February 5, 1999

Duke Nukem Action Figures

Some of the more popular Duke Nukem items over the last year or so have been the Action Figures. There's several in the line of Duke Action Figures. From Duke himself, to the Battlelord, to the Pig Cop, or even alternate versions of Duke himself, these figures have proven to be very popular.

They were done by a company called ReSaurus, and they're at work on a new line of Duke action figures. Primarily based around Duke Nukem Forever, these new characters are currently in production at ReSaurus, and they have some prototype photos online of some of the Series III Action Figures. There are currently plans for a new Duke figure, Bombshell, as well as others. The shots are available on ReSaurus' Toyfair '99 Duke
Nukem page

Please keep in mind that these figures are prototypes only, which means that they can change radically, or even be dropped from the product line before release. As with all 3D Realms related items, there is no release date for these figures, they will be released "when they're done". If you'd like some more information on the already existing Duke Nukem Action Figures, please visit our Action Figure page.

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