December 7, 1998

Duke Nukem Zero Hour Interview

IGN64 has posted an interview with the team of developers from Eurocom, the company developing Duke Nukem: Zero Hour for the Nintendo 64 (the same team developed the already out Duke Nukem 64 game title). Duke Nukem: Zero hour is a Nintendo64 Exclusive game that is due in Spring/Summer of 1999. In the same type of adventure game vein as Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, Zero Hour promises to bring all the fun and excitement of Duke Nukem to the Nintendo 64 platform in ways you haven't seen before. Below is a small tidbit from the full interview:

IGN64: When we think of Duke Nukem we think of violence. Will Zero Hour have its fair-share?

Eurocom: Oh yeah, there's a ton of violence and death. We've gone for a lot of killing shots that blow big holes through people. You can blow holes through someone's torso, you can blow half of their head off, parts of their face off and take the back of their head off. You can shoot them in the nads. We've got specific animations for when they're shot in the groin. Some of them really are quite gory. And you can do all of this with the sniper rifle as well. You can zoom right in and blow the legs of zombies and so on.

The picture to your right is some concept art from the game. If you check out the interview, you'll see more such art, as well as a few screenshots!

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