December 18, 1998

Duke Nukem Time to Kill Reviews

We have two Duke Nukem: Time to Kill reviews for you today.

The first comes from Adrenaline Vault. Here's some of what they say about it:

... Nukemites might appreciate the change in gameplay while keeping the famous Duke style: all of the interactive "adult" subtleties and wise-cracking comments of the previous titles are present. Bullets leave holes in walls, strippers can be gunned down by misogynistic players, Coke machines restore life and mirrors can be shattered. Duke�s one-liners are also found within. There�s the new "lizards make great boots" line, the odd health-acquiring "I feel good" impersonation of James Brown, and the mildly offensive "suck my boomstick" remark Duke makes when drawing his shotgun.

The second comes from Gaming Age Online, and here's a small tidbit of what they said about the game:

It�s interesting to note that n Space has actually made an attempt at a somewhat interesting storyline here. Duke will travel to different time periods, like the Old West and Ancient Rome, and dress accordingly (read: Duke dons a kilt, a cowboy hat or a toga). The results are hilarious.

Make sure to check out both of these reviews today!

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