December 9, 1998

Duke Nukem Time to Kill Review

There's a new Duke review online. It's by Gamespot TV, and reviews the Playstation game, Duke Nukem: Time to Kill. This is not your normal web review, this is a Real Video enhanced review of the game, which has two people from their staff talking about the game, while the game plays on screen. Here's some of what they had to say about the game:

* This game could put a dent in your social life.
* Developer n-Space has done a great job of creating immersive landscapes and keeping alive the cartoonish feel of the original. The action is up to Duke's usual standards, consisting mostly of messy gun-fighting and after-hours carousing. You can adjust the splatter factor, but this game isn't for the squeamish. And of course, there's plenty of crude humor, from the typical prurient content found in previous Duke games to old fashioned bathroom jokes.

The entire video review runs about 2 minutes and 45 seconds, and requires the RealPlayer to see it. Also included in this review is a section they call "Game Breakers", which gives you a few small hints about game play. Make sure to check it out today! Thanks TC.

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