December 15, 1998

Duke Nukem with the Kung-Fu Grip!

OK, that title might be a little silly, but the "Grip Games" line of toys from Tiger Electronics is the latest "platform" that Duke Nukem 3D has turned up on.

This latest entry is a small handheld unit not much bigger than an adult's hand, and played on an LCD screen at the back of the unit, this game is a good idea for kids on those long car trips. :) The game itself is not all that difficult to play, it's just basically blast everything in front of you while finding the exit to the level you are on. There are give stage levels (episodes) to play. In each stage, you move "through" the layout of the level to find the exit. There are also several alternate routes that can take you to each stage level exit. In the levels are several game enemies, some familiar to PC Duke players. The final stage is a one on one fight with the BattleLord - if you win that, you win the game. The manufacturers rate it for Ages 5 and up.

There are some pictures of the unit itself on our Console Games Product Page. When I was given this device to put on the web site, I went around the web looking for info on this item, and could not find any. The home page for Tiger doesn't have any info on the product at all (not even the Grip games line), and I don't know offhand of any stores selling this item. If you know if a web site that has more info about this toy, or know where it can be ordered, please drop us a line. Thanks.

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