January 13, 1999

Duke Nukem Forever & Max Payne Win Gold!

The Feb. issue of the always great PC Accelerator (www.pcxl.com) features a story entitled, "The 1999 Crystal Ball Awards," and when it comes to balls, both Duke and Max have what it takes to score. The article previews this year's coming games that they believe will "revolutionize PC gaming in '99."

Under "The Shooters" section, Duke Nukem Forever takes top place with the gold medal. PCXL says, "[This game] is all but guaranteed to be one of the biggest and most-hyped games of 1999." (Please note, though, that it is not 3D Realms that has been hyping this game--we've been staying very low-key so that most of the game will be a surprise to players.)

In the next section, "More than just Shooters, Max Payne gets the gold medal. PCXL says, "Remedy Entertainment manages to stuff more ATMOSPHERE into Max Payne than a dozen typical first-person shooters contain."

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