January 25, 1999

Loony Sequels

Jason Bergman of loonygames touched on Duke Nukem in an article he wrote about game sequels. Since the forthcoming Duke Nukem Forever will be the fourth in the line of PC Duke Nukem games, an article about sequels couldn't not include a bit on Duke! Here's what Jason had to say about Duke:

My concern, however, is that people are jumping on the sequel bandwagon instead of pursuing new ideas. Like I mentioned above, Half-Life isn�t a sequel, and yet it�s a great game. But does that mean I�m dying for Half-Life 2? No, actually. Half-Life stands on its own. I�d much rather have a completely new game than an attempt to extend the story that already came to a conclusion. But, I should point out, that I don�t feel that way about every game. Half-Life stands on its own, and there really isn�t a need for a sequel... but Duke Nukem, on the other hand, simply screams for one. Duke is just such a dynamic character, that a sequel is necessary.

Make sure and check out everything Jason had to say here.

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