of Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, and check it out today (it also has some screenshots, too). Thanks to Robert Leger for pointing this out to us.

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