January 26, 1999

Loony Duke

Josh Vasquez over at loonygames has done a review of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill. But in traditional Loonygames fashion, it's not just your regular review. He reviews the game cinematics. Here's a bit of what he had to say about it:

*The cinematics of Duke Nukem: Time to Kill are a perfect match for our blood soaked hero.

*Duke Nukem: Time to Kill follows the same premise of every other Nukem game, mass destruction and self-centered heroics.

*The style (of the cinematics) is appropriately in line with the garishness of the game itself, the gaudy colors of the red light districts and seedy cityscapes which served as the backdrop for Duke's other adventures are here rendered quite accurately.

Make sure and check out the entire article over at loonygames today!

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