December 10, 1998


"Demonstar is one of the most intense scrolling shooters I can ever recall playing. At times, it is difficult to tell if you are playing the game, or if the game is playing you". - Adrenalin Vault

Click Here for Demonstar Home PageWhat is Demonstar? Is it a new game by us? No, it's not. However, it is related to one of our games from a few years ago, Raptor. If you might remember, Raptor was a game by Cygnus Studios that was hailed as the best shooter of it's time (Raptor was originally released April 1, 1994). It's now 4.5 years later, and the main driving force behind Raptor (Scott Host) has followed up Raptor with a new game, Demonstar. Demonstar is a vertical shooter in the vein of Raptor, but it's added a whole lot more. Here's a list of some of the features of the game:

* Multiplayer/Net play
* Works with MSN Gaming Zone, ICQ, IGames or any DirectPLay Lobby server.
* Force Feedback support
* Stereo Sound FX
* Awesome Sound Track by Bobby Prince
* 18 Deadly Levels ( 6 in shareware )
* New Graphics and Enemy Ships on every level

If you were a fan of Raptor, you're sure to like Demonstar. For more information on Demonstar (and to download your copy of the shareware game), make sure to check out their home page. And while you're at it, check out Raptor here on our site!

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