January 27, 1999

Duke Nukem on Nintendo Magazine Cover

Well not Duke Nukem, but one of the new bad ass L.A.R.D. pig cops who'll be fighting Duke in Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, due out by this summer. Zero Hour got a very revealing 11-page spread in the official Nintendo Magazine, and a boat load of rave comments, such as...

*Everything in Zero Hour is bigger, badder 'n' better. Zero Hour's gonna totally blow you away. Hail to the king, baby!

*Zero Hour is full of cool Duke sayings.

*Everything is fully three dimensional, and yes, all monsters are incredibly lifelike.

*Zero Hour features a really cool four player mode.

Keep in mind that Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is only for the N64, and is a completely original game. Shown here is a scan of the magazine cover that this article appears in. You can click on it for a larger version of the magazine cover.

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