February 26, 1999

Duke Nukem Movie

Larry Kasanoff's Threshold Entertainment and Mark Damon's Behaviour Worldwide have pacted to finance and distribute a slate of eight pics based on some of the world's bestselling videogames. Pics included in the package are Duke Nukem, Conan, Zork, and Bogeys. Threshold will produce the films, and Behaviour will organize the financing and worldwide distribution.

So startsa news report on Variety today which talks very briefly about the Duke Nukem Movie, and who will be distributing it (along with some other games based on video game characters). Here's a bit more on what they have to say about Duke:

Also on the fast track are Duke Nukem, based on the famous no-nonsense action character; Conan, a live-action fantasy following the adventures of the legendary warrior; and Zork, a darker and more romantic pic, based on one of the best-established computer games.

As you can see, there's not a whole lot there about Duke Nukem, but it does mention that financial and distribution rights are in place, and the project is moving along. When there's something solid to report about the movie, we'll report it here. And no, no one has been cast as Duke yet.

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