November 20, 1998

Time to Kill Scores 95% in PS Extreme

PS Extreme, one of the top Playstation specific magazines, gave Time to Kill a glowing review, with the reviewer saying the game is " of the best titles I've played all year."

A few more juicy quotes:

* "TTK plays like a testosterone-injected, bosom-deflated version of Tomb Raider, with the notable differences being the game environments, intense shooting action, and that Duke panache."
* "The game is graphically impressive, running in the Playstation's 512 x 240 [highest] resolution and the levels are large and detailed."
* "Gameplay is the thing in TTK and the game has more depth than any prior game sporting the 'Nukem' label."
* "The level design from beginning to end is tight, interesting and extremely detailed. The old west, for example, is made up of a "High Noon" style town and the caves, water ways and gold mines that lie beneath it." In the mines, there are a series of huge, electrically powered drills that are used to core and make tunnels."
* "TTK is an engrossing adventure that goes way beyond the previous limitations of first-person Duke games to establish a new benchmark...I highly recommend it to fans of adventure, Duke and Lara Croft."

In other Time to Kill news, GamePro's review of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill gives the game high marks, saying "'s all about action, baby, and Duke won't let you down." The review raves: "Tons of bad-ass weapons and secrets, solid puzzle-solving adventure elements, and two-player split-screen deathmatches keep you deep in the game." Finally, GamePro writes, "The sound kicks as much ass as Duke himself, with scorching weapon effects and atmospheric tunes. The hilarious Duke-isms are icing on the cake, as he comments on everything from the local babes to South Park's Mr. Hanky!"

We've heard that TTK is selling fast and furious, and is one of the top Playstation games for Xmas. Don't miss out!

For more information on Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, check out our Product Catalog.

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